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Default Re: 'V' Movie Revisited

Well if i could get the new V i would get some kind of ideaunfortuantly here in the UK we can not.
I have tried all links but nothing, have watched all the old ones Oxy, but doesn't really tell you much loved watching them again though!
Your idea of a parallel world with this one makes sense,in fact many parallels could be working alongside us.
I have always believed in worlds within worlds and with the coming changes this illusion is fastly breaking down now, with the interference of time lines (looking glass technology) we are now inter mingling with other so called time lines and natural portholes are opening allowing further off planet entities coming through, this is my guess anyway.
I have to agree that there are old beings here on earth who have been incarnating over and they are no doubt using human bodies, if the aliens have technology which can capture a human consciousness then i would say this is what is happening, they are storing these souls (energies) storing them and keeping them trapped.
You see the problem we have here on earth the net/ quarantine which surrounds the earth placed there by the creator god of earth( not the creator of all ) has stopped all souls (energies) from ascending this has been the problem since time started, on other planets they have learnt that to evolve they must move on, in which they do gladly because to evolve is better for everyone else we have become stagnant.
The creator god here does not wish this he wants his creation to serve him, but the laws of creation say we must all go back to the ultimate creator, so yes we have been trapped here and all the programming of the creator god has trapped many in to this way of living, materialistically.
Now you imagine all those consciounesses which are getting bottlenecked trying to get off the planet but can not, earth can only sustain so much life on it it is getting heavy and needs to regenerate herself.
These ancient ones who have been around for 25,000 years from the last pole shift have been incarnating over and only wish to get back home, some are of 6th/7th density, they will return back or perhaps to the mass of creation eventually, this planet will have to have a massive shake up because this is the only way it can be done.
Doesn't sound a very good scenario but for the better of man kind.
But all will be saved some will stay on this earth and be taken into the 4th density positive, those who have been in control will reside on 4th density negative, this will be a completely different dimension to this earth, then those who have not changed their ways and who like living in this 3d world will by consciounse thought have their own new earth and will continue to incarnate until they have learnt the lesson of evolving and connecting back to the ultimate creator.
NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND! we will all be in our place when this happens.
The ET's i feel are helping, some are not i agree many have their own agendas this earth is in a crisis they will all try and get what they can from this but ultimately until earth changes the law of universal evolution can not move on, and this is very important at this time of our learning.
I would suggest anyone looking over on THE WATCHERS thread and James Casbolts the answers are there if you dig deep disclosures are coming but very slowly not sure about full disclosure though, well that's my take on things Oxy, love to hear what everyone else thinks!
Oh and if anyone knows how you can get the new V series in the UK i would love to know thanks. I'm gonna get a now i feel i need it phew!

Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
Any more thoughts about 'V'? Have you watched it? What do you think so far? I think this series is huge...and could dovetail with some form of official disclosure. Reading between the story-lines might be productive and illuminating. Never underestimate Hollywood...for good or for evil.
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