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Default Sources & resources

Hi Friends

Having been asked by many about what kinds of sources I use/d and what resources I would suggest you can use on several topics of interest, I will develop a list in this one post over time. This is a mere introduction of the most outstanding and necessary things that come to my mind now.

So while you read this here now, it is probably not yet complete by any means, as I will update it. As is this short list will give you enough to go into deeply in your chosen subjects. In my book, I gave a number of "suggested reading" books at the end, and here I can point you to web sites.


- Read the book "Astrology for Dummies" - sufficient to understand basics

- Astro data programs &

- Spiritual astrology

- Medieval astrology

- Political astrology

- Financial astrology

Gold & Economy

- Jim Sinclair & Dan Norcini

- Dr Robert Schoon

- Gold

- US Metals

- Euro Metals

"Spiritual Stuff"

- Krishnamurti &

- Peter Fenner Zen Master

- Jo Dunning

- Lyricus Discourses

- WingMakers

ETs & Cosmology

- First Contact

- Open SETI by Gerry Zeitlin A super anthology

- Anton Parks

- John Lash

- David Talbott

- Velikovsky

- Marshall Summers

- The Emerald Tablets

Ecology - Solutions & Architecture

- Earthships

- Sustainable Living

- Collections

If nothing else, on a whim, start with
The End of Enchantment

This is my list so far -
More resources will be added later.

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