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Default Re: Knowing and freedom

"The universe is so vast and we are so small, and in the blink of an eye all is gone, I guess when it comes down to it we really have no control over anything..."

Is this a true statement? I think not...we are much larger then we even realized....
We are born of the all that is..the great I AM..we are infinite you choose to believe this or not, it is so

We are much larger that anything imaginable...we are light...we are energy....we are part of everything around us. We came here to create everything we can imagine. If we imagine small, then we create small. If we imagine big then we create big.

Quantum physics, sacred geometry, Masaru Emoto: messages from water...have shown you are very large indeed. We Have power to create infinite

So where have we gotten the idea that we are small, and have no control?

could it be Religion?

Some religion has taught us that if we do wrong..we will go to hell.

Some teach that we experience...then live out past karma...of things we have experienced.

Some teach of "rites" and ritual...ridged behavior

Most religions have a prophet...who have a knowing of the I AM..the Dhamma...the Tao, The Lord of all Lords.

But the writings...and the structure...the dogma...the social structure especially have been used to control...some even through political advancement...some through creating boarders..and where do you draw the line and say this is the TRUTH

How many religious institutions have become fat and rich from the FAITH of the masses. How many hold the secrets and choose not to let you KNOW.

The delima...

What to believe...most of these Prophets if not all..were in touch with the I AM...choosing one prophet..Jesus Christ said....

He who would know everything, but fails to know himself misses the knowledge of everything "

there is a message from every great prophet from the I AM...and it says....KNOWING....unlimited knowing....know you are too the sons and daughters of GOD...know you can be that knowing...and believe that life is eternal..that you are infinite beings.

Know that you have the power to be a universe if you so experience unconditional love of all that is.

An know that in the coming years the vale of the 3D is lifting...and you will shed the ego self..and it will be the battle of Armageddon to shed that ego...the Antichrist!
Know you will finally see the truth these religions and the PTB did not want you to see...that you have the power to be immortal..and free. The power of Light everlasting...and create Heaven on Earth...through what? KNOWING of the creator of all that IS

Don't choose to "seek knowing" don't choose to say "I hope to know more"...or "I seek more knowing"...for the law of attraction kicks in and you will be forever "wanting", and "seeking"....just simply say to your self one very simple thing and it will reveal itself..."I KNOW"
Shed the ego..not the life experience..for from that comes experience...but do not be driven by the ego..the Antichrist, that of Knowing.

For with KNOWING comes FREEDOM....are you ready to take that step?

Are you ready to become so large as a star?

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