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Default Re: The Obama admnistration declares health emergency.

Okay guys... what works is cayanne pepper. Make fresh squeeze lemon juice, add maple syrup and sprinkle cayanne pepper on top of hot drink. Just one tablespoon of lemon juice in a cup of water with cayanne is good. The key is to get your body into an alkaline condition as compared to acidic. Fresh food (fruits and veggies), apple cider vinegar (1 tsp in the morning), no caffine or ciggies. Vicks vapor rub to inhale the fumes. Green tea with tumeric sprinkled on top

I had the damn bugger at Christmas time and it was the first time I did not use antibiotics or go into pneumonia. My immune system actually kicked in and worked.

Another tip is to put colloidal silver in your bottle water and remember to drink it.

I would like to add Nyquil and Tylenol were also my friends.

Symfre tea is also excellent for getting rid of the symptoms. To locate it try the internet. It is made in Arizona. Drink two cups of Symfre tea as soon as you notice a scratchy throat or sinus congestion, then a cup every two to three hours for two days or longer during waking hours, as needed. To help ward off the onset of symptoms, drink Symfre tea immediately after exposure, or daily in a mild strength to bolster you immune system. Symfre Cold and Flu Tea is a delicious, all-natural way to help ward off the onset of cold and flu symptoms.

Here is one link.

The other helpful Chinese herb is Gan Mao Ling which we keep on hand at all times.
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