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Default Re: Mexico City Flu Epidemic Shuts Down Schools.

Originally Posted by Wormhole View Post
I find it interesting that we will never see a body, a name, or a face of any of these alleged victims. I also find it interesting that only the cases in Mexico are fatal and not anyone else from any other place has had more then a nasty cold.

Sorry, but this smacks of a social experiment. Let's see how far they will take it... without even a body to prove it. I personally think this is a crock and I will not feel otherwise until it can be proven. Right now all we have is a busy media and our world Governments testing out their control. Watch out!!!

How do you control an entire world without firing a gun? Fear. No flu shot for me thank you. Last time I had one I contracted pneumonia.

If this is a reality, well I will stand corrected when I see it. Right now all I see is spin.

Peace of Mind,
Good point....they are feeding on the fear But it's the fear that they will play on I see them using the fear to
bring out the virus they've created in the flu shots..that will kill us if we let them...I for one don't plan on letting them have their chance! Not if I can help it

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