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Default Re: Mexico City Flu Epidemic Shuts Down Schools.

An excuse for Martial Law??... Just recieved this update from 'Earth Changes'.

Brace yourself. Be aware.

A swine flu pandemic - which means a global spread of the disease - may be under way right now.

The virus variant is a mixture of pig human and bird strains, and there is no known vaccine.

Mexico City, with a population of 20 million, has been virtually shut down because at least 20 people have died there so far.

More than 1000 are reported sick and over 2000 others have called special hot lines to say they suspect they have the swine flu.

Elsewhere in Mexico almost 50 other deaths are linked to the swine flu strain.

At least eight people in California and Texas have contracted the disease, but no deaths have yet been publicly reported in the United States.

MK Notes: It's reasonable to assume that there are controls over what is publicly reported. There will be a difference between the numbers we're told, and the truth.

Do not expect anyone to tell us where this swine flu strain - a mixture of human, pig and bird viruses - was manufactured. We'll only be told that the viruses themselves mutated - which they can do with incredible speed. That's why flu shots are useless against new strains of flu.

However the important thing here is to consider one's personal situation and state of readiness in case this swine flu reaches your environment.

People in Mexico City who are still out and about, are wearing masks.

( flu masks available here)

The disease is no doubt incubating right now among people who have left Mexico to many destinations around the world.

Perhaps it would be very wise to avoid air travel as well, since planes are wonderful disease-spreading capsules.

Airlines do not sterilise any of those pillows and rugs that passengers get to use - and on a Jumbo jet you're breathing the same circulating air as 300 other people. That's much worse than being at the mall....which would also be a place to avoid.

Since there is no known antidote or vaccine to handle this strain, and if it does become a pandemic, then martial law is a possibility.

Other options would be to go as far as placing whole neighborhoods and possibly even entire cities in quarantine or under curfew.

If this does spread - as previous pandemics have done - then hospitals will soon be overwhelmed so you may have to care for yourself - or family members - at home.

Are you prepared for that?

It's not that this flu strain actually kills everybody who gets infected.

But it does kill some - and the numbers so far suggest that it kills at least 60 out of 1000.

That's six out of 100. Which is approximately one in 20.

Those numbers are based only on publicly available information and used simply to try and understand whether or not this swine flu is really something to worry about.

If they can close down a city of 20 million and convene a WHO meeting, and worry about it becoming a pandemic, then common sense says it is).

If you're sick, or quarantined and not allowed you have what you need on hand to eat, drink and be not so merry?

Take this as information only - be aware that there may still be ample time for you to decide what precautions you need to take.

Regardless of how this swine flu thing and Earth Changes might play out, good health is important to all of us.

So it's a sad thing to get an email advising that yet another family member has succumbed to cancer...especially when a brother and sister and a dear friend are also undergoing chemotherapy.

Makes one wonder how many other people might have the same issues, either personally, or within their own family and circle of friends.

Which is why this issue includes some health-related information, including the above links to a new video and book on "the one minute cure..."

Some products that have been around too long for the pharmaceutical companies to get a headlock on do indeed have remarkable properties.

If this one works against viruses (which would include swine flu) and cancer, then it just might be an absolute boon - but that's my opinion, not advice.

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