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Default Re: Mexico City Flu Epidemic Shuts Down Schools.

I'm not a doctor, this is just my opinion. If you look at the history of the 1918 avian flu I believe it started with a group of soldiers getting vaccinations then being transported to spain on a boat, getting sick going over from the vaccination passing it back and forth, when they got to spain they already had a highly contagious form of a flu strain and then ended up getting another strain that combined with the vaccinated strain. That was the beginning and end of over 40 milllion people including my great grandfathers first wife and 2 children. Influenza of 1918.

Hypothetically speaking if this swine flu hangs around long enough til this fall , makes its way around the globe over to asia in a few months then combines with the H5N1 bird flu, would it be a good educated guess of the launch of another pandemic, a very bad one with a 40-50% fatality rate?
The bird flu in asia is at 60% fatal now, only a few hundred people have contracted it . Can I get some chiming in from the Avalon Ground Crew on this theory. Punch holes in it or correct me please.

Here's a good prepardness site 4 lab techs put this together years ago and it's worth checking periodically and a good guide to plan.
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