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Forum: Economy and Currency 02-20-2010, 12:44 AM
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Posted By housemouse2
Re: U.S. Economy Grinds To Halt As Nation Realizes Money Just A Symbolic, Mutually Sh

The onion is a satire magazine. It's a joke. :lol3:

Read the cover page...it's actually pretty funny.
Forum: Project Avalon General Discussion 02-18-2010, 07:50 PM
Replies: 16
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Posted By housemouse2
Re: Iran has had nukes ........the UN seems to think so

a few problems I have with the article:

1) it has no sources. No names from the UN, ect.

2) it's obviously bias.

3) it has no actual dates, time or any other information needed to confirm...
Forum: News And Updates 02-18-2010, 03:56 PM
Replies: 6
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Posted By housemouse2
Re: First country to MANDATE cashless transactions

strange they would do that since the euro is going to collapse as well.

Of course that would go over like a lead balloon in the USA.

I see another failed social experiment on the horizon.
Forum: Preparations / Advice 02-16-2010, 03:18 PM
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Posted By housemouse2
Re: Today, the problem isnít over-population, itís over-consumption

I saw a presentation on the disappearing middle class in America not long ago. I cannot recall the lady's name that did the presentation but is on the web.

The presentation was done by a Harvard...
Forum: News And Updates 02-15-2010, 11:30 PM
Replies: 59
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Posted By housemouse2
Re: Civilized World Must Protect Iran and Consequently Itself

I think all this talk about attacking Iran is more of a distraction than a reality. Russia made it rather clear that: "Any attack on Iran would be very bad for the US."

Meaning if anyone attacks...
Forum: Economy and Currency 02-10-2010, 12:58 AM
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Posted By housemouse2
Re: looks like teapartys are now officially dead.

Palin and Beck are both Israeli shrills.

The Tea parties were a distraction. A convenient way of directing attraction away from the Goldstone report.

The NWO is also a Israeli shrill...
Forum: Project Avalon General Discussion 02-10-2010, 12:34 AM
Replies: 16
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Posted By housemouse2
Re: US to Launch Fallujah-style Attack in Afghanistan

The USA has become Nazi Germany. We are currently occupying many countries for oil. We have a completely corrupted media. We have massive nationalization campaigns going through. We do this all in...
Forum: Off-Topic 02-10-2010, 12:22 AM
Replies: 28
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Posted By housemouse2
Re: Can a nuclear bomb destroy a human soul?

A very interesting question indeed. :original:

I do believe it is possible for w human soul to be destroyed but not by a nuclear weapon. I see no reason for one form of energy to destroy another...
Forum: Health / Alternative Medicine 02-06-2010, 01:32 AM
Replies: 171
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Posted By housemouse2
Re: Is Vegan/Vegetarian an Illuminati Deception?

I think any life style can become rather cult like. Vagan is no different. Instead of feeling bad for the animals or plants we eat lets just look at some simple clinical facts: AKA our TEETH!!!!
Forum: News And Updates 02-05-2010, 03:36 PM
Replies: 13
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Posted By housemouse2
Re: It's being set up USA

they will probably attack the internet and the power stations at the same time. Make it so there is more than one distraction.
Forum: Project Avalon General Discussion 02-05-2010, 03:24 PM
Replies: 21
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Posted By housemouse2
Re: We need to win back the media

we have to reverse a lot of the anti-monopoly laws that were repealed under Clinton. Many of the legislation repealed under clinton was enacted after the rail road barons had made a monopoly out of...
Forum: Project Avalon General Discussion 02-05-2010, 03:07 PM
Replies: 9
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Posted By housemouse2
Re: Your Parents are Aliens

:lol3: I always thought Mom and dad were a little strange.
Forum: News And Updates 02-03-2010, 05:41 PM
Replies: 24
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Posted By housemouse2
Re: "another terror attempt is certain..."

I say on the news last night and actually broke out laughing. I'm sure the CIA has another round of underwear bombers all set up. It's just getting so ridiculous it's now actually funny.

Maybe the...
Forum: Project Avalon General Discussion 02-03-2010, 05:32 PM
Replies: 88
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Posted By housemouse2
Re: Has anyone heard of Maitreya??

As we have seen the whole thing is a hoax.

So is the coming of the 3rd anti-Christ. Anti Christ is a crude translation from the old bible to modern English. It refereed to someone against Christ...
Forum: Economy and Currency 02-03-2010, 05:05 PM
Replies: 29
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Posted By housemouse2
Re: What is the US National Debt this Minute?

I really wouldn't worry about the debt clock or even paying it back.

our country went bankrupt in the 70's when the last reserve standard was removed by nixion.

Nations liquidate debt by...
Forum: Project Avalon General Discussion 02-03-2010, 04:53 PM
Replies: 47
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Posted By housemouse2
Re: Have just had my facebook account shut down posting Dr Greer's Obamma email

Facebook is connected to CIA people. Do not put anything of real value on that site. You could deemed a "domestic terrorist."

I only use it for games and 'whatcha doing?" post. Nothing more than...
Forum: Economy and Currency 02-03-2010, 04:50 PM
Replies: 3
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Posted By housemouse2
Re: Geithner and Bernanke laundering money through an illegal trust

the government is full of these type of men. I cannot understand why the people do nothing about it. :wall:
Forum: Preparations / Advice 02-02-2010, 01:25 AM
Replies: 23
Views: 11,426
Posted By housemouse2
Re: Future Maps

Edgar Casey had a prediction where he described the changes to the USA. It was most interesting. Parts of CA would fall into the sea but only after FL and GA became submerged. He than stated the...
Forum: Project Avalon General Discussion 02-02-2010, 01:21 AM
Replies: 28
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Posted By housemouse2
Re: President Obama answers questions on YouTube

You hit the nail on the head. People mistake "legalization" "repealing"

We need to repeal the drug laws and not make new ones.
Forum: News And Updates 02-02-2010, 01:15 AM
Replies: 18
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Posted By housemouse2
Re: Docters in Haiti really not acting like docters

I take it you have never been around medical professionals? You have to have a whole other outlook on the human body to do such a job. Most medical personal have an unusual sense of humor.

Forum: Off-Topic 01-29-2010, 05:10 PM
Replies: 15
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Posted By housemouse2
Re: The Stargate Interview

LOL...Not sure if it was part of the joke or a typo but General should be Admiral. Coast Guard has admirals, not generals.
Forum: Project Avalon General Discussion 01-28-2010, 12:48 AM
Replies: 15
Views: 2,393
Posted By housemouse2
Re: One World ???? Government

what if there really is no NWO or world governance? Think about it. What if the NWO is a psy-op operation to get you to think there is? What if all the info, the global governance plans were intended...
Forum: Preparations / Advice 01-28-2010, 12:33 AM
Replies: 61
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Posted By housemouse2
Re: Over-Population, new site for action

I totally agree with all the above posters and the points made.

I would like to add a few of my own observations:

1) where does these population numbers come from? from the government who is a...
Forum: News And Updates 01-28-2010, 12:16 AM
Replies: 5
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Posted By housemouse2
Re: Chavez: US Weapons Test Caused Haiti Earthquake

Chaves never said anything like that. it's a hoax. The "quote" was taken from a entry on a news website. ABC came clean about it.
Forum: News And Updates 01-26-2010, 11:35 PM
Replies: 10
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Posted By housemouse2
Re: Obama says bin Laden tape shows weakness

I vote for dead,stuffed in a freezer to be taken out and placed for public view when the time is "right."

Yep, it's getting ridiculous. I do not believe most Americans think he's alive but rather...
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