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Carol 05-24-2009 05:50 AM

Re: Notes from an exsperiencer
Are the memories like a chapter for that book? I for one very much enjoy listening or reading about others life journey. It would be a privilege to read your story should you choose to share it. :thumb_yello:

David 06-01-2009 02:27 AM

Re: Notes from an exsperiencer

Carol 06-01-2009 04:34 AM

Re: Notes from an exsperiencer
I've edited Paola Harris's books and C77 who just wrote a book. Should you ever decide to give writing your experiences down I would be happy to help you. My services are free for this type of work.

I helped C77 get started.. best way is just begin to list out both chronological events and remembered events themselves. Chronological is the easiest as it has a beginning, middle and the end is somewhat ongoing. If you would like to follow up on this just let me know.

He has a publisher who may be interested in your story.. and Paola would be interested in you too.

David 07-17-2009 04:42 AM

Re: Notes from an exsperiencer

Kari Lynn 07-20-2009 05:14 AM

Re: Notes from an exsperiencer
Hi David, I've been reading here. Thanks for sharing.
I don't have much in common, (that I can remember anyway) most of my memory recalls are of a different faction.
The family/child situation had to be crushing.
I have three boys of my own, and lost a daughter and another child before her, that we are unsure of whether it was a boy or a girl, as it was too young.
But after having been pregnant 5 times. I pretty much know what feeling pregnant is like. There are certainly some tell tale symptoms. lol. There were 3 other distinct times when I FELT prenant. I was about 2 months late, had morning sickness, and stretching pains also. Then one day it's just gone.
I've never been allowed to know of any such child though, at least until recently, to which I saw a human infant girl. Was hard not to cry.
I wonder; first of all if it's for real; always doubting myself and secondly; if it is true. What are they doing with my children? Are they loved? Well taken care of?

David 07-20-2009 08:17 PM

Re: Notes from an exsperiencer

Kari Lynn 07-21-2009 09:01 AM

Re: Notes from an exsperiencer
Well, that depends on how you're viewing the pregnancy at the time. With your head stuck in the toilet....not so good! lol Many don’t realize that the maternal rosy glow is from having your head stuck in in the toilet each morning! Lol.
Many joyous times. Feeling the baby kick, move around, hearing the heart beat on the monitor, seeing the first sonagram, etc…. I sang to my babies many times while in the womb.

My memories are a bit different, in that they were human. Soldiers, lab techs, officers, etc…
I have quite a few reasons to believe I am actually a milab victim.
The morning of my first memory recall, I woke with finger print bruises around my wrist, (as though someone were holding it tightly) and a dime size needle track bruise on my forearm.
About 4 hours later, while making deliveries, and listening to a song on the radio. I saw almost like a 10 second video of memories. 4 of them within about a half hour time period.

1st of two men (soldiers in BD uniforms) walking on each side of me down a hallway. Brightly lit, almost metallic sheen to the walls.
2nd is of me laying in the fetal position on a cot, crying.
3rd is of a man straddling me on the cot, and is very angry with me. (blond man) Though I didn’t see anyone else in the room, it seems as though he’s looking or listening to someone that is to his left and behind his shoulder.
4th is of another man (dark haired man) coming in, calling me by name, telling me it’ll be okay, and holding me in a comforting manner.

I’ve also had many medical mysteries too.
I’ve woke up with a broken shoulder. Went to the Urgent Care and had it xrayed same day (as I couldn’t move my arm) and found it was broken, but seemed to be healed by few days to about a week. They did an MRI on me also at that time.
I have no recollection of ever having injured myself as such. Doctor was surprised, as it was such a bad break, he said I would have known immediately when I broke it, as it would have hurt significantly! He also stated that to injure myself as such, something would have had to either fall from above my head, down onto my shoulder, or I would have had to been basically dropped in a head down position onto that shoulder.
years later, I was thinking, "Great, get abducted and they drop me!" lol.

Walking around my pond, I have small willow trees growing around it. In one particular spot, I felt a sharp piercing feeling in my ear. I immediately got dizzy and nauseous. I asked kids to run ahead and get their dad, cuz I felt like I’d faint.
Next day I went to the docs and my ear drum had been punctured, but was small enough that it’d heal just fine. When I told her that I thought a willow tree branch had went into my ear, she looked at me strangely and asked me 3 times. “A willow tree branch?”
A year later, when asking a friend if she had an old home remedy for the ear aches I now get in that ear, she looked at me oddly and then said, “Willow trees point down, not out! It couldn’t possibly have been a willow tree that went into your ear!” To which upon inspection of the trees a few minutes after the debate, she was right! Not a one pointed out! All pointed straight to the ground. So I’ve no idea what went into my ear.

I also woke up with two broken toes. As my husband works nights, I was sleeping alone. So no possible way for me to break them in the bed alone….. I don’t think!
In describing the break to someone who has some training in martial arts, he said that the type of break I described would be from kicking someone

Being pregnant didn’t really bother me that much before. I guess I didn’t really relate being pregnant with a child or baby. I never saw a child. But with the girl. I saw her. So it bothers me a bit. Wondering about her. And now that I know of her, I know there’s other also, so it sort of opened a flood gate of emotion for me.
I can’t really explain it very much. Too many factors involved that I’m not prepared to talk about.

David 09-10-2009 01:00 AM

Re: Notes from an exsperiencer

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