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WayBehind 09-12-2008 08:12 AM

Bob Beck Protocol
Has anyone tried this or know someone who has? If you're unfamiliar:


Dr. Beck lecture at the Granada Forum:


Connecting with Sauce 09-12-2008 09:35 AM

Re: Bob Beck Protocol
Yes I have a silver pulser (collidial Silver and zapper and an Ozone fish tank cleaner :) I also have a far-infrared blanket). I did a lot of research into this whilst my Dad was fighting cancer.

Ampgod 09-12-2008 10:48 AM

Re: Bob Beck Protocol

I have the PULSER
I have the O3zonator (H203) maker.
I have the Silver Colloid Maker

I use all 3 however, the pulser is small.
I am looking into getting a large scale rife machine for half the body.

Oz3zonator (H203) (I drink it daily.)
Silver Maker (drink it about 3 times a week)


Tez 09-17-2008 02:17 PM

Re: Bob Beck Protocol
I downloaded a heap of info on both the Bob Beck systems and the Hulda Clarke systems, and find the Beck system and protocols easier than Clarkes.

I make my own Colloidal Silver from a really simple setup as described by Bob Beck in "The Beck Papers", and am in the process of making up both the "Blood Cleanser" and the "Thumper" as described in his information.

You can find most of the info here:

And some info on the Thumper also here:

and here:


UlfFreya 09-24-2008 12:42 PM

Re: Bob Beck Protocol
I've done all 3 parts of the protocol. Out of the three, I would say that the Silver Pulser worked the best for me, though by no means did it heal my infections, unfortunately. I've watched all his videos and really believe there is merit to his research and inventions (there must be, right? He died by "accidentally" falling off a ladder).

Here are some good articles about the Beck Protocol

Here is another really good Bob Beck video.

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