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MANCHILD 03-15-2010 06:07 PM

The Beast Computer # 666
I would like to share with you A action that has automatic Effects.

It was late at night When i fell into a state of sleep in front of my

computer,A app from facebook automaticly pops up in front of me

as I was falling a sleep.I than begain to answer the app and sent out

all these questions unknowing .When I woke up I turned off my CP

And went to bed,The next day I received a e-mail from David Wilcocks

friend .Asking me why would I sabatage my friends facebook page,

I wrote back to say I had no Idea what I did because I was sleeping

I was removed as a friend of david. Why and how could this be

I believe our CP have a built in system that knows what state of

being we are in.Alfa beta or delta I have no other way to underatand

This,And I thought about how the number of the beast is 666 and how

computer comes to that number.

And how our altra state can be used,And that we should look out for

answers and we all ways hear That the answers right in front of your nose.

Has anyone else every had this happen to them,,

Thanks Much !!!! Hugs and Love to All

Slerbot 03-16-2010 01:41 PM

Re: The Beast Computer # 666
Good Manchild, Bad Manchild... duality at work eh? Dark Manchild there, or what! better that than trying to worry others with your whacky dreams, Man.

It's what I've been saying elsewhere, nothing to worry about!

Also... you might a virus on your PC. Check it with:


Happens to the best of us, Manch!!

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