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TheChosen 08-09-2009 04:14 PM

Swine Flu / Vaccines
I had two dreams today concerning an upcoming pandemic which were very strong and very vivid.

The main distinguishing mark seemed to be red bumps and blisters all over the body (very similar to the small pox, only a bit bigger). As far as I know the swine flu does not cause such blisters. Maybe the vaccine will? This is a detail that greatly intrigued me..

In the first dream I was with a group of people practicing spiritual arts. As we went along and did some basic training of manifestation, levitation etc etc I started seeing all around me people with red blisters and bumps all over their body. They didn't have any visible problems with them but we could see they were infected and all around us. As this progressed I started levitating and focusing on a certain astral current hearing divine music in the background. Next to me was a buddist monk (same age as me, in his late 20s) doing the same, he was not infected as well. After this someone woke me up...

One dream like that, very vivid and strong mixed with astral currents is usually a warning enough, but few hours later as I went to sleep, again the same details which rarely happens even when my dreams prove to be premonitious.

I was going to see an old lady in one appartment in order to deal with something. As I entered I noticed her husband (an old man) lying on his belly on the bed, gravely sick with red bumps and blisters all over his back. Then I noticed she is also very weakened and that her energy is quite blocked under some kind of illness.

I guess the dreams tell me two thigs:

1) Normal people will be infected the most and the only defense is spiritual strength and knowledge
2) The elderly will be hit the hardest

What are the red blisters all about? Only my visual interpretation of infected people or a second epidemic of a new illness? I don't know that..

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