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orthodoxymoron 09-22-2009 05:36 AM

Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM
There's some pretty heavy and abstract stuff on this thread! It seems that the PTB are desperate...and are running faster and faster on a tightrope. I think the elite are in a lot more trouble than the peons. We're all in trouble...I think. Knowledge and truth will be key to setting us free. Even the bad-guys want to be free.

tone3jaguar 09-26-2009 01:56 AM

Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

810 Craft parked around / near earth

55 species Total

Note: The number of species peaked a couple of days ago, however the number of ships arriving is going up every day. Perhaps the reason there are not 57 species is because the only 2 species of a-hole ET's are not invited to the party? I say this because Sgt. Clifford Stone said that they where aware of 57 species visiting Earth back when he was deep in it.

Lionhawk 09-26-2009 07:27 AM

Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM
Something is going on!

Six weeks ago I received what I call my BIBLE orders. Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

I was pulled up into a spherical ship that is currently orbiting the Planet, astrally. The briefing took about 4 hours. A couple of weeks went by and I found myself in another briefing. This one was different. When I came to, the inside of my head was full of white light. The letters, PTAAH, were glowing on my forehead in white letters. The letters also represented a seal to the conference that took place. I had thought that I had seen this name before and I also thought it was Egyptian. As it turns out, it is the name of the Plejaren's Fleet Commander. Blew me away.

Since then, I have been going through what I call closure hoops. Closure on so many things which includes a total disconnect to all of my Earth family. That would include my friends as events have been occurring that have plowed all these Earthly attachments to the side. I have one friend left and no one else outside of a handful of light warriors I work with. Since March all this has been occurring. But here lately it has been escalating and I have no idea what is coming next. I am currently resting from a terrible trip that I just returned from Tuesday evening that would make anyone's head spin. I covered better than 6000 miles in two weeks. By truck, by thumb, and by bus. Never go Greyhound!

My trip was also validated and had to be done because my ties with my only daughter had to be severed in person. That was a bummer. But I had to release her on all levels. Not because I wanted that either. I also have this documented and have the emails to back up these developments.

I have a few things left to do to release all of of my material assets such as my boat and truck. I will take care of all this next week.

Is anyone else going through anything similar?

On the number of races out there, my numbers are much higher. I average 180. I was averaging in the 30s back in the early seventies. There has been a fleet out there for months and possibly years, coming and going all the time.

Another thing that has been very active are my guides. Before all this latest activity, my guides just sat there and did hardly anything but stare at me. They are a mix bag and of the very young and the very old. When I touched base with them when all this first started, the old ones were running around. I have never seen them do that before. So something has changed as far as plans go.

So if everyone would at least try to go within and see what is happening within you and share it with us, it may give us some more clues as to what is going and how soon things will begin to unfold.


Myplanet2 09-26-2009 01:55 PM

Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM
In My Opinion, many of us are being aided so we can be where we need to be, and so we will be free to do what we'll need to do. For many of us, this means shedding those attachments to 3D reality which would be an encumbrance in the next short while.

For most of the people I've interacted with and discussed this issue with, it's usually mostly about shedding our accustomed 3D tools of linear mental origin. But for some it is more drastic, and a real shake up is needed to permit the becoming and doing which are about to arrive.

Many are now stepping up when reminded of agreements to help out in the ongoing transition.

Yes guides are VERY active right now, and it's very interesting that you point out the young and old aspect. I hadn't connected those two dots, but now that you mention it, it is much more the case than not. Several people I know who have recently come into conscious contact with their guides have mentioned the presence of young and old. And also some, or several higher dimensional guides as well, mostly from the 7th to the 10th dimensions.

I know of a few who've had their lives implode/explode along with the knowingness that it was for good reason, like that they've taken some turns which placed them in circumstances other than those which would serve them in this time, or which would permit them to be of service to others.

Also of potential applicability to this is some comments I heard Jim Self make in some of his webinars recently, that there was a great deal of excitement at some of us progressing beyond all expectation, and actually going the extra distance of transmuting their physical bodies into Crystaline light bodies. This would necessarily require them to be free to make such a leap without scaring the bejeesus out of their friends and families. Last count was over 7,000 such occurances. Some have moved on to the higher realms, while some stayed on here in earths etheric/energetic realms to pave the way, so to speak, and adjust the grid as necessary to aid in the alignment already underway.

I agree this would be helpful to compare notes on.

PS, Lionhawk. Your sig line sounds like something that would come from my Arcturian guides.

tone3jaguar 09-26-2009 02:48 PM

Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM
A year ago I had the sudden urge to get rid of all belongings that I did not need. I ditched all of it with exception of what I needed that would fit in the car. It was liberating and I am now capable of being totally mobile. I have been working with beings from the 4th - 23rd dimensions for a couple of years now and my paradigm of what is important has been flipped on its head. I now sit around thinking about how I can erase what little codependency I have left in my life and get excited about it.

When I was sitting in the Vortex sites in Sedona I was getting a huge download of information. One of the things in that packet of information was the logistics of the first wave of ascended people from this society.

Everyone on Earth has gotten at least 3 geometric shifts to the etheric DNA in the subtle bodies. However, the ET's have identified a core group of people where they use their consciousness technology to induce more Etheric DNA shifts. This is in preparation for going through the ascension inducing technology that they have. They will give these people the opportunity to go through this technology after they show up and make their presence known.

These people will be special because they will be able to interact with the 3d reality while having various levels of ascended abilities. They must do the ascension process in this step by step way because if they induced all of the aspects of the etheric DNA at once it would be to tramatic for the individual.

One thing that I found was that the way that they have been working on my subtle energy DNA (Now finished with all 9 shifts) is through the use of a holographic green cube that they placed in my rooms where I have slept. I could see it in one of the places where I was staying.

Lionhawk 09-26-2009 05:38 PM

Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM
Thanks for the responses. It's good to get feedback once in awhile from those who can share something of original experience. It's always good.

I have to tell you that I have been awake for 49 of my 51 years and have waited such a long time in between for these days. Also that when I reflect inward and do a reality check as to my spiritual agreements, I am GOOOOD! That's also a relief. It's funny that Myplanet2 mention something about phasing into the next level, because that has been a thought here lately. I am also preparing for it. The unexpected as I don't have a clue what is coming next with everything that has transpired these last few months. But I also feel as though I am almost there. Just a few more things to tidy up.

The guides I have are mostly tribal types. The youngest is a Mayan male around what appears to be 8 or 9 and is extremely intelligent. The next one is up an Inca male around 12. Then we make a jump to a Shaman, an old woman, and a Mongolian Warrior. Then I have two spirit animals named Pinnacus, the cougar, and Delphi the hawk. At our meetings we also receive a guest from the outside named Gaia. She likes to come and just sit with us to take a break from what she has been enduring. We know we are in service to her. It is why I am here.

Gaia is the key to all of this. Including what is coming and how it will all unfold. Unfold on a Universal level. The Creator isn't going to allow one of his prized jewels to be slaughtered by any faction. It is about Gaia's ascension. She has also sent out a beacon for assistance and also has requested to go forth and ascend. The Creator has granted that request.

So if you agents who serve your Reptilian masters are listening, your time is at hand. This is not a threat but a fact and you won't be able to prevent it from happening as you think you have done so because you have done so for so long. Your masters won't negotiate on any level and will end up stuck with their own selves to feed on. You will become their new food resource since you also refuse to transform your dark souls to the light side. It is now a waiting game and the more you push it the faster your end is becoming. So keep on pushing it so we can finally move passed this lame and boring existence that you think is all that. You're jailers are coming to make sure no one gets away.

Sorry guys for getting off subject. That just had to be said for Public the record.


I understand what you are saying and I appreciate your response. Thanks for standing up and sharing what you know. It would appear that I am on track. We will see what happens as this forum is probably my last bus stop. I will also share everything I know that I can pass on in this forum. I have been reserved about doing that elsewhere but I have come to realize that all the stops must be pulled and any information I know should be shared. Not believed and I make that a big distinction. But if someone can apply what resonates to them and prove it for themselves than I have done my job as it were in service to others. It doesn't mean that if I go to the next level that thsi will also stop. It just means that I might be able to do more. We will see.

Also a great thanks to you tone3jaguar for your take as well and all that you have shared in this thread. I understand that is it often difficult to describe what you have seen and how to put it in those proper words so people can envision what you speak and then the challenge of filtering the info you receive so that it makes some kind of sense not just to you but who you convey it to. That will always be. It is different every time and you have to make it count the first time so that it has value. So if anyone drops the ball on an instance, don't stress out over it as the next instance is around the corner for another try at it. It' all those damn labels to pick from that gets me hung up. hahaha The DNA issue is also at work I know. Having a Crystalline body has it's own positives and negatives and then to have it expand can also be a painful process. I figure I am in the last stages of that transformation to the next level and we are getting there. Trust me as I can feel it.

Thanks again and we still surely stay in touch somewhere in here. I'm not gone yet!

iainl140285 09-26-2009 07:15 PM

Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM
PTAH :thumb_yello:

Tango 09-26-2009 08:41 PM

Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM
How many Tone3Jag.....

How JU count'm... dowsing...? [chuckle]

A little tilt of the Bottle.... ? Huh...

Like that Mountain that Greer moved...?

Did you ever think the craft are ours; N' you've been lied to.

OK, Greer's parrot, here... Oh, 'your' THAT Special One.

I'm gone... I tried to hold myself back, But, couldn't... Bwahahahahahah

iainl140285 09-26-2009 09:32 PM

Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

Originally Posted by Tango (Post 172342)
How many Tone3Jag.....

How JU count'm... dowsing...? [chuckle]

A little tilt of the Bottle.... ? Huh...

Like that Mountain that Greer moved...?

Did you ever think the craft are ours; N' you've been lied to.

OK, Greer's parrot, here...

I'm gone... I tried to hold myself back, But, couldn't... Bwahahahahahah

Ours ... now thats interesting.
Defense fleet or staged event?:naughty:
Where might one search for further information on OUR crafts?:original:

Lionhawk 09-26-2009 09:59 PM

Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM
I spelled it correctly. PTAAH. The energy signatures also line up, so this was the correct meaning that I gave. At first when I woke up, I just thought it was Egyptian since I also don't read or research everything that is out there. It would take forever. One member of the ground crew I work with is the one who informed me of the Egyptian Ptah and that didn't line up in terms of energy. But thanks anyway!

Tango 09-26-2009 11:17 PM

Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM
You are one of the more talented here.... I do not want to corrupt; frontload;
preload you...

Go inside, do your own VUE... As this frequency increases you'll see more
clearly... Space them out... Come at it. from different Angles.

Why... Do, you think Parson's Labs was for later... JPL...

Don't 'parrot' Anyone else's words... And, I respect the Sgt.

Would You Iain, lie to you... I don't THINK so. L00K at their bodies...



Originally Posted by iainl140285 (Post 172358)
Ours ... now thats interesting.
Defense fleet or staged event?:naughty:
Where might one search for further information on OUR crafts?:original:

tone3jaguar 09-27-2009 02:16 AM

Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM
Wow, Tango came into a thread of mine and made ambiguous comments. There is a new idea.

tone3jaguar 09-27-2009 02:22 AM

Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM
I need a can of this. No scratch that, I need a case of this.


tone3jaguar 09-27-2009 02:29 AM

Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

orthodoxymoron 09-27-2009 04:29 AM

Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM
Now that's funny!!!:lol3::naughty::lmao::mfr_lol:

Perhaps our hardware and their software are in high Earth orbit. Is it showtime? Or is it show and tell...as in show up and tell us what to do?:mfr_omg::lightsabre:

Tango 09-27-2009 04:39 AM

Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM
I agree...... That's Funny... Bwahahahahah....

I thought you'd be out chasing {bleeped by moderator - K.}

But, That's funny... Oh, YOUR thread... I thought It

Was your Forum... Bwahahahaha... Your so SPECIAL I've been told

about You Special one's... And, the word is 'were' Not where.

Soon, it'll be Tone3Jag's Camelot & Avalon website.


Karen 09-27-2009 06:02 AM

Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM
Tango - enough!
You too Tone3

Guideline # 1

Disagreeing with various data points is a natural, healthy part of an investigation. Unfortunately, many skeptics choose to act in an arrogant, condescending and superior manner because they do not agree with someone or something.

We do require that our members be treated with respect. If a member’s conduct is seen to hurt the community spirit of the group, they will be unsubscribed. Generally individual posts will be moderated first, and thus not appear on the list, before the member is unsubscribed.

Lionhawk 09-27-2009 06:57 AM

Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM
At around 9 PM, I shut down the computer and went to take a nap. I got up and turn the computer on and XP won't load due to the Hall.dll file was corrupted or missing. That was a first for me. Obviously I recovered from that. But I wonder if it was something I have said here in this forum that has gotten someone's attention. I say that because that was a very critical file for the system. Probably the most critical. I have been around these devices for 20 solid years and that was a first for me. Just goes to show that there is always something new that could go wrong I guess.

I guess I also missed out on some activity. Bummer activity it looks like. Desperate agents everywhere. I don't know how you do it Karen. I had a website that I just had to shut down because of the financial crash I told you about. It was called, "Galactic Frontline." I also had a forum there and we actually got a lot done exposing the tactics, the who's, and the whats, of the darkside. We used that forum to report our findings. We discovered that the darkside have duplicated everything that is of the light and use those duplicates to manipulate their agenda. We also blew the lid on what is really going with all the channeled material out there. I have only discovered one uncorrupted source as far as channeled material goes. There maybe a few more but I haven't discovered them yet. So beware folks of any channeled messages. They are not what they appear to be. They are based in the second hand and we know where that leads. We had a few, I guess you call them trolls, but they couldn't take the frequencies we were operating on. So we had very few situations there. Now if everyone who is capable, anchor your energies into this forum there by turning up the carrier frequency, it would give Karen and all the other Mods some relief from their troll sitting duties. It works but it is something that you the member can put into action. It would really help if you did.

That's all folks!

TheObserver 09-27-2009 07:39 AM

Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM
Yep, you can debate facts, but always try to do it respectfully. And name calling is just silly, i think it says more about the name caller than the callee(?) for lack of a better 'word' but i think you get my drift hopefully.
Anyway play nice, it's funner that way! :original:

BROOK 09-27-2009 07:46 AM

Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM
Sorry to hear about that Lionhawk.....I'd like to hear more about PTAAH and the signature energy if your up to it :naughty: This is very interesting indeed

What you said about Billy...I could not agree more...I have felt he has been captive in a sense since the beginning...and this Michael Horn...very bad vibes I get from him..always did...so much so...I cannot listen to him..I have to turn him off when he speaks.
I know that is from another thread..but it's somehow relevant I feel...if I am wrong forgive me..but there seems to be a connection

Not thumping a Bible here but:

He who would know everything, but fails to know himself misses the knowledge of everything

Jesus Christ

All of this information is relevant..and connects the dots

The knowledge is in there...in us...we just have to tap it....and when we do..there might be some things that shock and astound

JesterTerrestrial 09-27-2009 07:47 AM

Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

What the...

you laughin or crine!!! :naughty:


When it comes right down to it what you where when weather it was an ascended being or a Jester in the kings court, it has really no bearing on what your higher self is trying to convey to you now. Focus your intentions on connecting to the higher self and it will all sort itself out.
Inspiring! Maybe its both! :glasses3: Just ask your higher self for a sign!!! ASK and I bet you will Receive! I have noticed/felt some changes in the energetic fields around me. Today I felt some energy movement that I have not felt for a while. There have also been a few more synchronicity the past couple days like something is brewing. It dose feel like the calm before the CALM! of the golden age. I like what you are doing T3J...keep it up...very interesting post indeed. Please keep sharing!


810 Craft parked around / near earth

55 species Total

Note: The number of species peaked a couple of days ago, however the number of ships arriving is going up every day. Perhaps the reason there are not 57 species is because the only 2 species of a-hole ET's are not invited to the party? I say this because Sgt. Clifford Stone said that they where aware of 57 species visiting Earth back when he was deep in it.


Lionhawk...amazing ;)

The letters, PTAAH, were glowing on my forehead in white letters.

Barcarolle 09-27-2009 08:51 AM

Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM
I guess some people cant take some critisism without letting their EGO manifest, i guess a few people like to TELL us things instead of providing a service (service to self mentality perhaps) i better not dissagree or i may be dowsed as a dark entity right.

Looks like Avalon is begining to pick up in the quality stakes only to be reduced again by EGO of a certain individual - lets not forget Tangos excellent post about the information field last week, short memories some have as they jump bandwagons and support individuals ........... this is like a school yard - grow up people - if you cant be strong enough to handle some critisism then your along way from assention.

I would also love to add something to this thread but i find myself shaking my head........ one step forward and two steps back.

Share the LIGHT, and remain in the LIGHT even when questioned.


feardia 09-27-2009 09:54 AM

Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

Originally Posted by tone3jaguar (Post 172395)
Wow, Tango came into a thread of mine and made ambiguous comments. There is a new idea.

I thought the purpose of threads was to share information, this thread is full of ambiguous, and even dangerous comments, which tango is right to redicule

23 dimensions- wtf? I'm having enough trouble with 11 and can only get my head around 7
Pasarions?- Never heard of them, anyone else?
dowsing- hmmmm
channelling- trust no one
ascension technology- we do not need technology for what we are going to go through
sedona- i have heard that there is some dangerous stuff coming out of there, not least of which is their ascension technology, which many people have warned about.

There is some good info in these posts, but all information should come with a health warning, the newly awakened can easily be waylaid. Be your own guru, share your information, but do not think you are 'special', we are all special.

Love to all

Lionhawk 09-27-2009 12:35 PM

Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

It's all interconnected. Even with this thread that Tone3Jaguar started. It's all good as far as I am concerned. Others might disagree or might have blockages that prevent them to see the beauty in one another. Everyone has their own path and we should honor those paths. It doesn't have to be a persecution on any level no matter how ambiguous it may sound to someone else. These blockages within an individual does not justify them to exercise lower frequency tactics such as ridicule or any form of persecution onto another. It only causes compromise. Which is a common attribute in this duality. This is all second hand information and should not be accepted as your truth until you, yourself can prove it for yourself in the first hand. If the sharing of one's path can trigger something within you that is resonant, then a dialogue to investigate further for the purposes of soul growth should be encouraged. In my book, respect is earned. But that is my book and that works for me. It may not work for someone else and that's alright with me. Whatever floats your boat. If you think that you can cause obstruction onto another, who's path has the right to it's own sovereignty, then there is always going to be discourse. The person doing this will end up owning this discourse. Just another lesson. I don't know about anyone here but when you get tired of learning those lessons over and over and finally realize that the only information that you can't argue with is what you know in the first hand, then things start to make better sense. So if you are new to this, and you want to save yourself a bunch of unneeded grief, realize that second hand information from another path, may not align with you and you will always have to remember that. If you exercise any of the lower tactics, just know that the blocks you are reacting to are within you and not the one you think you are reacting against.

Oh, sorry Brook. I didn't mean to do that. It just comes out. Where were we? Oh yeah, the Billy Meier thing. Also "PTAAH". which by the way is also related to this thread since we have Tone3Jaguar keeping tabs on all these ships. Ptaah as it turns out is the Commander of the Plejaren fleet that is out there right now, close to Earth. I think I mentioned that, they beamed me up there astrally, about 6 weeks ago and then 4 weeks ago. Had two conferences. The first were what is called by George Green, Bible instructions. Watch the video from Camelot, Bill and Kerry. The first conference took place on a craft that was spherical in shape, circling around the Planet. I saw Earth through a window. That was an amazing sight for me. Now pay attention when I say that I am not use to the idea of being on a craft. My first experience with that was when I was very young in my early twenties. A small recon craft astrally beamed me up and I sat between two Plejarens. One was a female and the other was a male. We just went for a ride and as we sped away from the Planet I watched it get smaller. They informed me at that time that it would be some time before they would return and to be patient. What was strange was my memory of them was familiar but I didn't know their names. I still to this day have a problem with names and titles. Do well with numbers though. I haven't been on board anything till just recently since then. Getting back to my Bible instructions, one of the prerequisites was to clear away all of my Earthly ties or attachments. Which was mentioned in another posting in this thread. This has been going since March and then I just returned from a 6000 mile trip which sought closure with a dear friend and my daughter in Salt Lake City. That was a tough one to do. Hard to even explain it. But anyways, the second conference had to do with my new assignments after the Bible instructions were completed.

Now let me just say something here before others decide to make a mistake and go crazy. What you don't know is that I am a simple man. I come from a poor background and have earned my way in my life. I am not here to convince you of what I have experienced, especially here lately. I am only sharing this information in hopes that others will realize that things are escalating so fast now. There are no guarantees and I can't say for sure that I am leaving here in this way, but for me it would seem to be the most logical choice. In other words I don't have to fulfill any entitlements one may "feel". I don't owe anyone anything. So understand that my path is not yours. You decide your own path. I have been as honest as I can be about all this and have pulled all the stops now to share what I know. Unlike many others out there who are exposing the truth, I have lost everything. And I am not crying about it in the sense of a victim. But the facts remain what they are. I have done what I have come here to do for the most part. My contract is nearly complete. The price I have paid to be of service to this Planet is as I said earlier. I have lost everything, which includes all the people I love. So before anyone throws anymore of them stones, hopefully you can see from within your heart and exercise some compassion by not throwing those stones. My attitude is not that I am any more special than anyone else. We all come from the same place and are all equal, but my path is just different. That is all. If you are able to see that then what I share with you, may help you down the road somewhere. That is all I can hope for in those regards. To have survived this path to get to this point is something I hope no one else has to experience. Also to put one's self in the firing line such as the ones exposing the truth, should be considered a real blessing to you as someone is doing a lot of sacrificing so that your awareness of what is really happening in this World may inspire you to become the new Galactic Human. Apply a little logic as well and realize these ones surviving on these front lines don't have much time if any to make this stuff up let alone deal with true hardened skeptics and debunkers who are to lazy to jump in and become part of the "soulution" by proving one shred of evidence on their own. It is real easy to sit on the fence and just watch it all happen before you. Heckle all you want as the price for that will be your very life. This whole scenario is being revealed and the truth is just plain ugly. Many will go into shock. The candy coating will just melt away. The integrity within those souls will be lost. It is a choice not based in ambiguity but of free agency. Just don't make it from ignorance! Savy?

There I went on again Brook. Micheal Horn. I see a serpent. An intelligent one who is laughing at everyone. I also get an evil stench. This guy and his path is not connected to ours. He is not of Divinity. Now that is the exception. Why, because he is against everything we are. We have every right to protect ourselves from these types. His day is coming. He is just one of many where this applies.

On that note and all the notes above, we will see you later in the day. Been up all night.

Namaste' Brook and everyone else in here in this thread! Even Tango.

Tango 09-27-2009 12:47 PM

Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM
Yes... We have ALL been warned from the time we were all very young about

following a false GOD. When one comes HERE and brings information about

parrot ed information of others No, It is My Duty... To sound the alarm...

Do NOT follow the leader... But, go within to find the truth... Your consciousness

will NOT lie to You. You, will Not Lie to You. Believe in YOU. Don't get sucked

into what one that says. I have this information; because I am Special.

I have gotten rid of all my personal property, goods, relationships. Because, it

is time to go... Yes, I risk being banned for sounding the alarm. But, I've been

wounded before. Yes. I am guilty of Not listening to all the Camelot videos.

As I don't want to be corrupted by one's that profess to have Special
Information. Because " They are Special ".... We've been warned how many
times. Who, put Jesus on that cross....? Was it the Roman's or the Jewish
elders....? The devil has quite a bag of tricks to use...

But, I only ask that You go within for the truth... I believe You should Love

and take care of your families, friends, loved one's. DO NOT believe one's that

say get rid of your personal property; families, loved one's... In fact I say

hold them close, it is 'Your' responsibility to protect them and your and their

spirit. When one profess' " I stood in a vortex and was downloaded with this

or that Special Information because I am Special." I am forced, No its My Duty

rise and call out " Do NOT be corrupted, front loaded, pre loaded." But, believe

in YOU. It is NOT go along; to get along... That, is how we got in this mess.

That is HOW Jesus got stuck on that cross, by the Jewish elders working the

Romans... And, it happened in the U.S. a hundred years ago... Here, we will

provide You with this money system; and it will be Good, alll will prosper...

Gen. Butler, arose and called out, and I ask you... " Who listened ".... I

called a warning to the Mod's in the past. Not One, not even One listened.

I've stayed up all nite, to watch over this Site, faught off sleep. To watch;

Awoke with the side of my face on the keyboard as I wrote a pm. I Pay it

Forward each and everyday, to help who I can. And, I only ask one thing;

For YOU to believe in YOU... The Information which You recieve. I will tell you

that the reason you are here is for YOUR consciousness. To create what

THEY need to control YOU. I don't want Iain, corrupted. I will also say I have

Never, Ever believed anything channeled... I do believe in dowsing if done

correctly, as Ed used it to locate the site of Coral Castle. However, it is a

Tool, if you willl. If ships should land, I wouldn't recommend going to one.

I also don't recommend You reduce your belongings to a carload. You must

protect your spirit. Mods, do what you will with me... And, I under-

stand your position... You've NOT listened in the PAST. And, to Tone3Jag.

dowse Me... Because some here know my background and WHO I am; why

I'm here. And, with that I leave YOUR PERSONAL thread... Tone3jag. But,

I will NOT leave YOUR forum. Dowse ME. I will NOT defend myself, take a

look. I will back away now... As, once again the Mods protect YOU.

Be well all of you... But, be safe. Believe in YOU. I also, request that you

NOT believe any of My writings. As I want YOU to discover the truth.

Dowse That. I remove any and all protection I've held for this site.

Verry trooly yours,


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