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heaven11 02-27-2010 08:16 PM

EXPO 2010 China ShangHai
I'm from china right now, due to saw many bad news on reality,haiti,chile,turkey government.and i read the plan of WW3.it may happen somthing right this few months,i just suddenly have a thoughts,
if they start the new virus flu ,more powerful than h1n1, and they will plan spread starting in china that the video said.
i just worry about the shanghai expo will be the big chance,by place,people and time?? i think this place they will spread the swine ,flu i do not know what is it,but this is the biggest time they have excuses and chance to do that!

i read the hong kong news that WHO say there are 3 kinds of powerful flu and swine are coming in dangerous risk already.it seems to be same words as interview said in camelot.
anyone have opinions??

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