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JudgeMental 01-30-2010 06:10 PM

Re: What do I want my ET mentor meeting to be like?

TraineeHuman 01-31-2010 01:06 AM

Re: What do I want my ET mentor meeting to be like?
I have experienced (telepathic, but with very detailed visuals) communications with what are traditionally known as certain of the Gods. The communication would always begin with them saying something to the effect that “I [the God] am so very high and you are currently so low. And by the way, who, exactly, are you anyway, that I should even be interested in communicating with you?” I know that the Greeks and other ancients used to claim that the Gods had tremendous hubris. But what I eventually discovered was that it wasn’t hubris at all. It was something necessary so that after the conversation, if not during it, I would respect the God’s words enough to eventually take advantage of the depth of wisdom in them – and also, even, to discover that after I had peeled back or explored one layer of wisdom, there was sometimes a deeper layer underneath. The first time I encountered Shiva (who also revealed he had been other Gods in various incarnations on our planet, such as Dionysus and Enki), the first thing I saw was the embroidery that started beneath the feet of Shiva and some other Gods with him. That embroidery displayed such an ingenious use of coloured material and precious stones and metals, my initial thought was: “This artwork is by someone who’s obviously an absolute major genius with colour. Am I contacting da Vinci, or maybe one of the pre-Raphaelites, or who?” So even the treasure-filled material (which the Gods were also all wearing as their clothing) emphasized that it would be a smart idea for me not to underestimate the quality and the truthfulness of whatever would be communicated to me.

Yes, it was also initially quite spooky to feel how Shiva seemed to kind of “see through” me totally and also to identify me because of my past lifetimes. (In my case, I hadn’t had many 3D lifetimes, having come to 3D from 6D, where the Gods also are when they aren’t themselves incarnated in 3D.) The Gods don’t “mentor” so much as give you details of how to liberate yourself from something in a way you’d never manage to do alone. Then they want you to go away, and may refuse to communicate further.

JudgeMental 01-31-2010 06:02 AM

Re: What do I want my ET mentor meeting to be like?
Thank you for sharing that telepathic experience TraineeHuman. "Then they want you to go away, and may refuse to communicate further." does not sound like an ongoing mentorship. Not sure I agree with them calling themselves "god". I can see where that might be leading. When did this happen to you?

TraineeHuman 01-31-2010 08:04 AM

Re: What do I want my ET mentor meeting to be like?
JudgeMental: My first meeting with Shiva was in early 1998. My earliest meeting with a god was with Pan, 20 years before that. As far as I understand, they are two leading members of the benevolent faction of the Annunaki. I can say with complete certainty and objectivity that Shiva was far wiser, much more beautiful-looking in his face (I'm not gay, by the way), much more helpful, much more genuinely positive, much better able to communicate many lessons all at once, than anybody else I have ever met in this lifetime. It would take at least a small book to explain why he managed to demonstrate all those things in just a few meetings, none of which lasted more than about half an hour. He'll still sometimes answer a question I ask him to this day.

I know from direct experience that in the 4D/5D world all the gods (or the buddhas, or the Christs, or whatever you want to call them) have followers, and that some of these followers (much to the gods' disapproval) sometimes try to imitate their hero and claim to be him/her. I'm satisfied, though, that I didn't get one of the imitations. It would take too long to explain why, and would involve my telling many of the most significant parts of my life story, among other very intimate details.

JudgeMental 01-31-2010 08:22 AM

Re: What do I want my ET mentor meeting to be like?
Cool stuff TraineeHuman. Can you elaborate any about Christ's or Annunaki you may have met. This certainly does sound like its ongoing. I am personally most fascinated by the Christ energy.

My 2 cents about your comment "(I'm not gay, by the way)". Gay or not. If we are all a piece of god wouldn't you be having sex with yourself anyway and gender be erelevant.

JudgeMental 02-02-2010 07:03 PM

Re: What do I want my ET mentor meeting to be like?
I am still chuckling about my comment. :mfr_lol:

"My 2 cents about your comment "(I'm not gay, by the way)". Gay or not. If we are all a piece of god wouldn't you be having sex with yourself anyway and gender be erelevant."

NancyV 02-02-2010 10:24 PM

Re: What do I want my ET mentor meeting to be like?
Interesting subject and I have found orthodoxymoron's comments to be quite passionate and wise. I do not accept a "mentor" from any other dimension or planet or time. A mentor is necessarily a trusted guide and I do not trust anyone, nor do I distrust anyone. Trust doesn't enter into the picture at all.

I have had several encounters with beings while I was awake and in this earth reality and countless encounters for many years while out of body travelling in multiple dimensions. There are many beings who attempt to portray themselves as superior. That is not a game I deliberately play so I do not accept it, consequently they have no power over me. Most of the games on other dimensions, similarly to here on earth, are still about power. Sometimes these games seem to be benevolent and in fact may be benevolent, but I do not need to follow anyone or any god and I most certainly do not need to be educated or mentored when all knowledge is within me. So accepting a mentor brings to mind the funny saying "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you"! Thanks, but no thanks.

Any conscious being who is playing a hierarchical scenario is one whom I automatically "defend" myself against. We are easily influenced, especially when the love that is radiated is very strong. The best defense is to merge with these beings so you become ONE. Then there is no chance of misinterpretation of agendas, and yes, most beings have agendas no matter what form they are or what dimension they inhabit.

One of the beings that walked into my bedroom one night while I was reading in bed was about 7-8' tall, rather hairy and with somewhat of a gruff look on his face. I asked him what the hell he was doing in my bedroom. He replied that this was his job, although it seemed a rather uninteresting one to him. I was not emotional with him, neither overly negative or positive, but I said to him that I was not interested in having him "watch over me", thank you very much. So he left. Perhaps he is still hanging around, I don't know. Not too long after that a large golden dragon began to appear in my living room and would sit behind my couch. Perhaps I liked his form more and I was not disturbed that he wanted to hang out around me. He was rather neutral and only seemed to want to be with me for a while. This lasted for several weeks. I don't know why and I don't really care why. It was fun and I like fun!

I talk to my "guides" on a fairly regular basis, or those who think they are my guides, as they've been hanging around for decades. I like them but I certainly don't feel a need to "learn" from them. Occasionally I berate them with some choice 4 letter words if I feel like they should earn their "keep" by helping me a bit with something I might want to manifest, but all in all we have a good understanding. I tolerate them and allow them to fulfill whatever it is they think their mission might be, and upon occasion I demand some action from them.

Ultimately when you can get over the anger stage, which is a natural reaction when you become fed up with the constant lies and manipulation from other beings (including humans of course), you can then see the humor in the game and enjoy it more. I do believe anger is a valuable tool at times, just as love is a wonderfully powerful tool, but it is self empowering to become more detached from fear/anger and love. My favorite emotion, and one which I use with most non physical and physical beings is humor. If they are negative, I laugh. If they are loving, I laugh. Soon we are all laughing and we merge, then we are one. The hierarchical impetus naturally dissolves and the absolute love, which we rarely have felt and often misinterpret, manifests.

As far as fearing what others think of you when they can read your thoughts, there is nothing to fear. It's not my business what anyone else thinks of me and I don't care. I like myself, if they don't then that's their problem and not mine. I suppose my only problem would be if I don't like myself, but that's a negative, self destructive and disempowering emotion and since I forgive myself for anything I might do or have done that was destructive, silly or stupid, I have no problem liking myself.

So my advice (to myself) is to never accept that anyone, any guru, any god, any goddess is more than I am. It simply is not true.



Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron (Post 226902)
What if the ET's need to learn from US? Why do we assume that the other guys are really, really smart...and that we're the stupid ones? I'm getting more and more angry regarding the treatment of the Human Race. I'm tired of the lies, the experimentation, the genetic dumbing down, the theocracies, and who knows what else. I'm as mad as hell. I've had enough. And I'm not going to take this anymore. In the good old days...Alex Collier thought that all of the ET's should leave...both good and bad...and that they should all just leave us alone. Now he wants us to be mentored by ET's. Just wait a few months or a few years...and the story changes. We need to get real...real fast. I don't want harm to come to any ET's...good or bad...but the Human Race should rule the Human Race in This Solar System. Anything else is unacceptable. I don't care if this makes the Reptilians angry. I will not cower. I knelt in church for too many years. I'm done kneeling. I'm done being instructed by the Gods. They shouldn't rule over us...and we shouldn't rule over them. Is this an example of an ET mentoring session? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6eTbhHE0jM Think about it. I'm half joking and half serious when I say:

Experimentation Without Representation!! Better Dead Than Rep!! John May Lives!!


Firstlook 02-02-2010 11:25 PM

Re: What do I want my ET mentor meeting to be like?

I need to spend a couple nights at your place. :mfr_omg:



NancyV 02-02-2010 11:38 PM

Re: What do I want my ET mentor meeting to be like?
:mfr_lol: I'm sure we would have a lot of fun!

Nancy :original:


Originally Posted by Firstlook (Post 232569)

I need to spend a couple nights at your place. :mfr_omg:



Neo 02-07-2010 01:47 PM

Re: What do I want my ET mentor meeting to be like?
I've pondered this thought for a long time and often use it to give me the feeling of sanctuary or 'home'. For myself it carries strong emotional content and even when I see something that relates to it or reminds me of it I find it very hard to hold back the emotion, almost like a memory of something that has already occured. I hope I see it for real one day.

Jeff1961 03-04-2010 08:06 AM

Re: What do I want my ET mentor meeting to be like?
Hello all. :)

I've deleted my original text...I was overanxious to include what I had written and disregarded the intent of this thread.

So...in the spirit of the original question...my thoughts on what mentoring would be like for me personally would be that it begins with a wave of similar mentoring for many people on Earth. (those who are ready)
And that this benevolent beings intentions are to offer me any information I wish.
That the being makes itself known through telepathy and a visual that isn't necessarily their true body...but a gentle introduction. Perhaps a gradual introduction of what i've experienced on psychoactives like translucent vortex's appearing, geometric shapes...then a sensing of a presence...then a voice that begins a polite...non-authoritarian conversation.
After a few minutes of this I would then see them as they are...if it is possible in our atmosphere. If not, then a holographic image of them.
After an hour or so of conversation in my home...or perhaps in a park...someplace i'm comfortable...then I would be anxious to see their vehicle and interact with others of their kind. Perhaps sitting at a terminal for a few hours with access to all information. But I think i'd prefer interacting with 'a being' instead of a machine.
The mentoring itself...other than letting me know who I really am...what Earth's true history is...would inevitably proceed toward realizing my full potential as a human being. Perhaps telepathy training.
The information given...and the time frame...and what becomes of the mentoring...really depends on what is happening on Earth at the time.

The ideal scenario for me though...is that many people experience this on Earth within a month or so. I'd be much more comfortable with mentoring if there were many other humans involved.
I prefer interacting with beings 'one on one'...or very small groups. But i'd like to 'see' that many humans are also involved at the same time I am.

I look forward to it! :)

Insert: seems i've forgotten the all-important 'love' aspect. What a wonderful experience it will be to sit with a truly benevelont being. Someone patient enough to endure my untrained human thought-patterns. Someone that controls theirs so well that all that they radiate is love. And this...is the center of my training.

PilotSimone 03-04-2010 04:46 PM

Re: What do I want my ET mentor meeting to be like?
I can't believe that I stumbled onto this thread today. I had an experience two nights ago while sleeping...

My family is currently staying with my in-laws for a week until we can move into our new house. So, we're all sleeping in a big bonus room upstairs.

I woke up (in my dream) to the room exactly as it is. It was still dark outside and the lighting was very, very dim. I opened my eyes to see a being walking up the stairs and within a few feet from me. He was approx. 2-3 feet tall. I can't remember his face very well, but the look was somewhere between earth human and the ET from the movie "ET". I wasn't startled, but concerned and confused at first. The first thing that popped into my head was...send him love. So I did. And then I extended my hand to him and he held it. It was very touching and I felt at ease.

I turned to wake my husband and when I looked back, my youngest son (age 7) was holding him on his hip like you would a baby. I said to him, "Do you know him?" He replied with a big smile on his face..."Yes!"


I don't know what protocol is for contact with an ET, but this felt like a contact to me. I get the feeling though he was there to see my son moreso than me.

dddanieljjjamesss 03-04-2010 07:00 PM

Re: What do I want my ET mentor meeting to be like?
I had a dream a while ago that was intense for me - spanning many different scenes and ideas. At one point I was in my living room of my growing up house, and a hulking samurai being was instructing me on warrior spirit. Then I got a message from a feminine Source that told me not to focus on the plans of the negative ones. They are building a tower that will fall and whatever happens it will be okay.

I think thats a pretty multi-faceted appearance. I like how quickly the images and metaphors can shift to become more appropriate.

onawah 03-06-2010 10:10 PM

Re: What do I want my ET mentor meeting to be like?
I like this question!Thanks for asking it...


Originally Posted by saxapower (Post 226956)

On the other hand, what if we have got something that they don't have? I'm not talking of technical aspects, I'm talking about spiritual aspects. What if human race was something new in the universe for the first time ever? What if we could feel things that they can't even imagine in their wildest dreams? What if our planet, despite all the pollution, deforestation, animal killing, and weather manipulation was the the most beautiful jewel in the creation crown?

I speculate on this, and I think it is a distinct possibility. Earth is indeed a beautiful planet, and why would all these ETs have been here so much over the eons if it were not so? The fact that Earth humans are a DNA mixture of so many different ETs may make us very unique. It may be that we are an experiment that many ET races can learn from, and in time, I believe the Earth will return to a pristine state, and many species will be restored.

I have had some experience with ET hybrids-one a Pleaiadian/Nordic type, one a Zeta Reticulan. The first was a huge awakening and acted as a strong mirror for me, flushing out a lot of toxic, negative programming and opening my eyes to possibilities I had never contemplated before.
The second made me understand that ETs are NOT necessarily all knowing and have much to learn from us as well.
The two experiences tended to balance each other out, but also left a desire for more!

For me next encounter, I would like to meet an ET who looks human but is actually a Pleiadian or Andromedan or Arcturan, or some other spiritually and technologically advanced race. I would prefer not to realize at first that he/she is ET, but would come to the realization gradually, to avoid the shock factor.

This time, I would like to have a more balanced relationship, one of more give and take, and to also have a better appreciation from the start of what it is that our planet and humanity has to offer to the ETs.

I would like a friendship to evolve and, before long, to be given an invitation to visit the Earth home of this ET, which would be part of an actual ET community, possibly underground inside a mountain or on the ocean floor, and/or on a Mothership orbiting the Earth. The purpose would be multiple, in part just for fun and for my own personal experience as one of many representatives of the human race, in part so that we might learn how our race can learn to live with each other, the ETs and our own planet in better balance and harmony. My ET friend would also introduce me to ETs from other Galactic civilizations who are also here. Mentor relationships with these other ETs would also be possible, according to my choosing as an Earth ambassador.

My ET friends to help me form a sustainable community of Earth humans that would be a wonderful blueprint for other communities. Other human ambassadors to other ET groups would be simultaneously forming their own unique communities.

(I feel that separate, equal but unique, sustainable communities formed by various groups of compatible souls (soul groups), people who resonate comfortably with each other, would be a great way to help usher in the New Age, to transcend issues of race and nationality, economic status, etc. and in my ideal scenario, the ETs would help us to develop this new Planetary Community with sustainable technologies and advanced organizational and communication skills, etc.)

These Earth communities would eventually form an Earth based Federation of Earth Communities which would bridge the gap not only between the various Earth Communities but also the ET races who want to embrace us as Galactic citizens and friends.

Travel to other planets would become part of a program of cultural exchange and enrichment, and ET visitors to Earth would become the norm; they would be welcomed and recognized as such and would be free to travel the planet unharmed.

The Earth would begin emitting such a positive Light that any negatively inclined beings would be repelled.
As this process unfolded, negatively inclined humans would no longer incarnate on Earth, but would find homes on other worlds where they would be able to continue with their evolutionary process into the higher frequencies.
Whatever negatively inclined ETs who might still be about in our proximity would be identified and monitored with the help of our positive ET friends so their influence and impact would be kept to a minimum.

That's good for a start!

Boober 03-06-2010 10:46 PM

Re: What do I want my ET mentor meeting to be like?
I wonder if ET's are thinking the same thing " What do I want my human mentor meeting to be like?"

JudgeMental 03-28-2010 07:38 PM

Re: What do I want my ET mentor meeting to be like?
You are welcome onawah. Glad you like the thread.

jacody 03-29-2010 02:59 AM

Re: What do I want my ET mentor meeting to be like?
Physical appearance of the E.T. doesn't matter to me, if I were truly scared i'm pretty sure he would send me love and make my fear go away. I wouldn't want him to read my mind much though, unless it was necessary. I've never really had any form of contact with an E.T., so I wouldn't know what to expect.I haven't lived very long, either, so it isn't a surprise to me. I think I would be able to handle having a mentor or to have contact, though.

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