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voltron 01-09-2009 11:46 PM

2009 Forecast by Cosmic Awareness
Much more can be found at http://www.cosmicawareness.org

This Awareness wishes to start with an opening message. In the forecast for 2008, this Awareness spoke of the year being a 1 year: the combination of 2 and the 8 in 2008, creating the 10, creating the 1 year. 2009 will represent a 2 year- 2 being the number of substance, two 0s being the number where that initial action is now starting to create and manifest in the reality, that which was the new beginning, now starting to materialize and actualize.

In the 1 year, there were new beginnings, such as the election of a new President Elect, the completion and the creation, the new beginnings of a new economic system. As the old system began to fall apart, and in other areas there were those areas of the 1 energy, the new beginning energy. 2009 will take the process to its next level, its next step. The newly elected president will begin his term in office and start to try to manifest that which he has promised: change. He will try to bring change into the office and into the country, the land.

The economic system will take it to the next level; will try to create a solution to the economic woes that were so prevalent in 2008. On personal levels many will find that in their lives they are starting to build a new comprehension of the reality of their lives. They may start seeing some effect to that which was the new beginning, the new thought, the new spark that presented itself in 2008. Thus it is seen that the general energies of 2009 are energies that will commence a building process, a building of the new way of things as it begins to manifest during the year 2009.

This is the opening message at this time. At this time, this Awareness wishes to launch into specific areas ahead, in the year 2009. It asks the energizer to present to this Awareness the first category.

I have followed Cosmic Awareness for years and found it to be 90% accurate. Please go to web site above to read the entire forecast for 2009.

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