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capreycorn 11-17-2008 09:56 AM

Re: Why I am gladly a Luciferian.

Originally Posted by martina (Post 81486)
It is not trying to feel it with the heart, I am talking about. There is a place in the heart from where you can go everywere in the universe you want, its a place from where you can get all the answers from and where you can communicate with the higher realms. Its a place where you can be. Besides this, the heart has brain-cells and can think, the mind is not made to think with, as you can probably see.

this is interesting . thanks for the input. it "resonates" for sure.

Rebel4Life 11-17-2008 09:59 AM

Re: Why I am gladly a Luciferian.

Originally Posted by Zelphael (Post 81001)


martina 11-17-2008 12:54 PM

Re: Why I am gladly a Luciferian.
This is the story of a real Luciferian, may be you will change your mind after seeing this:

Exposing the Illuminati from Within. Part 1 - Bill Schnoebelen


777 The Great Work 11-17-2008 02:19 PM

Re: Why I am gladly a Luciferian.
Lucifer is another name for the feminine energy Kundalini. The Kundalini has so many names and this was done to identify its destructive and creative nature.
Lucifer, satan ,predator,dragon, monster, Christ,Assassin,Judas, typhon,Venus and the morning star which is venus.She is the fire breathing dragon of all mythology.
Rev 22:16
I, Jesus, have sent my angel to testify these things in the churches. I am the root and the spawn of David, and I am the bright Morning Star(LUCIFER).
You will do well to be attentive to this as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star (LUCIFER)rises in your hearts." - 2 Peter 1:19

When this energy is channeled downward it is destructive and this why it is considered to be agressive like male energy she is destrucive and builds the physcological tower of Babylon.

The Hindu call this same energy Shiva (male) Shakti

The Aztecs and Mayans called her Quezacoatal. She is the dragon that dwelt in the moat around the castle in all fairy tales while the soul cried from the top window as the damsel in destress.

Those who rule the world today hate the sacred feminine and wish to keep her channeled downward at all cost because hell holds no fury like a woman scorned and she has been scorned by us all.:lightsabre:

Xhaosis 11-17-2008 02:43 PM

Re: Why I am gladly a Luciferian.
Ah yes Lucifer...

In Christianity, Lucifer is the Antagonist to everything. Things to know about this Symbolic face on human form of instinct.

This instinct is the easiest to recognize since most the time it is welcoming at first, self gratification for self forming recognizances of ones existence. It has been with us since the beginning, yet in part it a building block of currency and current forms of reality today. Yet hard to ignore, it still remains in place, complicit with every day.

Yet the protagonist in Christian belief's is God, The father, the son, and holy ghost, is all one and everything everywhere, conscious and alive, watching all, even you within your soul have the dna, or the fragments of him, or it. Yet the instinct harder to focus, for it is not as attractive. yet is the purest. Following this instinct is most hardest at all times, for it is most perfect. Yet if followed would create the impossible even now, impossible as it was before.

So hard is it, that fascism occurs, and a perverted form of obedience and order is demanded for lack of understanding. So in essence it is easier to follow a instinct more attractive, yet more unpredictable, and usually leads to a very complex diversion of one's self.

capreycorn 11-17-2008 02:56 PM

Re: Why I am gladly a Luciferian.

Originally Posted by martina (Post 81533)
This is the story of a real Luciferian, may be you will change your mind after seeing this:

Exposing the Illuminati from Within. Part 1 - Bill Schnoebelen


bill (william) schnoebelen a.k.a. "christopher syn"? the schismatic mormone who got ordained as a bishop in 1977?
it couldn`t get more misleading/confusing.

pop conspiracy is his business..connections between "illuminati" and freemasons as well as occult orders is more fantasy.


ps: the video is cool to look at...just don`t forget, that 90% of what is said is utter nonsense...and that`s why it`s so much fun...:lmao: (he got a bit of history right..but the rest is..:roftl:)


777 The Great Work 11-17-2008 03:48 PM

Re: Why I am gladly a Luciferian.

Originally Posted by capreycorn (Post 81576)
bill (william) schnoebelen a.k.a. "christopher syn"? the schismatic mormone who got ordained as a bishop in 1977?
it couldn`t get more misleading/confusing.

pop conspiracy is his business..connections between "illuminati" and freemasons as well as occult orders is more fantasy.


ps: the video is cool to look at...just don`t forget, that 90% of what is said is utter nonsense...and that`s why it`s so much fun...:lmao: (he got a bit of history right..but the rest is..:roftl:)



capreycorn 11-17-2008 04:51 PM

Re: Why I am gladly a Luciferian.
..sorry..but the truth is out there..just not with shnoebelein..:lmfao:...(don`t mean to be mean. & i apologize in advance.:original:)

Accipiter_Phi 11-17-2008 06:58 PM

Re: Why I am gladly a Luciferian.
Be careful of the road one chooses...

Lucifarianism may seem to serve one well in this maya, this illusion... (just look at the PTB), but unless one actualizes oneself beyond 95% service to self; one will repeat the lesson; ad nauseum.

If one does penetrate to the next dimensional level through Luciferian self service, one begins at the bottom of the pyramid; enslaved by much bigger, self serving entities. This is why graduation is difficult to achieve; an entity must be extremely strong in its lust for power and control over others to persevere through this "hellraiser" like reality that is to come in 4th density negative polarity.

Am I wrong? No, I was given a glimpse into my probable evolution as I lay bleeding to death on the sand from a severed femoral artery... a grievous wound that lead to 11 more failed vascular "bi-pass" surgeries. At the time I was a 6'3" triathelete; a headstrong, completely egotistical and self serving patriot. I changed my course 180 degrees. I healed my own leg after top vascular surgeons at UCLA Gondular vascular, Cedar Sinai, San Francisco State hospital said that I was to lose my leg.... and at best, never walk again. They were wrong... very, very wrong.

If one accepts an external entity for empowerment, one is enslaved to that entity. The external messiah syndrome. Don't let the hubris of feeling stronger, smarter, sexier, physically & psychically dominant fool oneself into this false pride and paradigm that one is somehow pre ordained to do one's will at the expense of the so-called "weaker entities." After all, the illusion of being stronger and dominant is completely relative to what mysteries lay ahead.

There are only a literal handful of people on this Luciferian path with the strength in their self serving motives to make it through to the next level. The rest... the majority, are living in a fantasy land... destined to come back and learn harder lessons until they reach a threshold percentage (>51% STO vs >95% STS ) to graduate either the next density: positive or negative.

Since I realized that I was incarnated here to serve others; I have discovered abilities (mental, psychic & kinetic) that no one would believe... I have been allowed to remember glimpses of our inherent human potential... if I get cocky about it; the powers recede quickly like a quickly ebbing low tide. My soul was not originally indigenous to this planet... yet I have had a couple past lives here; I am now immeshed in its karma.

Luciferianism is self service in its most concentrated form... yet; ultimately, one is giving their power away to a system lord or "social memory complex" that I have had the misfortune/ fortune of dealing with when I inadvertantly changed sides. Until that point, I thought that "Lucifer" or the "Orion group" (many names; same goal) was complete dogmatic BS. Well, life is more mysterious than that.

There is a battle for harvest being waged on both sides of the polarity occurring on this planet; a "spiritual battle" which is older than the galaxy itself.

Polarity exists in all of us, yet, whether one is cognizant or not, one is choosing their side's everyday; within the minutia of daily life and interactions with other selves.

Does one wish to gain power and serve themselves by controlling and manipulating others? Or does one wish to serve others; and therefore serve them self... since, at the end of this maya, it is crystal clear that we ARE ALL ONE.

Be careful... discernment. Freewill: don't let any external source decide for you what truth lies in your heart.

In Love & Light of the One Infinite Creator,

capreycorn 11-17-2008 07:09 PM

Re: Why I am gladly a Luciferian.
can`t leave my comment on bill schnoebeleins video just like this, as it`s not very informative.
so I just want to put some little truths out:

--we have to be careful with looking for truth in the internet. we can`t find GOD or Jesus with a mouseclick!

--there`s a difference between a gipsy and occultism: a gipsy who uses tarot cards is not a occultist. but kids fooling around with a ouija board already practice occultism. "magicians" who smear their sperm on some crystal ball are occultists for sure.

--occult practices can have adverse side effects (mainly psychological delusions) like altered perceptions of reality (like a bad trip) but they have no power whatsoever in real life. should someone attempt an occult attack on you, and you can feel/sense it, all you need to ask yourself is:"what effect does that have in real life (reality)?" rather than: "what does that mean?" the answer is mostly: NO EFFECT! (and it means that someone else is in the p***! not you.) (the fact, that occult rituals need be performed to attack someone is already indication enough that "the force" is out of reach..either one has the ability to remote kill instantly with plain mind power or one can go back playing sigils and pokemon and go nutsoid.)

--from christian fundamentalist point of view, anybody who holds something else than ,christ and his crucifiction - to redeem our sins, as a core belief, is a satanist or antichrist. (sad but painfully true)

--before the middle age the name lucifer was also ascribed to/attribute of? jesus christ. later with reference to Isaiah 14;12: lucifer`s image changed to being the "highest" fallen angel.

--regarding the many accusations/claims on child sacrifice and child molesting,
the O.T.O., Thelemites, Satanists, etc....are to 99% innocent of such crimes (depending on who you believe: law enforcement or moneyhungry sensationalists) these cults pale in comparison to the pedophile christian priests, in short they are not more interesting than a "dark room" of some adult club on a weekend. :yikes:.
they might have sacrificed a few chicken and frogs..but far less than your average hunter shooting bambi in the forrest.

--Catholics and Thelemites are very much alike when it comes to being pious and having dogmas.

--examples of bad over-mystification: templar-christian? catholic-gnostic? (real gnosticism has nothing to do with christian teachings) religious-spirituallist? such definitions are nonsense

--there are more Mike Warnkes, Dyson Devines, Vivienne Legges, Bill Schnoebeleins, and other sensationalist finger pointers out there than occult-lodge-members.
the white and shining christian finger-pointers together with sensationalist media are doing more harm by spreading negativity and false images , than all occultist groups together. those "dark" crimes made to look like occult sacrifice are the deeds of "pseudo-satanist-wannabe-copycats" who watched tv too much.

--claims that freemasons are connected to other occult sects are wrong. freemasons are clean and clear. many occult groups have due to lack of fantasy/imagination copied rituals, symbols and ideas from others.

--there`s no connection between satanists,thelemites, other occult lodges/ organisations and the ILLUMINATI..the reason why the less "serious" occult groups haven`t come forth yet to say "we`re not illuminati!" is because they enjoy the image boost. sure the illuminati find it amusing too.
(so let`s drop that fancy-fetish-image)

--there are also "serious" satanists out there. with the same "good intentions" as the christian church and the humbleness the catholics should have. (for any age ranging from kindergarten to expired...everybody`s welcome) (but I`m not interested ..)

i could go on and on..(who`s gonna read it anyway)..but i think this should do to explain my reaction to the "bill schnoebelein" video.:sweatdrop:
powered by PRK:wink2:

777 The Great Work 11-17-2008 08:15 PM

Re: Why I am gladly a Luciferian.
" video.:sweatdrop:

Daria 11-17-2008 08:28 PM

Re: Why I am gladly a Luciferian.
Huh, you never said, in the park. or anywhere. Wanna come round, you know the addresses?

I've just watched Marko Rodin's vortex time math. Lot to take in. Have a look.

Whatever, I send you love, and think you were a sh&t not to continue what you promised to do.


capreycorn 11-17-2008 08:33 PM

Re: Why I am gladly a Luciferian.

:blink: -soorrryy-

pineal-pilot-in merkabah 11-17-2008 08:33 PM

Re: Why I am gladly a Luciferian.
lucifer ay>> good luck then being on the side of the bringer of dark light.. hope you have fun where you end up.. somehow i dont think so.. i mean the old vedic system was clearly satanic was it not with the foreunner of the cast system ect.. the new age movement has indeed been infiltrated by such luceferian tosh as zeitgeist and other stuff.. lol ' lucifer nad those that follow..

capreycorn 11-17-2008 08:38 PM

Re: Why I am gladly a Luciferian.

Daria 11-17-2008 08:43 PM

Re: Why I am gladly a Luciferian.
Such loveley beings, thank you.

Reader 11-17-2008 09:09 PM

Re: Why I am gladly a Luciferian.
Morality does not largely differ between the two schools of thought.

I guess I'm just old fashion but .......Count me out.....................

Whitewolf 11-17-2008 09:11 PM

Re: Why I am gladly a Luciferian.

Originally Posted by BeaTnik-BandiT (Post 81207)
Exactly. Satan and Lucifer are no more than manifestations (see Egregores)
of our own ineptitude to be conscious of our connection to the creation, the creator, God-mind, all that is, ...or whatever fits anyone's beliefs)

- Lucifer, being a manifestation of our rational ego, is 'incomplete' and bound to be trapped in it's own 'artificial' realms.
- Satan, is tied by it's propensity for 'materialistic pleasures', so case closed.

Up in the scale, we have the HEART. We 'feel' from it; - That is our connection - this is the KEY to Completeness.

Zelphael, if you make the choice of living your life with an exclusively 'rational' mindset and Glorify your knowledge, good for you,
and then you can be glad to call yourself 'a Luciferian'.

But don't be surprised to find yourself sooner or later in the same gang as the 'Dark Cabal' and it's bunch of A** H***S. :naughty:

Anyways, i question your intentions for setting up this thread. :cup:


Bang on. My thoughts exactly. The "lightbearer" brings the false light. Think of it metaphorically as a very bright lightbulb, rather than the sun itself. The talent of darkness is that it knows how to imitate the Light, and thus, try to fool others by it, claiming itself as the creator or "true light". But for those who are true of heart and spirit (not ego/intellect) they can see, or "smell" the falseness upon close inspection. The problem with darkness is that it still believes it can actually destroy or eclipse the true Light, that of the Creator. Darkness is clever, but it underestimates the strength and vitality of the Light.

Magamud 11-17-2008 09:25 PM

Re: Why I am gladly a Luciferian.
Even with amnesia, constant propaganda, and a formed indoctrination with all the senses. The spirit still lives free and inherently knows the synthetic false light from the real thing. The awakening is growing exponentially and the matrix looses its grip on souls like sand through the fingers.

tone3jaguar 11-17-2008 10:33 PM

Re: Why I am gladly a Luciferian.
FYI, Lucifer dowses up way on the negative polarity scale. That is all I need to know to not want to worship him.

capreycorn 11-17-2008 10:39 PM

Re: Why I am gladly a Luciferian.

Scooby 11-17-2008 11:11 PM

Re: Why I am gladly a Luciferian.
When he is bound and cast into the Pit of Darkness for a thousand years he will be the only source of Light for those that follow him and they will serve him as his Bitches to do his bidding and their spirits will burn but not melt because he comes from the darkness and their spirits do not( see the ice that burned from Mel's hole story) for this is the Hell that the bible speaks of but you may be thankful it is only a thousand years, for then you will be cast into the lake of fire with him where you will be extinguished forever with your glorious Light bringer. There are ancient writings (see books of Enoch, Torah, and Sumerian) that tell of the Sons of God shining quite brightly hence the name Nacash in the Hebrew which means, Serpent, light bringer. Yes he will give you light and you will serve at his pleasure then he will bring you eternal death. Most people don't understand that when the Bible says God's(Elohim) wrath burns against the earth, it's not mankind so much as Lucifer that tempted the Sons of God into destroying the Great Creators plan for Mankind that he is ****** at. When it comes down to it you can only worship one God. You can either worship the Creator or the creation. I think I'll stick with the Creator and if I live a stupid morons life here, impoverished because I refuse to take the mark or join in one of Lucifer's many secret societies so I may prosper I will be faithful and believe in the promise of what is to come after this extremely short span of time I have to endure Lucifer's rule here, if even unto death. Death is nothing compared to promise of eternal life with my heavenly PAPA. God's richest Blessings!!!(even to you luciferiens) :winksmiley02:

capreycorn 11-17-2008 11:26 PM

Re: Why I am gladly a Luciferian.

Rebel4Life 11-18-2008 12:40 AM

Re: Why I am gladly a Luciferian.

Originally Posted by capreycorn (Post 81878)


Zelphael 11-18-2008 01:11 AM

Re: Why I am gladly a Luciferian.
Thanks to all replies.

It's very clear from the words of many that my original post was not even read or understood correctly. That's fine. Lucifer as you think of it is far more real to you than it is to me.

I'm atheistic but spiritually minded. I don't believe in external god forces, I believe in myself and my own personal god force. Yes, labels are limiting, but I choose to use Lucifer because etymologically it is appropriate. The fear factor does its job in scaring off people not intelligent enough to truly grasp the ideas at hand.

Lucifer has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Christian satan. I tried to explain the name should have never, ever come to mean satan in the first place, yet people still think Lucifer = Satan. Not true. I'm not a satan worshipper, I worship nothing other than the divinity I see within myself and all of nature.
What true purpose is given to the act of worship? If one imagines an all encompassing God, of the sort that monotheists would have us believe, it can be seen that God is full of all the qualities that man wishes he could have for himself, full of divine power and knowledge. Man just cannot comprehend or accept that these things are not so alien to him that he must expel them from himself and onto an otherworldly being, when in fact these qualities are his destiny if only he would work towards them relentlessly and with full personal responsibility.

Man has always felt inferior to the god force in nature. He has deified both the best and worst of himself into an external "other" to which his adoration and attention is focused upon. But the only result of this has been a distortion of reality to suit the needs of man by way of a delusional projection into which man has been able to channel all his base needs, emotions and most forbidden desires into an "objective" absolute reality.

This whole endeavour has been utterly dishonest from the very beginning. Man has sought what truth may be said of the world around him and in doing so has crossed the line between distinguishable knowledge and elaborate speculation masquerading as truth. Why is he not honest with himself in recognising that he alone, and all of the forces that are within him, is all that can ever be personally verified?

A lot of people talked about the "heart" as being superior to the mind... What are you talking about? The heart does nothing but pump blood around the body to keep it alive. What you are referring to is a certain "sense" or collective thought processes which are... where? In the MIND. The "heart" as you speak of it is a part of the divine spark which is in the brain, the house of the mind. It's not literally in the heart, or the stomach, or anywhere else.

My reasons in posting this was to give people a different view of Luciferianism from all the pseudo-satanic babble that is spoused so often by conspiracists who are against the NWO. Luciferianism (provided it is not theistic) is not a bad or negative thing. It's a certain way of looking at the world and the self in a philosophical and aesthetically pleasing (to some) manner. That is all.

I'm a light-hearted person. I bear good will to others, provided I see in them a sense of self-responsibility in the way they conduct themselves in the world. Some people truly are bottomfeeders who do nothing for themselves or anybody else, society's parasites. I feel it is not a bad thing to have no compassion for such people, and have no guilt for not ecompassing them in altruism. We must all take responsibility for ourselves in this world and we all have the power to change how we interface with reality. That, to me, is Lucifer - but happily I agree it is impersonal, unnamed, and seen differently from person to person.

Love and light to one and all.

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