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Kerry Cassidy 03-01-2010 07:45 PM

Control of avalon - domain name transfer
Hi all,

For those who are not aware, Project Avalon was taken off-line for the past few hours due to a dispute between Bill Ryan and myself in regard to the removal (closing) of the Thuban thread. I closed down the Forum to prevent further destruction of this thread and to ascertain from Bill, why it had been closed. I later learned that he had not actually closed it himself but wrote a message advising the Mod team that it should be closed. As a result it was closed. I have not seen this message. I advised Bill that I temporarily shut down the forum for a few hours and wanted to discuss this and other things that he has been doing that are in violation of copyright law as well as slander of a certain individual. I wanted to prevent any further violations of this nature, due to the fact that his actions threaten me, my status as a youtube director, Project Avalon and Project Camelot as his actions leave us open for lawsuits.

For some reason Bill chooses to ignore this and continues to make disparaging remarks about Jack Burns who accompanied me recently on my trip to Europe and in the U.S. conducting Camelot interviews. Bill was of course invited to come along declined as he wished to remain in Switzerland and did not want to go along with me or with Jack. As I mentioned on Camelot, my plan is for Jack Burns to work with me via my new site Project Camelot Productions to create Camelot conferences worldwide, once an investor has been found.

It will be of special interest to all that Bob Dean has embraced Jack Burns as a brother and we spent many wonderful hours chatting about many subjects while in Laughlin. Bob and Jack share a background in the military. I will be releasing an upcoming interview with Bob in which he substantiates further witness testimony from several of our whistle blowers.

It is important that people recognize that with over a million visitors a month and a pending TV show in the works Project Camelot is vulnerable to become a target of the PTB (powers-that-be) at any time. It is with this in mind that all must realize that using a very famous song such as the Beatles IMAGINE on a Camelot video would be unacceptable... without first obtaining the copyright license. This is common knowledge in Hollywood as well as in media circles worldwide.

I have now relinquished control of the projectavalon.net domain name. I wish to state here that I do not agree with the editorial stance of this forum and do not agree with the removal of the Thuban thread. This site is now completely under Bill Ryan's control.

I am working to establish an overall portal page where links to all our respective sites will be including a link to Project Camelot.

Best wishes,


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