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Antaletriangle 12-16-2008 03:21 AM

Internet Explorer users under attack

A friendly note to all Internet Explorer users Ö

If youíre using IE (any version, ranging from 5.01 t0 8.0 beta 2) then you need to be aware of a new vulnerability which is set to become a big problem over the next few days.

Iím not going to rehash the details of this vulnerability other than to say that itís pretty serious and has the scope to affect a massive number of users.

Hereís the scope of this vulnerability according to Microsoft:

Based on our stats, since the vulnerability has gone public, roughly 0.2% of users worldwide may have been exposed to websites containing exploits of this latest vulnerability. That percentage may seem low, however it still means that a significant number of users have been affected. The trend for now is going upwards: we saw an increase of over 50% in the number of reports today compared to yesterday.

For background and more information here are some links:

Microsoft Security Advisory (961051)
The new IE exploits for Advisory 961051, now hosted on pornography sites
Clarification on the various workarounds from the recent IE advisory
The next official Patch Tuesday isnít until January 9, 2009 but Iíve heard whispers that weíll see a patch for this vulnerability out this side of the holidays.

Take care out there Ö especially if youíre still using IE!

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Dantheman62 12-16-2008 03:28 AM

Re: Internet Explorer users under attack
I just saw this in Yahoo news but they said they're installing some patches or something like that.

Antaletriangle 12-16-2008 03:35 AM

Re: Internet Explorer users under attack
Well ,something needs to be done big fella!lol.

Karen 12-16-2008 04:09 AM

Re: Internet Explorer users under attack
This viscous thing got me when I was trying to use IE to watch a video because Firefox wasn't working, and I wanted to see it. I killed my computer by running it to death trying to get the damn Virus Trigger load off. I think it was on the verge of death anyway, but that did it in. Now I have this new to me used one and it's even faster - but came with pretty big price tag too! And so much work to reload everything. At least we were able to save my huge files.


Northern Boy 12-16-2008 04:09 PM

Re: Internet Explorer users under attack
I`m using Apple Safari for windows and have had no problems what so ever

Barron 12-17-2008 12:28 AM

Re: Internet Explorer users under attack

It's not Just I.E. as a browser you have to worry about. I use firefox but this article from our local Computer magazine "Netguide" talks about bugs with I.E. Google's new browser and Firefox.


Bugs found in top browsers
Written by NetGuide Contributor

Three leading Web browsers are filled with bugs, some of which require urgent attention.

That conclusion was reached in a month of testing conducted by the online software testing community uTest (www.utest.com).

More than 1300 testers from 68 countries tested the Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.1 (beta) and Google Chrome browsers for a month in a test called The Bug Battle.

The final results included:

• A total of 672 bugs were found. The uTest community identified 101 of those bugs as "showstoppers," which are defined as flaws in need of immediate attention.

• 356 uTesters evaluated Internet Explorer 8 and identified 168 bugs, including nine percent that were classified as showstoppers.

• 514 uTesters evaluated Firefox 3.1 beta and identified 207 bugs, including 24% that were classified as showstoppers.

• 461 uTesters evaluated Chrome and identified 297 bugs, including 12% that were classified as showstoppers.

Testers who reported the most valuable bugs and provided the best feedback were awarded cash prizes. The best overall tester won $US1000.

As part of the contest, uTest also conducted a survey of Bug Battle participants. Some of the top-line findings include:

• Of 356 uTesters who evaluated Internet Explorer, 87% rated its usability as fair or good, with none rating IE usability as excellent.

• Of 514 uTesters who evaluated Firefox, 81% rated its usability as fair or good, with an additional 16% rating its usability as excellent.

• Of 461 uTesters who evaluated Chrome, 74% rated its usability as fair or good, with another 10% rating Chrome’s usability as excellent.

When asked what their preferred browser was, more than half (55%) named Firefox; nearly a third (30%) said IE; and six percent preferred the newly released Chrome.

uTest will hold the Bug Battle on a quarterly basis, evaluating different applications or popular Web sites each time. The company will solicit recommendations for future Bug Battle subjects on its Web site.

More detailed results from this first Bug Battle can be found at www.utest.com/bug_battle.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Colin 12-17-2008 12:53 AM

Re: Internet Explorer users under attack
Nice post Barron :original:

Most of the problems can be avoided by simple common sense
  • Keep your browser security patches up-to date
  • Keep your AV/Anti Spyware software up-to-date
  • If a website looks dodgy, it probably is
  • DONT install a video player/codec just because a website says you have to
  • DONT let your browser "auto remember" passwords
  • If you use Firefox install the No Script Addon

There are many more, but the above are just a few suggestions - and stay OFF the porn sites, that's just asking for trouble!

Humble Janitor 12-17-2008 02:42 AM

Re: Internet Explorer users under attack
I think the best advice is to stop using Internet Exploder altogether.

Tez 12-17-2008 05:31 AM

Re: Internet Explorer users under attack

Originally Posted by Humble Janitor (Post 95732)
I think the best advice is to stop using Internet Exploder altogether.

I stopped using Internet Explorer a few years ago because it was so slow and vulnerable to attacks.

I recently updated to Firefox 3 but kept getting "critical" crashes, so reverted back to the older (but last) version 2 and have had no crashes since.
I also started using PeerGuardian a short time back, to block Ads, Gov, P2P and spy that i don't wish to intrude.


giovonni 12-18-2008 12:12 AM

Re: Internet Explorer users under attack
I've been using and testing the new Wndow's Explorer Beta 8, its a lot better!

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