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bashi 02-20-2010 03:32 PM

The GOCE satellite : Follow the money...

In March 2009 the ESA launched a remarkable satellite, the GOCE, into orbit:

The GOCE (Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer) is measuring the Earth's gravity field and modelling the Geoid with extremely high accuracy and spatial resolution.
A Geoid is a 3-D model of Earths gravitational field. Instead of measuring the height of the surface, the strength of the gravitational field is measured and translated into a 3-D topographical model. In this model lower gravitational values are expressed as depressions, while higher values are expressed as mountains. The result is a model which locks like a potato. Here a picture of the Geoid: The values are additionally colour-coded, with blue for low values and yellow to red for high gravitational values:

I thought in the beginning that there is nothing unusual about launching this type of a satellite.
But i noticed that in the media it was more presented as a satellite to demonstrate scientifically global warming. They were more focussing at the contribution to precisely measure the rising of the ocean levels. That made my alarm bell ring, because:

1. There are satellites already in orbit which can measure the ocean-levels very precisely and
2. Meanwhile it is known that there is NO significant rise in the levels

I interpreted it as a kind of smokescreen public info policy.
Was I just too suspicious? What was it really about to spent 250 Billion on this satellite?

The first thing that I found out was quite odd:
There were no moving parts inside this unique satellite, but still the expected lifespan of the satellite was only 20 Months!!!

They decided to fly the satellite so low above Earth’s surface, that the atmospheric drag would make it crash even earlier, if not for a continuously running ionic Xenon-propulsion system compensating for it.

The 40 kg Xenon tank will last for 20 months, after that the GOCE will turn into an meteorite and will (hopefully!) burn in the atmosphere.
So expect at the end of this year a coming out of ESA and telling you how successful the mission was and that now its time for harmless firework worth 250 Billion.
The ESA is flying so low, because they are looking for high resolution data of Earths intestines.
The lower the satellite flies, the higher the resolution of the measured gravitational field.
This data is used to get an idea of what masses move inside Earth to which place.

The achieved resolution is like this:
“Imagine a snowflake, which has a fraction of a gram, slowly falling down on to the deck of a super tanker. The acceleration that the super tanker experiences from that snowflake is comparable to the sensitivity of the instruments.” (GOCE Mission Manager Rune Floberghagen)

ESA is so desperate looking for this data that they decided to sacrifice the satellite for it by flying GOCE in an extremely low orbit and thus reducing the lifespan of the 250 Billion satellite to a mere 20 months!!!
What´s all this about? Lets have a precise look at this so important Geoid:


The animation of the Geoid features some remarkable irregularity:
Did you notice that

- West of England are huge masses concentrated below the surface
- East of Australia/New Zealand displays the same?

This is featured as high, red mountains.
They are the two most remarkable features on the Geoid.

Did you notice

- that California lies inside a local depression?

This is featured by a lower, blue depression.

Then look at this predicted map:


Do you see that there are landmasses predicted to rise from the ocean-bed at precisely the same areas?

Please tell me that it is just a coincidence…


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