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Visvasa144 03-18-2009 11:45 PM

PSI Warfare Shenanigans II
THEY want me to take down my previous post section entitled PSI Warfare Shenanigans. Go to October 11th 2008 of the blog.

As a result of their recent actions I have written up a second part. Soon to follow will be a 3rd part. If this technique wasn't extremely effective then why have they been asking me the same questions for over 2-3 years. As you can already tell i just throw my thoughts up onto this blog unedited. If your in a situation like mine or would just simply be a pain in the ass then read the 2 sections. if you really want to play cat and mouse with THEM then you will find the techniques very helpful. if not you may just enjoy the strangeness of this blog.
It's all telepathic communication with electronic assisted devices planted in my house, car and work. It's not that they can just read my mind. they can see what i see or if i bring up a memory they can see that also. the basic techniques are in the 2 post PSI Warfare Shenanigans. the best skills are your creativity and your visualization techniques. the fact that you see something doesnt mean its true. the fact that you dont see something doesn't mean its untrue or never happened or hasn't already happened.
Have fun....

Read the blog for techniques and examples.

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