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pr0metheu5 03-10-2010 06:00 AM

Re: Prometheus Initiative
I suppose given my moniker I should be a part of this.

very interested in ZP, magnetics etc.

how can i help?

GregorArturo 03-10-2010 07:36 PM

Re: Prometheus Initiative

Originally Posted by pr0metheu5 (Post 253198)
I suppose given my moniker I should be a part of this.

very interested in ZP, magnetics etc.

how can i help?

Haha, great to hear from you pr0metheu5. What I am most interested in is people sharing their ideas about some of the concepts I am presenting, either piggy backing off me or pointing me in a new direction, or generating conversation on an entirely new concept (still related though to free energy and sacred geometry obviously).

I hitchhiked up to Sedona a couple days ago, and should be back at Tangos in Phoenix in a week to make more tech vids so keep a watch out.

Clarityofawareness 03-14-2010 06:08 AM

Re: Prometheus Initiative
Ok i think I might understand what your saying here. Because I have a large pyramid in my home that I put shtuff under in order to charge it with energy or balance the energy of that shtuff. I put 3 gallon containers of water, my razor blades ( for shaving ), fruit and things that need to have their energy be more balance energy.

BY the way everyone, please don't bother telling or preaching to me that such does not work for me. I and a few others experience what our pyramid does at least, not you. Mainly because you don't live in my home, lol. Especially don't bother telling me that I'm some how attempting to prove that pyramids can do anything for anyone. If anything, all my posts & threads on this forum concern your being more aware. After that do with what you please.

I look at such experiences like I do my various psychic abilities... they are mostly here for my own self proving and experience. Although I am looking into my own business for utilizing such abilities to help others.

At any rate, so is something like the pyramid power I use what we're talking about? That different shapes promote frequency or energy?


GregorArturo 03-15-2010 05:06 PM

Re: Prometheus Initiative

Originally Posted by Clarityofawareness (Post 256325)
At any rate, so is something like the pyramid power I use what we're talking about? That different shapes promote frequency or energy?


Hey Kevin, essentially the answer to your question is yes. All matter is energy. There is no true differentiation, and in all honesty it's just energy not matter. Organizing that energy in specific geometric patterns makes the energy fluctuate in different ways, but in the most simple notion, when energy is organized in a more efficient manner the total output of the energy within the system is increased.

A pyramid, especially when constructed in the context of phi such as the Pyramid of Giza, organizes the energy in the system in a very efficient manner which also generates a strong central vortex (five in total, one major in the center, four minor in the corners).

JesterTerrestrial 03-15-2010 05:48 PM

Re: Prometheus Initiative
Awesome Work Gregor

Those are some cool models! Right on!

you should see some of the vortex devices and other inventions and stuff laying around at the isteam lab sometime. If you ever come to KaliCanada this summer let me know we can go hang out at the beach man! :D

Keep up the good work there is so much to be learned just blows my mind.

peace jt!

Clarityofawareness 03-15-2010 06:24 PM

Re: Prometheus Initiative
I like getting down to the root cause of any challenges, don't you? I mean there always seems to be something more to anything we involve ourselves with yes? For example, the topic here is "Free Energy", that's a good start to get it all going, but what else is there to understand, know, perceive and especially explore and all of which that is related to this topic of discussion?

For those who chose awareness, who don't choke on blue pills (Matrix movie). Or those who chose being more open minds and heart, then the rest of this is for you.
How about something like, "how or why" our thoughts can become our physical reality. How/why do we see physical reality and process it being our reality? Figure that out and you'll not only probably (and more easily easily) figure out free energy, but you'll also most likely figure out the most optimum free energy for you to have and use in this physical world.

Why do we desire free energy? Because we exist in this particular place we call reality and free energy could help make our lives more optimum (something like that). Okay, but what is reality? I can give you my opinion though. First I know that I am eternal unlimited energy. This place I call reality is only my illusion or perception of it all. If you really think about it in this way... that "YOU" are your whole reality, then maybe your open to other possibilities as well.

One main reason why I am explaining something that others here may already understand is because I experience what so many people believe being "impossible for me to experience". For example, I sometimes manifest what I call TED's or thought energy devices. The only way to explain TED's is in a very limited way... through the english (or any other of today's languages) language.

Basically, I see all various forms of separation concerning the oneness of all reality. One way to do this is to understand all reality being a TED. Next, continue separating reality by naming things, people, places, ideas, time & space, past, present and future (just to name a few) For example everyone and everything is a "TED". Just as some cultures believe that everything has a spirit in it, is basically the same concept as TED's. Because you, as a TED operator, can program and reprogram almost any TED's in your reality. You can even program TEDs that are unknown to the majority of TED operators (people) and other beings). You can especially program TED's in different ways, such as your thought energy (thoughts, intentions, beliefs, non-beliefs and more). For example I've programmed my URD or Ultimate Radar Detector TED to automatically search and locate all ground and air speed traps up to 200 mile radius from my mobile (me driving my car) location. My URD has a few other programs, some concern "ultimate safety features". I constructed my URD in my mind and approved it through me higher self (god/universe). In other words, I meditated a lot and wrote down on paper concerning my many thoughts of it all. This included a lot of day dreaming for me as well. All until my URD became part of my existence. TED's could also be called "beliefs" or those ideas which you process into being more or less of your whole reality experience.

Sure it's good to talk about the possibilities of free energy being our reality experience but why not cover all other related possibilities as well? Such as who we all really are, we are all eternal unlimited beings. We are all our god like abilities. TED's are just one of the unlimited examples of such possible discussions concerning free energy. What about a collective of thought energy being combined to make free energy more than possible? That's what this thread is doing already, but how much or how further could this be taken?

I mean, if we were all to concentrate or focus our thought energy on us experiencing the most optimum free energy for our world... couldn't the reality of it really happen for us all? If you believe in parallel realities or quantum jumping (American Monk) or the book called The Secret, then why not parallel realities? How, why, when and where you enter and experience any parallel reality is up to you. Maybe each and every new moment is yet another parallel reality for us to experience? Because all reality is energy... FREE ENERGY that is constantly changing because it's also in motion, right? So nothing ever stays the same.

Why is it we all feel, think, believe, see, hear, sense that big oil is still being our reality experience? Because we all continually change so that big oil remains being our reality experience! Change your thought energy for free energy and then "be" that change you want to see in the world. Next thing you realize is that you exist in a reality just like this one here. Except free energy is now everywhere for all to have and utilize.

Please, let's continue talking about the shapes and their energy because more people could probably relate to that better than to thought energy or TED concept. Maybe somewhere down the road it will all meet and be one. Either way it all is or will be one at some point.

There is always a much easier way to explain what I have just explained here. If my ideas, concepts or beliefs are accepted then maybe we could evolve it all to operate with the free energy TED.


Clarityofawareness 03-17-2010 06:09 PM

Re: Prometheus Initiative
I forgot who they are but they are those throughout history whom have found that certain shapes and size can do things to life and the environment around them. One fellow back in the 1700 or 1800's discovered something to that effect I think?

GregorArturo 03-17-2010 06:53 PM

Re: Prometheus Initiative
Thanks Clarity for all the input. TEDs can go by many names. I refer to them as an entity, a singularity, or a (w)holon. I talked about it in the vids, and geometrically it can be considered a sphere, or a point.

I'm working on my rodin coil capacitor as we speak, and about to run to the store to grab some supplies. I got back to Tango's a couple days ago from Sedona. Hopefully some cool things can manifest.

In Sedona, I met someone who is going to be getting me Nassim Haramein's phone #. I made some great connects up there, and when I go back next week I am going to get introduced to a tesla scientist, a physicist, and the author David Hatcher Childress. The big connect was good friends with Ian Lungold also. Things are taking off...

Clarityofawareness 03-17-2010 07:14 PM

Re: Prometheus Initiative
One way of "being" the reality that your heart and higher self know is your true path of education, is your continuing choice of "being" various perspectives. All of which are connections that can help you to be the reality. It's getting to the point where the parallel reality of global free energy is no longer a choice... it's happening and nobody can stop it. Those who would like to stop it are those who will continue fighting in that particular parallel, which is not longer our reality here.

Ok, so we exist in our reality (the free energy one) and those who don't believe, don't know or don't want any free energy now exist in their reality. It's all good because as beings of change we all chose what our reality experience is. We all do this in order to learn more and take with us on our journey of unlimited life experience (because we're all eternal unlimited energy as well).

So the spirit of free energy is with those who chose more connections to it. We do this via or thought energy (feelings, beliefs, non-beliefs, emotions, memories, intentions and other thoughts). Because like TED's everything has a spirit in it. Now that's just one possible way for some to understand how they can be (experience) the reality of free energy.

I would like to know how others here believe the reality of free energy being our reality now. For example, do you believe that there are unlimited versions of you existing in other realities that are connected to this reality here? If so then there are versions of you whom are expert free energy inventors.

Some of these versions of "you's" also know how to communicate with you here. Because they are also professional master spiritual guidance teachers. So that you to can easily connect to them and easily learn how to easily bring free energy into and as your reality experience here. Maybe you can do this through your imagination, meditation, day dreaming, creative writing, affirmations and more? I dunno cause I'm not you. Doesn't mean that we can not talk about all the possibilities though, yes? Either way, this thread is part of it all and I'm glad being part of it here.


GregorArturo 03-18-2010 01:54 AM

Re: Prometheus Initiative
The beginning of my work: The Rodin Coil Capacitor

Clarityofawareness 03-18-2010 02:34 AM

Re: Prometheus Initiative
How much more could we learn by experiencing the free energy concepts via a virtual world? I mean, if you were to construct a free energy device in something like Second Life, could me and others help as well? Help as in we all do virtual things to help make free energy more off line as well. Just a thought.


dddanieljjjamesss 03-18-2010 02:39 AM

Re: Prometheus Initiative
Looking good with that rodin coil gregor... Rodin was really the last person to really, irrevocably blow my mind.

Can't wait to see what you do next.

GregorArturo 03-18-2010 03:04 AM

Re: Prometheus Initiative
Well one thing I'm thinking about is what frequency to run through the coil. I'm def going to try 32768 hz which is what quartz resonates at as I said in the vid. But there's also the 695 harmonic that Bruce Cathie talks about as gravitic acceleration. I am going to use Tango's rife machine to hook it up to. It does 75 volts with about an amp I think. I really want much higher voltage, but its something. Being it's a rife machine I can set the frequency.

And ya, even in second life this could work I suppose. The colloboration of ideas is what I am trying to do with this, besides just showing people what I am doing with my own research.

GregorArturo 03-18-2010 07:57 PM

Re: Prometheus Initiative

GregorArturo 03-18-2010 09:44 PM

Re: Prometheus Initiative

dddanieljjjamesss 03-19-2010 01:51 AM

Re: Prometheus Initiative
Here are some other interesting rodin coil videos for anyone who may be interested

now i'm really pumped to see what your quartz enhanced coil does :D

GregorArturo 03-19-2010 05:14 AM

Re: Prometheus Initiative
Yeah, I've seen most of those vids, thanks for sharing! Especially for the ones I haven't seen. Anyways, one thing you'll also notice they're doing different with the coils is they are not taking the toroid geometry into consideration. They are using whatever they can to make the toroid, which does show that the pathway is most important, but the shape can make it much more efficient.

With my coil, the wire will always touch the surface of the toroid as there are no air gaps. The toroid also has mass which you want, also it being a diamagnetic substance. Oxygen gas is paramagnetic which you don't want as it will absorb the magnetic field and not aid with gravitic coupling. Also another reason I will be surrrounding the coil with distilled water.

thetechguy 03-19-2010 05:44 PM

Re: Prometheus Initiative
Hello Gregor

It is a great job you are doing.

You said that this is colaborative task, and i agree , building some like this requires many skills, no body knows everything , so we must cooperate.

You are in the right track , i would like to support many of your concepts, as they are correct (in my oppinion at least)

I have some information, to share, but i dont like to bring much attention to me, now since you "open the can of worms" , lets continue your thread

I would like to say that your thread interested me because you talk about specific concepts, and thats the key to advance in this project.

Another thing that i noticed is that , it may be easier for you to be in contact with Nassim Harameim or Marko Rodin, and that is a key factor because they are one of the leading experts on the subject

Much of this information is already covered by
-Nassim Harameim
-Marko Rodin
-Tom Bearden, John Bedini
-Jesie Mercay, and VASTUVED institute
-Tom Valone
-John Searl
-Jeremy Stride
-David Wilcox
Just to mention a few modern researchers

You said that by the moment you are not using physics or math, i believe it is necesary to inlcude some of it on the explanation of concepts

The building of a free energy machine requires knowledge on
-Classical Physics
-Modern Physics
-Mecanical engineering
just to mention a few skills and knowledge

You will realieze (or maybe you have already) that producing free energy is not the difficult part
the hard time is producing a machine that is stable and that its safe for human use and that complies with all the goverment regulations for energy producing machines.

For a machine to engineerable, it must be measurable and predictable ,according to engineering tables and calculations, thats why physics is so important

it is important to describe all the fenomena from a point of reference , wich in this case will be the atom
The atom is the interface between the quantum energy flux and our material world

Nassim has done a great job describing the atom energy in a mesurable way , ant Tom Bearden has done a great research identifying the electromagnetic fenomena

Marko Rodin has done a great job identifying the mathematical cicle of the atom and the electro magnetic interactions

Now all this may sound complex for the non initiated, but if we keep showing simple concepts after concepts, then eventually every one will undestand what we are talking about

If you are interested in me to contribuite, please let me know

Best regards

(forgive any typing errors english is not my native language)

GregorArturo 03-19-2010 09:46 PM

Re: Prometheus Initiative
hey the techguy. Thanks for all the info you've shared.

Oh trust me, I am using physics and math but the concepts involve using geometry and the interaction between them, which yes, can be described with math and physics, but I don't need numbers to share the concepts. I am using a program called GeoGebra which is a 2D geometry program which I use for calculations and laying out the vortex geometry. I also did use a 3D modeling program called Maya which I have 10 years of experience with, however, the newest version I just got and it's not working at the moment.

Here's a pic I just took. Just finished the first circuit on the coil, now I'm going to wrap the 2nd one which should go by much quicker, then the fun begins!


I plan to head to Sedona this coming Monday with the coil to do test runs with some researchers up there. I really need at least 10k volts to pump into it, which I might pull off myself by creating a new kind of transformer, a rodin coil transformer. I would wrap a rodin coil around a steel washer, with one circuit with say 10 windings, and the other with only one winding to step up the voltage, but in a much more efficient manner.

GregorArturo 03-19-2010 10:39 PM

Re: Prometheus Initiative
It's finished! Oh what a beauty. Now I just need 10k plus volts...


thetechguy 03-19-2010 11:36 PM

Re: Prometheus Initiative
Understood Gregor

Good luck on that trip

I would like to comment 2 things

1 about the voltage you need
have you tried a tv flyback transformer?
they produce a range from 15kv to 75kv, but with little current (a few miliamps)

If you need more power you could get yourself and old microwave oven transformer , those are heavy, and the convert from 110 volts to 3kv , but with 10 amps (very dangerous)

finally you could wind yourself one, but its alot of winding ( if you do the manual winding, could you post the calculation for the winding so that everybody can make use of it?)

2 About the research
We 2 types of research
a) to prove the overunity efect,
b) to convert that to some comercial usable power

About usable power.
We need power that is usable by every people with comercial devices ,like TVs, LapTops, Airconditionated etc

So need to have some reference parameters to convert the free energy to:

Alternating voltaje/current of 110-220 VAC , at 60-50hz
The power consumtion is measured for every device is in watts , so we need to know how to convert de quantum energy to that

In other words, every gain in the generator must be translated in Joules (work) so that we can have something usefull to produce

if calculate de micro or nano Joules for every atom interaction , then we have something to work with

there IS A LOT of information on free energy out there, but the important thing is to show concepts that lead to something usefull
(like the website on free energy devices of Patrick J. Kelly http://www.free-energy-info.co.uk/)

I would like to add some concepts, and keep them as simple as possible, but i dont want to distract the attention of your main research

iif you agree,i IŽll be adding info that would expand what you are doing

GregorArturo 03-19-2010 11:51 PM

Re: Prometheus Initiative
thetechguy, thanks again. By all means, post away. You are the exact type of individual I was looking for.

Are there any other type of devices that I could pick up at a store that has a decent transformer, maybe not as powerful, cause ya the 10 amps at that voltage scare me. I'd probably be just find with a half amp at that wattage, maybe even less. I could just go buy a microwave if need be, and thanks for the notion.

So about transformers, I really like the concept of using a rodin coil to make the transformer. I just need something iron or steel like that I can either bend such as ribar, or a metal washer. Now let's say the first circuit I ran it through ten windings, and the second circuit I only did once. The first circuit is carrying 100 volts at 1 amp, then the second circuit would be around 1k volts but most surely less than an amp due to leakage. The rodin coil transformer could really prevent leakage, I love the concept.

UPDATE NOTE: So I researched it myself, and realized I got it backwards. I have a DC frequency generator here at Tangos. If I set the duty cycle to 50%, would I be able to use a transformer on it do you know as you need a fluctuating current to transform the voltage?

What I want to initially prove is if I charge up the coil like a capacitor, will it rotate it keep rotating in the water? If so, then I have a concept in how I can utilize a spiraling wire geometry (cones) that goes in and out of the coil to power it. The negatively charged cone can have a magnet on the inside of it that can keep the capacitor charged. The question is how to keep the voltage up within the coil.

Also, if you can elaborate on the fly transformer you just mentioned that would be great. Otherwise I'm going to go research it right now.

Note: I forgot to post the pic of the finished coil which is now in my post above.

GregorArturo 03-20-2010 12:03 AM

Re: Prometheus Initiative
Another idea: What about using a capacitor to charge the capacitor? If I use a HV capacitor, that keeps charging itself, and then releasing its charge into the Rodin Coil Capacitor to build up its charge with a high voltage?

Richie 03-20-2010 01:53 AM

Re: Prometheus Initiative
Maybe a stun gun will work.Check a local pawn shop.

GregorArturo 03-20-2010 02:13 AM

Re: Prometheus Initiative

Originally Posted by Richie (Post 259757)
Maybe a stun gun will work.Check a local pawn shop.

Thanks Richie for the idea. Stun guns ususally have anywhere from a 10k-100k volt capacitor, but I'd just find an old tv, microwave, or monitor if I wanted a decent capacitor to work with.

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