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misfit 09-26-2008 10:13 AM

Re: Sydney Australia a call to...

Originally Posted by bowspearer (Post 25074)
I actually came up with a design a while ago for a device that would allow you to use rain to generate and store power, but I have yet to develop it. When the time comes though, it might be worth building it.

Very interesting ....You using mechanical, electro magnetics, battery, combination ???
hope you develop it :original:

misfit 09-26-2008 10:25 AM

Re: Sydney Australia

Originally Posted by Lawrence of Australia (Post 26045)

anther one here too...

Im interested ,,
all who are experimenting and working on alternate power ,and ways to save
fuel are HEROS and unfortunately I dont have the brain nor the tools or garage to build magnetic motors,
Hydrogen cells , joe cells , ect, but I do get insights occasionally .

I would love to finish my travel of Australia on a car that runs on water or orgone or any free energy device ... just a long overdue dream!

Reunite 09-26-2008 11:16 PM

Re: Sydney Australia
Hi everyone,

Another Sydneysider here. It's so refreshing to see this forum up and running. I'm looking forward to our collective thoughts to be shared and disscussed here and gain further insight. I'm happy to help or contribute in anyway I can. I'm down for Nov 8th!

vesta 09-27-2008 12:42 AM

Re: Sydney Australia
Hi Reunite,

have just added you to our list of ppl for the Nov 8 gathering. Look forward to seeing you there as well.

As suggested how will we recognise each other?? Ideas folks??? I'm ok with a pink carnation but the rest of you??? :mfr_lol:



bennycog 09-27-2008 03:59 AM

Re: Sydney Australia
hey pablo,
include me in your austalian ground crew list. bennycog from orange nsw.
i will try to make it to where you guys meet

bennycog 09-27-2008 04:10 AM

Re: Sydney Australia
i think meeting in the middle of sydney could be dangerous guys. imagine all of us being stuck in the same area. if something goes down. i think little meetings in seperate places and minutes passed on would be good or we all meet in country

Reunite 09-27-2008 04:39 AM

Re: Sydney Australia

Originally Posted by bennycog (Post 29480)
i think meeting in the middle of sydney could be dangerous guys. imagine all of us being stuck in the same area. if something goes down. i think little meetings in seperate places and minutes passed on would be good or we all meet in country

I understand where you are coming from bennycog however I think meeting in a public place like Darling Harbour that is quite populated as opposed to a isolated park or reserve would be safer. We don't have to give exact details on the public forum instead private msg each other with a time and place or a piece of clothing article. What are your thoughts people?

vesta 09-27-2008 10:04 AM

Re: Sydney Australia
Hi folks,

just to reassure you that some of us are already working behind the scenes to connect with one another beforehand and the place/day/date was selected so that if anything does happen we can quickly disperse into the crowd and move away from the area......

Using the techniques of tptb - the best place to hide something is right in front of someone.... you just make sure there's enough superflous stuff to distract from the main draw card!

All final details will be PM'ed to those that have shown interest in mtg, so I hope this goes a little way to re-assuring you of any concerns that you have flagged.

Bennycog, just so you know there is some company a few hrs sth of you perhaps you'd care to organise a meet prior to this event?

Blessings to all ,


henners 09-27-2008 11:21 AM

Re: Sydney Australia
Hey Guys, henners here. Count me in too. I would also like to meet earlier if possible. I am a coach driver and travel all over the state so i need to have a firm date to meet. I am very concerned with what is happening and have had some personal readings which have enlightened me somewhat.
I will contact some of you personally for an earlier meeting.

Lets keep the momentum rolling.

Genevieve 09-27-2008 11:34 AM

Re: Sydney Australia
Hey peoples - from the other side of this beautiful country!!!!!!!!!!

A few points i want to address.

First of all - great to see you people actually making a move and getting to KNOW each other in person. There are benefits to living in a more densely populated part of the country - as there are benefits to where i am living!! There comes a point tho where all the talking in the world and all the best "plans" will achieve nothing compared to actually MAKING A MOVE!! lol
( insert Monty Pythons "This calls for immediate discussion!!" )

Bowspearer - can you elaborate further on your idea of rain providing a power source??

I am no technically qualified person but i "absorb" ideas from all sources. It has long been dream of mine that here in australia with abundant sunlight, presumably some wind flow and a shortage of water - we should learn to integrate all three.

Solar power has the limitation in that it is presumably difficult to "store" this power.

We all realise the importance to "Store" water - so any community of people would have to have a fairly large storage of water. And the flow of water itself can also be a source of power.

Wind power can be utilised by a simple windmill.

Now if you stored all you water uphill - you could use the flow of water downhill (gravity alone) to create a small power source. eg while using that water for drinking water or irrigation

If you also had a collection dam at the "base" of your system you could collect all grey water from housing and irrigation and use the windmill to pump that back up into a top dam (not the drinking water dam obviously)

Solar panels may perhaps be enough in daylight hours to regulate the flow of the uphill /downhill flow (as in computer regulated). That way at night you could again let the water down to generate a power supply via the stored energy of the uphill water??

This is described very basically but it is a system i have long thought to be feasible and achievable - i just dont have the ability to create a total system!!

I seriously wanna meet a computer geek!!! lol

Anyway - nice to meet you all.

Live Laugh Love

henners 09-27-2008 11:56 AM

Re: Sydney Australia
Just another note someone asked about. I was a metal worker with lots of experince in fabrication, welding, etc. I am also technically minded in regards to magnetic power tec, if i can be of any help with anyones plans , please let me know.:original:

bennycog 09-28-2008 12:54 AM

Re: Sydney Australia
thanks vesta,
i would love to organise those south of me for meeting. and reunite i didnt mean to meet in secluded areas where there are no people. libraries, pubs galleries. places where you can sit and think

stal 09-28-2008 01:28 PM

Re: Sydney Australia
hey all. unfortunatly work commitments won't permit me to be in syd for the 8th nov (or go to nexus #$@% it!). however i will be in/around syd from 9th oct untill 21st oct if anyone would like to hook up. pm me if you like :original:

vesta 09-28-2008 09:07 PM

Re: Sydney Australia
Hi Stal,

sorry to hear you won't be able to make it for either gathering........ I guess you're feeling pretty disappointed too!

We'll just have to organise something else for we regional folk at another time and see if the sydney folk would like a w/e in the country???

Bennycog, Tez, Manda, Eddie and a few others might be happy with that idea too - perhaps a regional hub town in the central west???



bowspearer 09-28-2008 09:09 PM

Re: Sydney Australia
Count me in on that Vesta

bowspearer 09-28-2008 09:12 PM

Re: Sydney Australia

Originally Posted by Genevieve (Post 29677)
Bowspearer - can you elaborate further on your idea of rain providing a power source??

I will once I sit down and actually finalise the design, right now it's more a rough concept than anything.

The 300 focused tricks 09-29-2008 01:31 AM

Re: Sydney Australia
I am seeking awaken ground crew members that reside near the Liverpool or Parramatta area. Any interested ones who wish to meet face to face can reply on this thread or in a personal message.
I would just like to conclude that I have read all four New Paradigm books.

bennycog 09-29-2008 03:05 AM

what town do you suggest vesta?

vesta 09-29-2008 08:42 AM

Re: Regional NSW Mtg
Hi Bennycog, NSW GC,

( BC - you need to chill out a little - I can only get online outside of work hours!!! Where I work is very heavily monitored and I am not going to open up that can of worms!

See, here I am responding to your query. ::wink2:).

Now as to the matter at hand - that of a country gathering for the NSW GC members I am going to suggest Canberra. It's name means meeting place as Manda has mentioned before in previous posts so I think this would fit the bill for most - all kinds of accomodation available, easy to get to, easy to bail from if we need to.....::roll1:

I guess what we need to discuss is the timing of such a mtg since a lot of us will be hard pushed to fit it in b4 the Sydney event perhaps after that but b4 Xmas?

Anyways it's an idea and we're all open to discussion on this so look forward to hearing back from other rural and city folk on this!

Love & light to all,


bennycog 09-29-2008 10:39 AM

Re: Regional NSW Mtg
yeah i accidently posted it twice and i didnt want to put up another one stating the fact.

sounds ok to me vesta. my wife has not been woken yet, no lack of trying. but she has family there so it could give me an excuse. i should have been in canberra right now but things have lead me to stay home. i would really like for us country GC to meet up soon but i have to travel with work soon. as i said these next few days would have been great in canberra but im stuck here.

P4BL0 09-29-2008 03:53 PM

Sydney Australia

stal 09-29-2008 06:50 PM

Re: Sydney Australia
i'd be interested to meet as part of a group at a location in or out of sydney at another time, but unfortunatly october 9-21 is the only time i will be able to travel until after new years.

misfit 09-30-2008 07:36 AM

Re: Sydney Australia
Yeah it was an awsome experience meeting Pablo , I encorage everyone to
meet and share in person ... Its priceless...
I feel its time , we are all on the forefront and have much to share.
I got no problem with travelling, I love it.

See ya end of the week for some beers and more mind/reality
discussions/explorations Pabz :naughty:

Ngai Te Rangi 09-30-2008 08:09 AM

Re: Sydney Australia
Hey Sydneysiders. Great to see there's people informed and finding out the real deal. I'm from Rockdale. Lets keep in touch ...:lightsabre:

Shanders 09-30-2008 09:41 PM

Re: Sydney Australia
Hey Vesta and all,
Would love to be in on the Canberra mtg. Hubby works in Canberra so am currently back and forth between Canberra and the Snowy's.

Peace to all

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