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vesta 11-25-2008 08:03 AM

Re: Australian Ground Crew Members? Training for what exactly?
Hi all,

here's a few things for us to read thru during this period:

Anti-terror exercise underway in Sydney

Banking glitch strips customers of funds

A sign of things to come for desperate ppl perhaps?

ATM thieves stole getaway car: police

This is also how our $$$$ is being devalued by other global curreny makers:

Australian dollar to hit all-time low of US47c, bank says

Just another glorious day downunder folks,



P4BL0 11-26-2008 05:10 AM

Australian Ground Crew Members?

vesta 11-26-2008 09:27 AM

Re: Australian Ground Crew Members?
Hi all,

this is what I've been trying to warn everyone about and now I have the open-source reference for you published today!!!! :bond:

Quote,"The company was hired to monitor and report on the internet activities of anti-war campaigners, animal rights activists, environmental campaigners, and other protest groups, Fairfax Media reported."

Web spies monitor activists online for police, attorney-general - report

Blessings to us all,


henners 11-26-2008 09:35 AM

Re: Australian Ground Crew Members?
Thanks Vesta, i thought that sort of thing only happened in the States. We'll have to be careful what we say...............:zip:

vesta 11-26-2008 10:16 AM

Re: Australian Ground Crew Members?
This is the reason why I've been pushing to have all the details of meetings PM'ed to the interested ppl - if they really want to snoop make them work harder for it rather than dish it up on a platter to them!

Sending lots of love and blessings to help guide them to recognise where the real threats lie, :wub2:


P4BL0 11-26-2008 10:30 AM

Re: Australian Ground Crew Members?

vesta 11-26-2008 11:09 AM

Re: Australian Ground Crew Members?
Hi Pabs,

no need to preach to the choir on this one, I'm already on record as saying the best place to hide things is in the open!!! :wink2:

Some of us have more need of caution than others, particularly when we have families to consider as well.

This is also the reason I always open-source my information that I share with you, it's called self-preservation!

As I said earlier just make it harder for them, let them earn their corrupted blood money rather than offer everything up to them so easily.

If they have to drill down a bit further on things it means they're tied up for longer while we spend our time getting better educated on things coming down the line at us!

Consider this as a timely reminder to us all of what we are up against, especially if they're happy to announce it to us.

Love and light,


Global Nomad 11-28-2008 07:31 AM

Re: Australian Ground Crew Members?
I put masking tape over my web cam after our last meeting.
Is that just crazy ... ?

Peace2all 11-28-2008 08:18 AM

Re: Australian Ground Crew Members?

Originally Posted by Johnno (Post 9424)
Hi all fellow Aussies. :original:
I'm from the Western suburbs of Melbourne which is in no way a safe spot. :sad:
I've just opened a "Melbourne/Victoria" thread for all South Eastern residents. All from this state or even elsewhere are welcome. :winksmiley02:
Lets get cracking on a safe place plan.


Do any of you fellow Aussies know anything on this stuff:
Its a link relating to OUR TRUE RIGHTS!! Australian banking laws, citizens rights, arrests, police procedure, how to stop banks foreclosure on your home, tax, to how to get out of speeding ticket!!! Just found it and am reading the info....There is also other softer topics and cool stuff on site. Feedback welcome as it might be handy to know your rights if the S%^T hits the fan!!!
Peace and be good to YOU.

Global Nomad 11-28-2008 04:06 PM

Re: Australian Ground Crew Members?
Can't even find info on your link ...
But if you're interested in such things here's some more stuff about the subject ...
Pretty far out ideas here ... I'm open minded but unless there's a total 1984 orwellian government I don't think I'd ever be into or practice such actions as society would fall apart if we all went down this path.
Still good to know our rights ... if they're right that is !

The Strawman Illusion ...

Basic Fraud
Click on the videos on the left hand side.



And I presume you've all seen this ...

Dakini7 11-29-2008 08:39 PM

Re: Australian Ground Crew Members?
Count me in - 100%. I'd like to put myself forth as a core member of the Ground Crew, and I'm committed to relocating to wherever is the best space for us to collaborate and create our safehaven in this country.

Vesta, I'm inspired by you and the light you shine - and would love to connect.

Blessings to you all, keep spreading the word - education is the most important thing at this time - get your loved ones, family and friends to watch Zeitgeist Addendum as the first step. The more people know about what is going on, the more we can collectively do something about it.

Blessed be.

vesta 11-29-2008 10:21 PM

Re: Australian Ground Crew Members?
Welcome to the GC Dakini7,

merry meet.

There are so many ppl on this forum that are beacons of light during this initial phase and so much info that is being made available for us but it's like sorting the wheat from the chaff some days......... hard work to pick out the really important pieces of info from the flotsam and jetsam of general conversation but so worth it if it provides another viable piece of the puzzle! :wink2:

There are a number of good folk in your immediate area, more further afield in rural VIC and then you can start working your way west or north and the connections will be easily made as we're a fairly good and welcoming group of ppl. Some folks have already sorted out their contingency plans and know what and how they will be working towards and achieving their plans for the near future. Others are still coming to terms with the bigger picture and the implications it might have for them and theirs. We are all at various stages of enlightenment and knowledge, walking many different paths and yet such strong connections have been forged between us all.

These good folk here are amazing and true inspirations for me to continue to travel along this path, a big call out to the Aussie GC!!! :wub2: :wub2: :wub2:

Blessings to you and yours for our futures,

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God/dess hold you in the palm of their hand.

30 NOV 08.

vesta 11-29-2008 11:03 PM

Re: Australian Ground Crew Members?

check out this thread that Tez has created - invaluable information for calculating our needs for food storage and basics that we should be looking at sourcing!!!


Thanks Tez for the great job!



vesta 12-01-2008 07:57 AM

Re: Australian Ground Crew Members? - Aussie plants 'ideal' for space colony
here's a little light reading for you all:


QUOTE "Now back on Earth, the "space seeds" will be planted in Sydney's Royal Botanical Gardens, Mount Tomah Botanic Garden in the Blue Mountains, and Mount Annan Botanic Garden near Camden in Sydney's south-west."

Perhaps the SYDNEY GC can keep an eye out for these special irradiated plants in the near future???



vesta 12-04-2008 05:12 AM

Re: Australian Ground Crew Members?
Further to my above warning from the media, pls read this link:


Blessings to all on this journey of life,


Aussie Babe 12-04-2008 11:05 AM

Re: Australian Ground Crew Members?

Originally Posted by vesta (Post 90672)
Further to my above warning from the media, pls read this link:


Blessings to all on this journey of life,


Thank You Vesta I probably would have missed that thread, I will definately be considering becoming a paid subscriber now!

Aussie Babe

Markus999 12-04-2008 12:45 PM

Re: Australian Ground Crew Members?
Hi Guys,
I am new in this Forum and hope to make some new friends.

Are there any ground Grew activity in Singapore?
Would be nice if some one could help me out on that.

Have a great day.:original:


BANANNIE 12-04-2008 12:48 PM

Re: Australian Ground Crew Members?
Hi All, we live in Far North Queensland and we are 800 metres above sea level. There is plenty of water and the area has excellent food producing resources. Quite a few G/Crew folk from south-east Queensland, as well as other areas of Oz, are moving up and away from the more heavily populated areas. So pleasing to see more Aussies thinking about their survival and self-sufficiency plans for the future and sharing with one another. All the best to everyone and stay brave-hearted!!! LOL

vesta 12-04-2008 01:55 PM

Re: Australian Ground Crew Members?
Dear all,

a little light reading for all we folk who are up way too late:


For those that can do, pls do stay in touch, :wub2:

Blessings to you all, good night and good bye.


Global Nomad 12-14-2008 01:59 PM

Re: Australian Ground Crew Members?
A note from Vesta Via Me ...

Hello dearest Sydney GC members,

I must apologise to you all as I will not be making the trip to see you all today.... I have had a bad week of it with these rotten westerly winds and my sinuses are so backed up I can't think straight let alone drive! I am so very disappointed to not be seeing you all before christmas as I was really looking forward to another day of inspiration and exchanges of knowledge and ideas.
Pls do keep me in mind for the next mtg, I intend to make it irrespective of health issues.
Manda and I would also in the early part of the NY would love to see you all considering a mtg down in the ACT. This would give the country/regional ppl in NSW an opportunity to meet their city cousins. :wink2:

On another note for those taking any med's and who are considering stockpiling what they may need for the future pls ensure you are aware of all the side effects that they may cause!!!!! Only yesterday I was informed by an older pharmacist that the drug I have been taking for the last 9-10 wks for my sinus issues has a serotonin inhibitor as a main feature of the drug. I was advised by another pharmacist that this was the replacement for the drug I had previously been using and that I would be fine taking it on daily basis but this chap I spoke with yesterday informed me it was not for long term use as one of the main things it did as a side effect was cause depression! Not that I have been diagnosed as clinically depressed but just feeling flat and listless and not able to put my finger on it but now i know and will be searching for something else without the side effect to treat the symptoms. Be warned that you truly do need to know the implications of anything you are putting into your body or if offering even as little as an aspirin to someone else in the future it might have effects that they should be aware of.........

Take care of yourselves my lovely ones and may 2009 be kind to you all,

blessings and best wishes,


Zeddo 12-20-2008 10:51 AM

Re: Australian Ground Crew Members?

Originally Posted by Dakini7 (Post 88772)
- education is the most important thing at this time - get your loved ones, family and friends to watch Zeitgeist Addendum as the first step.

Blessed be.

Thanks for that link. It didn't work but this one does (for now) http://video.google.com/videoplay?do...95921912&hl=en

WOW !!! I can only reiterate what you said....get your family, friends, neighbors etc to watch this. It is tremendously important.

By the way, I am down in Mandurah.

Love, peace and light to everyobody. May we all wake up sooner rather than later.

gretsico 12-20-2008 02:58 PM

Re: Australian Ground Crew Members?
i'm curious.
what sort of effect will the financial crisis have on australia in the middle to long term?
Are we likely to se the dollar slide even further against the USD? or the opposite?
I appreciate that its a global issue,but does being small and kinda out of the way insulate us at all??

mulder 12-22-2008 08:44 AM

Re: Australian Ground Crew Members?
The financial crisis in the mid to long term will be ugly. We will become de-industrialised, as every possible job heads to China, etc. Real Estate will plummet to around prices of 10 years ago. Most banks will need Govt bailouts (really, just look at the USA today & we are around 2 years behind). Our Social Security will be shown up as a ponzi scheme (fraudulent scheme where money paid out is not from profits, but from contributions of new investors). I think things will get ugly very fast if there are more terrorist attacks anywhere in the world.

Global Nomad 12-23-2008 02:52 PM

Re: Australian Ground Crew Members?
A not from Vesta Via me ...

Internet filtering plan may extend to peer-to-peer traffic, says Stephen Conroy

Global Nomad 12-28-2008 01:43 AM

Re: Australian Ground Crew Members?
Hi all,

don't know how many of you have kids but I've just been to the cinema today and seen the shorts for this new movie - are they foreshadowing or just indocrinating our kids?

It's called 'monsters vs aliens' and it's release date is 27 March 2009.

Anyways make of it what you will but here's the link to the official trailer:

While it's kind of funny and they do get some laughs at the expense of alphabet agencies I'm wondering what subliminals are potentially locked in and what the underlying current of the entire movie will be like.....



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