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unloadedgunn 09-21-2008 12:22 AM

Community in Vermont!
Hi everyone...this is my first post. I hail from the tiny country of Vermont. It is just south of Canada and north of the USA. The last bastion of independent thought, and a very liberal place indeed. That said, I am still viewed by most as being waaaaaaaaay out there because of my beliefs.

I am very serious about starting up a small community. I am now living in the Connecticut River valley, and am planning to sell my home and move to a different location. I will be buying a minimum of 20 acres and building an earth-sheltered home on it designed to withstand the worst case scenario, which as many of you know is... winds in excess of 300MPH, a complete shut down of the electric grid and all electronic communications, and NO transport of any kind. I guess self sufficient, sustainable, and off grid are what I have in mind.

If there are any folks here who are conscious, positive, and ready to do more than talk, I would like to hear from you...

seeing clearly 09-21-2008 05:22 PM

Re: Community in Vermont!
studying for years procedures for safe sustainalbe living

reads as tho you have a good plan

if you are unsure of where to settle check out the
Ground Crew Group here

we are just forming and need lotta discuss as to location
some of us are for upstate NY ( me included)
as have some knowledge of avails there

here is link if you want top be on list and be with us
till u can feel if there is any interest for you


will look forward to hearing from you


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