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sunnyrap 10-09-2008 06:14 PM

Help--I'm losing threads and posts
The way this forum is set up--maybe just because of it's sheer unwieldy size--there are SO many members and posts and threads....I KNOW I'm losing important information because it's not readily apparent in the thread titles...and I KNOW that I'm not getting important information and that many are never seeing information I post because it immediately gets buried in an avalanche of new posts. Trying to stay abreast of developments on it has become a full time job. I'm about eliminate it, even though its ultimate design and purpose was great.

As tricked out as this forum software is, I believe it is beginning to be too hard to use. I'm starting to go back to my own news groups (which tend to weed out the people who don't relate to the other members rather quickly, and keep posts on purpose). I can see it would be a full time job and subject to a lot of flaming to try to pick out the most relevant and timely information and on-purpose posts here on this one and bulletin-board them under well-keyworded topics.

I'm guessing others are talking about this...? Anyone have any tips on how to eliminate the unnecessary but necessary sifting? I can't work and watch this forum too, badly as I wish to...

Mike_Jetson 10-09-2008 09:18 PM

Re: Help--I'm losing threads and posts
Make sure your own thread title describes the content well and ignore the threads in question. Over time once more mods start moving mroe threads im sure you will be happier. patience

edit, plus, your own thread title speaks about losing threads and posts but the information you have written speaks about people not seeing the information because of the sheer amount of posts. Both 2 different scenarios.

Shellie 10-09-2008 11:34 PM

Re: Help--I'm losing threads and posts
You are probably not losing anything- the moderators are moving everything around.

If you go to your profile, you can go under STATISTICS and then look up all your posts.. this will make it easier to find threads you are participating in. Also, on the faaaaar left of each thread is a little symbol. The symbols change according to whether there are new posts, it was a thread you posted on etc.. There is a legend at the bottom of the page to help you decode it.

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