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omnicentricity 12-13-2008 07:18 AM

time to actually DO SOMETHING
hey my fellow hawaiians...

since tomorrow this forum will be moving to a paid format, i will not longer be spending any time here. i have typically spent very little time on this forum anyway, because i am more interested in actually creating things in real life than chit-chatting about on the internet :)

regardless, i wanted to throw out one last invitation to others to share the enormous breadth and depth of information i have available to share. currently i have two regular weekly meetings, on tuesdays and thursdays. tuesday meetings are for introduction to keylontic science, and thursdays are for general research sharing.

if this kind of stuff resonates with you, i am sure you can sense the inherent value and there is no need for me to talk everything up and connect the dots. i am very interested in meeting others who are taking action in creating movement and community, and i have much to offer.

i would love to see some more action-oriented individuals beyond the ONE person who made effort to contact me in the past, as the door is always open and i would be overjoyed to encounter other seekers who are truly interested in making a difference here rather than debating topic after topic on an obviously compromised internet forum.

if you feel compelled to join the small group we have begun to create some amazing experiences with, feel free to email me - my address is omnicentricity at gmail dot com.

i look forward to hearing from you :)

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