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Relayer 04-18-2009 11:23 AM

Personal feelings of the future...
The following is my personal views on the future, which is NOT based on any research, influence of others or any trends. These are my feelings only, intended as akin to a personal diary of sorts, but for everyone to view if they wish to do so.
Anyone who would like to write their own personal views and convictions are more than welcome to do so. :welcomeani:
This thread is
NOT intended to be an open debate. Feelings expressed here do not need any validity, they are just for anyone who would like to express themselves and share their views of the future without ridicule, no matter how improbable or far fetched their feelings may sound.
Please do not flame, otherwise expect to be flamed back. :winksmiley02:

Here are my feelings of the future....

I think the New World Order will rear its ugly head very soon. Obama will be the president that will make this a reality very soon.
Mr President is in bed with the elite and will do anything to satisfy their needs, including the sacrifice of innocent people to achieve their goals.
A new form of 911 should occur very soon, but I feel the loss of life will be much greater that the twin towers massacre. This will be a great opportunity to instigate marshal law and the mandatory RIFD micro-chipping of the populace. The USA first, then the allied countries will follow.
I have a strong feeling that Mr Obama will be assassinated and white supremacists will get the blame, though this has been planned for some time and Barrack is aware he has to be sacrificed and welcomes it.
I see a CIA agent involved in his murder, not a white supremacist.
The assassination will create mass riots between the black and white communities, which will make the LA riots of 1992 seem like a Bambi movie.
This will strengthen the powers that be to instigate marshal law, which the majority of the American people will welcome. Other people from around the world will follow suit.
When RFID micro-chipping is in place, the monetary system will no longer exist.
All transactions will be done via the RFID. Buying groceries, paying any bill, buying drinks at your local pub etc.
You will be tracked every minute of the day, no matter where you are located around the globe.
The moment you step into any building you will be flagged and it will be noted that you were there at that particular time. It will also note the time when you leave the building.
So if say you happen to be in a building and it got burned down due to an arsonist, you will instantly become a suspect, arrested and interrogated.
With the instigation of marshal law and the RFID chip, crime will be almost eliminated.
If anyone refuses the micro-chip, they will not be able to make purchases of any kind, will not be paid for working or get any social security benefits, will not be able to travel freely anywhere and will be subject to arrest. Further refusal will result in the disappearance of that individual.
The micro-chip will be embedded under the skin of an arm and is not transferable from one individual to another. It will monitor your DNA sequence and your bio signs.
The only people that might be able to transfer their chips are identical twins, but the moment the chip is removed from the body it will be flagged.
The powers that be will assume you have just died or it has been surgically removed. You will then be pursued.

I do not see any major catastrophes occurring in the near future, and especially NOT around 2012.
I do feel that we will have a major disruption to our communications system, perhaps due to mass coronal ejection, or an artificially induced EMP using HARP.
This disruption will last for more than a month.
No power, no gas, no running water and no working cars that rely on semiconductor devices to operate. This also applies to any form of electronic equipment, unless correct shielding is used to protect it.

I feel that the internet will be under the control of our respective governments and most information will be monitored and restricted. Unfortunately that is already happening now to a small degree.
Sites like Avalon, Camelot or any site that gives people freedom of information that goes against the establishment will be closed down permanently.

I do not see aliens coming to our rescue what-so-ever in the near future, they are content to let the world run itself. Only the chance of a possible major catastrophe will they intercede, but they will do it covertly.
We are apparently not ready for them. Its the aliens, NOT the governments are the ones that don't want humanity to know of their existence.

Lastly, when RFID and marshal law are in place religion will be more popular than it ever was in the history of mankind, but most religious institutions will be controlled by the elitists. This will give them even more control over the people.

That's about it..... I do not feel that anything else of consequence will occur prior or beyond 2012, exept a lifting of humanity for the better.
What that lifting is, I do not know.

I apologize if you do not like what you read, but remember these are my gut feelings only, they are not based on any facts what-so-ever, so I don't need to hear people badgering me for explanations or proof of what I've said.
I just hope I am totally wrong with my gut, as the world would be very unpleasant indeed, not only for us, but mainly for our children and grandchildren.
I would love the world to turn out as David Wilcock seems to think it will, he has a very positive outlook on humanity.
I thank you sincerely for taking the time to read my feelings, and if you have your own predictions or would like to express your own feelings, then please do so. I would love to read someone else's perspective of the future.
Please take care all and peace and immense love be with you.
Love always, :wub2: :wub2:


Lt Ripley 04-18-2009 12:03 PM

Re: Personal feelings of the future...
Hi Relayer

Thanks for your thoughts champ. :-)

I really hope you're wrong, my friend. I'm somewhat a bit less optimistic than I was when I first got into all this stuff. I can see that the majority of the people are still quite asleep and are very happy to be so. If we are to make any difference, in my opinion, we need to be waking up on a larger scale. The Avalon platform has been a fantastic way of getting in touch with like-minded people, however, I feel that we are a drop in the ocean compared to the sheeple masses. Nevertheless, I hope that maybe by some "divine intervention" or a miracle, more people wake up and smell the roses - otherwise I really don't see a way out.

I'm with you on the aliens issue as well - I don't think we'll be receiving any help in terms of alien inteference and this is mainly because we're not ready to know (majority of the sheeple).

We'll see how it all turns out soon anyway.


Relayer 04-18-2009 01:18 PM

Re: Personal feelings of the future...

Originally Posted by Lt Ripley (Post 130126)
Hi Relayer

Thanks for your thoughts champ. :-)

I really hope you're wrong, my friend. I'm somewhat a bit less optimistic than I was when I first got into all this stuff. I can see that the majority of the people are still quite asleep and are very happy to be so. If we are to make any difference, in my opinion, we need to be waking up on a larger scale. The Avalon platform has been a fantastic way of getting in touch with like-minded people, however, I feel that we are a drop in the ocean compared to the sheeple masses. Nevertheless, I hope that maybe by some "divine intervention" or a miracle, more people wake up and smell the roses - otherwise I really don't see a way out.

I'm with you on the aliens issue as well - I don't think we'll be receiving any help in terms of alien inteference and this is mainly because we're not ready to know (majority of the sheeple).

We'll see how it all turns out soon anyway.


Hello Lt Ripley,
Yes, I agree, I hope I am wrong.
I think we need a mass world wide revolution to stop the powers that be who wants to control humanity.
Unfortunately the "divine" and "miracles" I don't believe in, but I know what you mean. :winksmiley02:
Thank you for your comments my friend, its very much valued and appreciated. :thumb_yello:
Please take care petal.
Love always, :wub2:


blastawaycas 04-18-2009 01:35 PM

Re: Personal feelings of the future...
I too hope you are wrong .......... but like you, i know that you are very possibly right, and what you have said would i suspect mirror most peoples thoughts ....... just they aint said it yet!!!

GREAT THREAD ................ :thumb_yello:

Kindest Regards Dave Caster

burgundia 04-18-2009 03:47 PM

Re: Personal feelings of the future...
i just doubt people will accept the microchip that easily. Most of them assosiate it with the sign of the beast.

futureyes 04-18-2009 05:04 PM

Re: Personal feelings of the future...
hey relayer ... you're starting to write volumes like i am ... we drinkin the same water or what ... :lol3:

ok ... i'm not hoping for this or that moving into the future ... i am trusting this and that ...

so here's a little of this and that as i trust it ...

i also get that there will be some rioting occuring ... not just in the u.s. ... but also in the u.k. and other countries ...
and i get that some form of marshal law will 'try' to be implemented ...
micro-chipping i have never felt will fly ... not to the masses ...

major disruptions to all communications ... yes ... i have gotten quite a while back that this may occur ... i even know where i will precisely be when and if it does ... and if it does ... it will do so suddenly ... not a gradual unfolding ... the time frame of this lasting i get might be but a few weeks ... and this too ... wouldn't be what it seems ... the underlay of which could be a distraction ... those in the know ... pay attention ... be aware ... have no fear ...

yes ... i too get that free-thinking sites such as this one may have limitations ... parameters placed upon them ... no longer would they be free-thinking ... so what's the point ... another way will surface ...

no ... sheeple are not ready for et interaction ... not at all ...
having said this ... i feel awakened individuals will be and already are in peaceful and commmunicative relations with them ...
i get that if assistance is required upon this earth ... they WILL help ... but that it will be with collaberation of awakened ones ... they cannot just step in and they will not do so ... on their own accord ... all movement forward is to co-creating ... on ALL levels ...
the et's ... the ones that will co-assist ... they are already in waiting the wings ...

and religion ... well ... i feel much ... much tension will be arise from the fundamentalists of such structures ... their fear will be to hang on dearly and severely to what they know ... their survival they feel threatened ... this i feel will be an issue of ... sorts ...

as you stated relayer ... these too are only my gut feelings ... i utilized yours as a guideline ... :original:

overall ... i trust that what must happen will ... and that not a thing will be permanent ... and that all will be well in the long run ...
i continuously receive this over and over ... what is meant to unfold ... IF it does ... we are to know it is only TEMPORARY ...

and i trust that what i am meant to create ... i will do so ... and again ... i will be fine ... whilst i remain in my truth ... i will always be fine ... exactly where i am meant to be ...

as i posted in another thread ... always will the light shine behind the clouds ... even if we only see glimpses of it ... soon enough the clouds will part ... and there will only be light ...



Swanny 04-18-2009 05:24 PM

Re: Personal feelings of the future...
I think they will start the Flu in Europe and a nuke for USA
Then they will just let the flu spread across the world the tossers :thumbdown:


mulder 04-18-2009 08:06 PM

Re: Personal feelings of the future...
This is a really great thread relayer! I agree with what you say - especially about 21/12/2012 being a date like 1/1/2000 - nothing will happen. Also, pie-in-the-sky scenarios like a "false-flag alien invasion" or "operation blue-beam" are NOT going to happen as they'd be easier to see through than 9/11.

Just a couple of addittions:
1. New religion - there will be prophet(s) coiming who will unify all the World's religions and will get most people to accept the RFID chip, NWO, etc.
2. The Pole shift is going to happen by 2020 - if this date passes, there will not be a shift for thousands of years (strange how the future isn't set and is uncertain).
3. I think Africa will be "destroyed" somehow leaving three main spheres in the World - Europe, Asia and American "Unions" - without the USA being dominant any more.
4. We will pass a point of no return (like Germany did before WWII). After this point people will not have the same freedoms and the NWO will soon rule the world.
5. The RFID chips will be worse than anyone can imagine - you will not be able to buy enough food, petrol, etc. for your family. Your life will change and you will be POOR all the time as prices and income will be totally controlled. You will probably not be able to own property or choose your work and kiss all welfare good-bye too!

I know this is gloomy, so wake up everyone you can so it doesn't happen!

Egg 04-18-2009 08:23 PM

Re: Personal feelings of the future...
OK, I get the idea. A 'what I see in the future' thread.

The first time line is doom and gloom. There will be an event this september time that will be a test run of a system they TPTB want to impliment on a global scale. It involves the massive energies of CERN.

2010 will be a disharmonious year, with food and water being the main factor for causing abrasive actions between nations.

2011 will be the year I fear for TPTB cranking open the end game box and letting it loose on us all. I see RFID coming into play and stragglers retreating to self sufficient communities to be shunned by the 'civilised' world.

Oct 2011 I see as the three days of red skies, and a very small remenant survice and globally manking goes back into the bronze age or lower


there is a time line where the light inside us all finally escapes that cloak of darkness thrown over us by the PTB and their machinations. I see bright, bright sun shine filled days of joy, civilisation finally stepping up to where it should be, and I see 2011 as the date where we throw off the yoke of burdens and slavery, and march into the unknown and rise above the petty squabbles of the 21st century. I see this happening in a flash, a days worth of cosmic energy stripping us of all our bleakness, and lifting us to where we should be.

I am praying for the second, and preparing for the first.

waitinginthewings 04-18-2009 08:44 PM

Re: Personal feelings of the future...
Great thread.....thanks for creating this so we can share some of what we are feeling.

As time goes by (for me) I feel an increasing feeling of pressure, of the noose tightening around our necks & around all of humanity. This pressure is becoming palpable to me now. I find myself slipping into a low mood, not caring anymore, just wanting to get on the first ship that comes by & getting out of here. I cannot see another way out of what is coming at us & I don't like that I am feeling these things.

There is no turning back what has begun, and it will continue until completion. I wish I could paint a beautiful fluffy pic of our near future, but I would be lying.

burgundia 04-18-2009 08:50 PM

Re: Personal feelings of the future...
I feel now like in suspension, waiting for something, something that will bring relief.It's like having a boil that is painful, but the pain passes the moment the boil bursts...(yuk, not a pretty picture). But I am calm and happy, going about my business.
I'm not thinking about the future....

Relayer 04-18-2009 11:18 PM

Re: Personal feelings of the future...
To ALL.... Thank you for the overwhelming response, its greatly appreciated. :thumb_yello:
I treasure your comments and your feelings of the future. Please keep them coming, as I feel it is important to express what you feel and fear about the future of mankind.
Over whelming love to all, and my sincerest thanks once again. :wub2: :wub2:


Tango 04-19-2009 01:31 AM

Re: Personal feelings of the future...
Hope someone saves this, so we can check how I did....

I'd like to give this a shot.... I didn't research any of this. But, I did RV...

In abt June to Aug, the hidden gold is going to be found... pointing fingers continue. In fighting in this country is going to be high pitch...

2010 more bad news, however the people demand the crooks held accountable...

2011 Groning earth [Terra] Yellowstone issues an alert....

2012 always hit a speed bump going thru here, but if I go to 2012 it
looks good to me green trees, looks normal, a little run down.
Mississippi River looks to be a little different. Wider, looks really
muddy... AAAh, weather is an issue in 2012... U.S. People appear
really pis*ed at I can't make out the sign, It doesn't look like FEMA.
The people want butts, in Wash. D.C., Politico accountability !!! is

2013 It appears to be the same as 2012, But, A big fire in the West...
The Old Sears Tower... Something, Wacker Drive I feel the end of the
speed bump effects are still felt in Jan 13.

2014 A Super Wave hits the states. Needed faraday cages... gummit knew it
was coming. And, hid the alert... I see some vehicles running Motor bikes, OLD vehicles... some trucks. Military IS Running. So they prepared...
I hear, there was a huge bright, blue, light in the sky----for a long time.
Military vehicles are dragging straps on the ground. Two per HUMV..
No New vehicles moving... Everything electric is down... It was a mistake putting cities underground. Venting is down... Much worse than,
The wave 1859... And, I just got a side bar... The compass was
changed in 1884 from 330 degrees to 360 degrees... Also, changed the
Meanline, No... Roseline from Paris to London... And, also get Paris is
****** ! The Roseline is Theirs and its marked... Sneeky goings on.
Someone hiding something here, I'm told.

[End view]

Well, I hope I'm wrong...

I'm going to go check this 330 degree compass thing ..
I also, want to check out this Roseline

futureyes 04-19-2009 03:35 AM

Re: Personal feelings of the future...
one additional "feeling" of mine for the future ...

please ... try NOT ... to get on the yellow school busses if and when asked to ...

do not follow others on the busses just because EVERYONE ELSE ... is boarding ... refrain from doing so ...

stay behind ... you'll be fine ... there'll be others ...

pay attention ... be wise ... be your truth ...

don't ... be in fear ...

interpret the busses according to your self ... the majority of the fish may all be swimming in one direction cause some shark in a clown fishies costume ... told 'em that's the way to safety ... when really ... they are swimming into nets ...

swim the other way if it feels true and right to do so ... you won't be alone ...

in a way ... are we not the minority that now swim in the opposite direction???

with love ...


judykott 04-19-2009 04:30 AM

Re: Personal feelings of the future...
It changes continually from day to day, what I feel may happen as the behind the scenes players are in their own struggles for control amongst themselves. It will cause losses in the "ranks of the elite" or rank elite either way works. Many who are viewed as white hats are not as they seem and are at best "grey hats". Many elites shifting their alliances as seems best at the moment for themselves, always manipulating and maneuvering to position themselves to what they view as best alliance. This will not bring out the best in them and with lies and promises will influence many to be deceived within the governments.

There will be other PTB led demonstrations worldwide as many still fail to see anything led as a large group has been planned and operated as a ritual by the very powers they believe they are demonstrating against. It is the time for individuals to stand up from true grassroots movements to solve the issues at hand.Thousands and thousands of little tiny groups will have more impact in the long run.

Behind the scenes alliances with the Vatican and Germany, aided by the new Russian made satellite systems, have impact in the arena of Jerusalem. Where Vatican will maneuver with its thousands of years of trickery and deceit for a "peaceful solution". The UN stepping in to do some of Vatican's bidding over disputed land in East Jerusalem. Germany and Vatican having their own extraterrestrial "friends" . More suffering for Palestine.

There will be false flag operations, one that has come in and out the feeling of possibility is definitely Chicago since they held "exercises" there a few years back. Thought that for years so am with 777 on that but I always felt it would be the Sears Tower, so with Tango on that. Especially with some of the information I found out about it a few months ago at 233 South Wacker Dr, 60606, just purchased by American Landmark Properties. They sold the renaming to Willis Group in March 2009 and it will be renamed the Willis Tower. It is 1730 feet high, made out of 9 tubes for 49 stories, 7 tubes for 65, then in a crucifix form to 1451 feet.

Enough of the things I feel may happen which could be viewed doom , there will be much blooming as well. Many things must happen before the structures that must come down to come down. The Earth must release some of her tensions that have been built up, we are not to take this personally. It is all how it must be, it is part of a cycle. Just as when we are born we go through our cycle, she too has hers.

There will be many disappointments within the "New Age" movement as many will realize who or what they were in contact with were not who they thought, many tricksters. With these disappointments will come the opportunity for those whose ego said they were beyond ego, see themselves as the biggest tricksters of all. There will also be much grieving within the mainstream religions as well as many belief systems will go down as they were all based on looking outside of themselves and looking to some of the leaders who will not hold up when tested.There will be the quiet ones who will lead by example and by a gravitation of people to them by the strength, fortitude and intuition of these individuals. There has already been many close calls and times we have been "assisted" ,but much we must go through on our own as the steel of the sword through the fire to give it it's strength.

In the general population the times will bring out the best in some who will take on local leadership roles as many will not be able to cope, many with loss of mind, insanity. The grid will go down at some point and that changes as to whither it will be a man made or natural occurrence. With the grid down in many cities people will think it will be very short term so will use the indoor toilets but without the electric to pump the water, within a week many will be outside as they will have made their spaces uninhabitable from the smell. The larger cities will be hit hard with the issue of water , and food. The larger the town the more sickness will be prevalent.The smaller cities and towns will fare better in these times.

Many will find a community in the struggle and a closeness with others that they did not feel when the times were good. Many will be with themselves for the first time without an outside influence or filters. People will talk and communicate and look at each other again instead of standing next to someone but talking to someone on a cell phone somewhere else.There will be a great relief for many to drop the heavy facade they have constructed, many who had no confidence will find themselves stepping forward in ways they never knew were within them. In many of the situations the harshness of the circumstances will bring them sharply into the now and it will keep them in the now, there will be much growth and testing.

Many crop failures in certain regions, with the more extreme weather. There will be an issue with obtaining seeds to plant.An appreciation and love for the simpler things in life will in a strange way bring many to a happiness and freedom they have never felt before. Gratitude and love will grow from a tiny seed in this darkness reaching up and out for the light and spread throughout the land.

This is my response of what I feel today, it may not be what I feel tomorrow there is a constant flux of energy ever changing, right now this is my answer.

henners 04-19-2009 05:16 AM

Re: Personal feelings of the future...
Now my turn:naughty:
Great thread you started John. As i wrote on another thread previously, i have been fed a constant amount of info when ever i started to lose faith in humanity or myself. What i'm talking about is as follows;

About 5-6 years ago, i started to meditate for stress reasons. After many weeks of meditation, i had an out-of-body experience where i was looking at myself on the floor of my house with my family all around me. It scared the sh.t out of me. I thought i had lost it.

Many months later, after talking to a very good friend. I decided to have 'reading' with a channeler that my friend knew very well. (I know, i know not Blossom again) The reading i had blew me away. It answered questions i had in my mind since i was 5 years of age. It all made very good sense.
Since then, i have met some wonderful people (Relayer), and others that have made my exhistence absolutely wonderful.
But what it has also done is given me a broad level of information which i am still digesting and putting in place.
My gist on this issue is that this time around, people WILL wake up in time with the help of others like us that have awoken early. I was told that i had chosen to be here this time for a very special mission. I have known this for a very long time, before the reading. Now with others and some i just met last week, there will be a gradual awakening to the point that the power of the people will dictate in what direction we head.

One of the contacts i made has informed me that there is a gateway feeding positive energy from "THE SOURCE" that will bring stability to humanity and negate all the negative energies about today. I know this sounds airy fairy, but it resonates with me and others i have met. I will have an update on this topic in a few days.

This is my opinion and i stand by it. It will probably not gell with others, but hey we are all individuals.


Swanny 04-19-2009 06:40 PM

Re: Personal feelings of the future...
Great that we all seem to have different ideas of what might or might not happen. :thumb_yello:

Swanny 04-19-2009 09:03 PM

Re: Personal feelings of the future...
Although I think things are going to be bad in general for the people of the planet I also think that my personal future is going to be fantastic, I'm so much more possitive now than I have been for years :original:

Relayer 04-19-2009 10:44 PM

Re: Personal feelings of the future...
Hello All,
Once again I'm overwhelmed at the response to this thread, and I'm so happy to see some writing their feelings down for others to read. Thank you. :wub2:

@ Tango
Yes, I do hope you are wrong my friend. But I found your predictions extremely interesting. :thumb_yello:

@ futureyes
I have to say that I also feel that getting onto buses when asked will be a big mistake. Though I don't picture them
I love your analogy using sharks and fish, its very appropriate. :winksmiley02:

@ judykott
I have to say that reading your post sent shivers down my spine.
Thank you for such detail. :thumb_yello:
As with all other feelings and predictions, the dire ones, I hope we are all wrong. But nothing can be dismissed, some of us will be spot on in the end, only time will tell who and how spot on that person will be.

@ henners
I hope your views come to fruition and people do awaken.
I look forward to you updating on this topic. :thumb_yello:

@ Swanny
I can see how positive an individual you are my friend, we only need to look at your avatar. :original:

I thank you all once again for your insights and especially your sharing.
Please take care all and peace be with you.
Immense love, :wub2::wub2:


rhythm 04-20-2009 07:02 AM

Re: Personal feelings of the future...
As long as its full of people

like the ones on this thread

i will be a happy bunny :lol3:

realy i have good feelins

and lots a love :wub2::wub2::wub2:

and a few tins a beans

in case :wink2:.........

Relayer 04-20-2009 09:32 AM

Re: Personal feelings of the future...

Originally Posted by rhythm (Post 130635)
As long as its full of people

like the ones on this thread

i will be a happy bunny :lol3:

realy i have good feelins

and lots a love :wub2::wub2::wub2:

and a few tins a beans

in case :wink2:.........

Hello rhythm honey,
I would also love the world to be full of people like the ones here on Avalon. So much positive energy. :original:
Perhaps one day the Earth will be a utopia: No greed, hate, envy or any other negative emotion or energy. Here's hopin' :original:
Please take care lovely lady.
Love to you, :wub2: :wub2:


jcocks 04-26-2009 04:02 AM

Re: Personal feelings of the future...
i think dark days are coming for us in the near future.... that's for sure. But remember that it's always darkest before the dawn.

Connecting the dots we have so far :

Financial collapse

Yesterday our treasurer said the recession wil be longewr than originally thought. There's talk of increasing unemployment benefits.... they're saying unemployment may go up to double digits.

Swine flu - if this hits as big as some pople fear it might, expect global markets to plunge. I think it would be the straw that will turn this recession into a depression.

And things will really start to snowball then...

But, I had a UFO dream the other day (My first in quite a while - I used to have them all the time).... and they told me that they will show themselves, but are waiting for the right time....

so we'll see.... but I don't see our future as being bleak, just that the next few years are going to be VERY interesting indeed....

Swanny 04-27-2009 10:49 AM

Re: Personal feelings of the future...

Originally Posted by Swanny (Post 130188)
I think they will start the Flu in Europe and a nuke for USA
Then they will just let the flu spread across the world the tossers :thumbdown:


Looks like they might have started with the flu

burgundia 04-27-2009 12:28 PM

Re: Personal feelings of the future...

Originally Posted by Swanny (Post 130188)
I think they will start the Flu in Europe and a nuke for USA


or the other way round....

Swanny 04-27-2009 02:00 PM

Re: Personal feelings of the future...
Yea maybe your right
If they nuke Britain it is no go forever, but then it's only a small island so I guess that wont be much of a worry.
Maybe that's why they are saying leave UK Aug / Sept time??

I was expecting the flu to be released at the end of the year so am a little surprised it's here now.

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