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Jnana 02-05-2009 02:45 PM

Brian O'Leary on Free Energy
Recently posted on the Project Camelot website:


Brian's 50 minute introduction to the meeting: a clear, passionate and often humorous presentation of the paradigm shift needed for Free Energy - which Brian has researched in depth - to become accepted in the 21st Century.
Here's a brief synopsis:

Brian O'Leary was a physics professor at Princeton University. After a series of paranormal experiences he found he didn't "fit in" any more and had to go his own way. He was initially very skeptical about free energy. He investigated new science for 3 decades (as well as other modalities of existence, UFOs, etc.). As a professor, he had been involved in various investigations of energy policy, so he already had a basis for understanding the implications of a breakthrough.

O'Leary travelled in 90's and visited inventors. He found that the concepts are very real. There is abundant energy that comes from the vacuum of space. The physics is understood from a theoretical perspective. There are many ways to tap into this energy - magnetic motors, solid state devices, cold fusion devices, ways of splitting water, others, any one of which could be a big breakthrough. Consciousness can tap into this energy as well.

The science and technology has been suppressed at every turn because it is a huge threat to the status quo:
  • The inquisition is alive and well in America - professors who study subjects that are not "approved" may be fired.
  • Media has been terribly irresponsible. As soon as O'Leary stepped into UFOs and free energy he became personna non-grata and lost access to the media.
  • Carrot: divert them away from breakthrough ideas, Stick: Threats, assassination, other
  • To understand free energy and its potential, you need a certain degree of sentience. The possibility doesn't even enter the minds of people still in the mainstream way of thinking. The degree to which we can become awakened is the degree to which we will prevail.
  • Us - we are obstructing progress by inaction. We must ask: "How can I help?"
  • Funding: a software billionare suddenly backed out - waiting for others to determine which devices are most effective financially.
  • Resistance to a new idea increases by the square of its importance - Bertrand Russell
O'Leary also discusses experiments in combined positive human intention - this is powerful and has real effects.

Very nice talk, highly articulate.

Antaletriangle 02-08-2009 01:49 AM

Re: Brian O'Leary on Free Energy
Yeah i watched the recent camelot video and i find he comes across as a great chap; A very intelligent and well balanced guy.

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