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avyaktam 04-19-2009 04:44 PM

DC Street Sorcery
Now here is a brand new (March 2009) video presentation that I'm sure many here will find very interesting, especially those interested in 7s and 8s.
With the help of satellite image overlays the 2 and 3 dimensional design of Washington DC is very well visualized.
Even if you know the subject this is very good presentation.
Platonic solids, φ, Cabalistic tree of Life, The Great Pyramid, Stonehedge, meridians, planets, chakras, siphoning needles, lost heads, you name it.
The designers obviously knew what they were doing here.
This first part takes 55 minutes.

The next part is a presentation where the Bible takes an important role, and in the last part he calls to create a Gidion group of 300 dedicated remnants to create a Nexus event. He proposes a prayer to be directed as a weapon against the stronghold of Washington DC to be sung at a fixed hour every day.
Overall a very interesting watch.

Length 2.34h, size about 580 Mb.
You can download it as a torrent from (signin required) http://tracker.conspiracycentral.net/ direct link: http://tracker.conspiracycentral.net...ls.php?id=6511

Or watch and download (also parts)from their site http://www.dcsorcery.com/index.php

avyaktam 04-19-2009 05:14 PM

Re: DC Street Sorcery

Originally Posted by Kathleen (Post 130497)
Thank you Avyaktam!

I have found the entire 2:38:27 film on google

I've long been familiar with the material but I will give it a watch to see if it provides a solution!!

Hmmmmm....what I have found is entirely biblical. strange.

Yes indeed, and you know me well enough to know that the bible is not my main angle, but there are many overlaps and no need to play down things because they don't fit exactly in our street. We are still in on it all together.
Knowledge is power.

Ah Sorcery or :adminpower: ? :lol3:

avyaktam 04-19-2009 05:48 PM

Re: DC Street Sorcery

Originally Posted by Kathleen (Post 130503)
I was so hoping you wouldn't take the removal of my post as you did.

I didn't. But only admins can delete their post entirely. Some people always want to make the joke, when they see it. :wub2:

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