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Bobbie 12-30-2009 10:44 PM

Re: Amen Ra
I am ready for that :cup:... mentally and I'll be ready physically by next Monday. PM or e-mail me and let me know if that is okay with you. Got company from now until then and my hubby has off too. It's you and me against the world from our valley.

BROOK 12-31-2009 03:11 AM

Re: Amen Ra
by Ian James Colmer



On this site...he talks of the F Sharp, and much more...a very good read....are the pyramids a Stargate? Now deactivated...waiting for reactivation?

BROOK 12-31-2009 07:36 AM

Re: Amen Ra

Originally Posted by Bobbie (Post 212929)
I am ready for that :cup:... mentally and I'll be ready physically by next Monday. PM or e-mail me and let me know if that is okay with you. Got company from now until then and my hubby has off too. It's you and me against the world from our valley.

yes...sounds good :thumb_yello:

BROOK 12-31-2009 07:40 AM

Re: Amen Ra
While we are on the topic of sound, it is interesting to note that the Grand Gallery seems to be tunable, via it's stepped ceiling construction to four octaves.
The antechamber before the Kings chamber with it's portcullis grooves and granite leaf, is reminiscent of a giant reed, for tuning the cavity.

In musical terms:

The Kings Chamber resonates at 740Hz

= F sharp

The Coffer resonates at 440Hz

= A

In music, pitch is the perception of the frequency of a note. For example, the A above middle C is nowadays set at 440 Hz (often written as "A = 440 Hz", and known as concert pitch). Pitch is often cited as one of the fundamental aspects of music.

BROOK 12-31-2009 07:46 AM

Re: Amen Ra
"An acoustic levitator includes a pair of opposed sound sources which have interfering sound waves producing acoustic energy wells in which an object may be levitated. The phase of one sound source may be changed relative to the other in order to move the object along an axis between the sound sources."

Tom Danley also became interested in the Great Pyramid. Here is an extract from his interview in FATE magazine in 1998.

"In the Great Cheops Pyramid in the King's Chamber an F-sharp chord is resident, sometimes below the range of human hearing. Former NASA consultant Tom Danley feels the sound may be caused by wind blowing cross the ends of the air shafts and causing a pop-bottle effect. These vibrations, some ranging as low a 9 hertz down to 0.5 hertz, are enhanced by the dimensions of the Pyramid, as well as the King's Chamber and the sarcophagus case inside. According to Danley, even the type of stone was selected to enhance these vibrations."

In a 1997 video, JJ Hurtak said "this chord (F-sharp) is the harmonic of planet Earth to which native Americans still tune their instruments, and is in perfect harmony with the human body."

In the Great Pyramid these sounds are infrasonic vibrations, meaning they are below the level of human hearing.

Another researcher, John Reid, an acoustic engineer stated that while he was lying in the coffer and vocalizing various tones he was staggered by the intensity of the reflected energy. He said "the effect of lying in the sarcophagus while toning its prime resonant frequency is almost like taking a bath. Waves of sonic energy wash over your body almost like water".
It does not appear that all this was accidental or incorporated for a ritual. It must have had a more important purpose.


orthodoxymoron 12-31-2009 08:13 AM

Re: Amen Ra
Wow! There is a lot to digest in this thread. I'm just starting to get into Egyptology. Perhaps the Giza Plateau is a good place to look backward to Atlantis...and even to our possible distant past in the stars...AND to look forward through biblical times...to our present time...and beyond...possibly back to the stars! And Gizeh Intelligence always seems (to me) to be lurking in the shadows...and beneath the Giza Plateau.


BROOK 12-31-2009 08:32 AM

Re: Amen Ra


Open is the land of Unu. Shut is the head of Thoth. Perfect is the Eye of Horus. I have delivered the Eye of Horus, the shining one, the ornament of the Eye of Ra, the Father of the Gods. I am that same Osiris who dwelleth in Amentet. Osiris knoweth his day, which cometh to an end. I am Set, the Father of the Gods.
I shall never come to an end.

BROOK 12-31-2009 08:39 AM

Re: Amen Ra
Rituals and Ceremony

An excerpt from The Atlantis Blueprint: It was in the immense Temple of Horus at Edfu, midway between Luxor and Aswan, that my attention was drawn to the importance of sound. An Egyptian historian, Emil Shaker, showed me some hieroglyphics on the wall close to the sanctuary, pointing out how they specified the number of times the temple ritual had to be performed. In this case, it was three. He explained: "It is no use performing the ritual two or four times. It will not work. If it says three times, it means three times.' This ritual, like all religious rituals, involves chanting a hymn to the sun and presenting the god with offerings."

The author indicated that the ritual "activates the temple." "Exactly like switching on a light." This notion is fascinating--a ritual involving chanting could 'activate' a temple.

The book also notes that the King's Chamber suggest that the pyramid was constructed with a sonic purpose. Danley identifies four resident frequencies, or notes, that are enhanced by the structure of the pyramid and by the materials used in its construction. The notes from an F sharp chord---according to ancient Egyptian texts were the harmonic of the planet.

Tests show these are the frequencies in the King's chamber even when no sounds are being produced. According to Danley, these vibrations are caused by the wind blowing across the ends of the so-called shafts in the same way as sounds are created when on blows across the neck of the bottle.


BROOK 12-31-2009 08:49 AM

Re: Amen Ra
Crystals and The Kings Chamber

The quartz crystal is the transducer. It transforms one form of energy into another. Understanding the source of the energy and having the means to tap into it, all we need to do is convert the unlimited mechanical stresses therein into usable electricity utilizing quartz crystals!

The granite out of which this chamber is constructed is an igneous rock containing silicon quartz crystals. This particular granite, which was brought from the Aswan Quarries, contains 55% or more quartz crystal.

“This means that lining the King’s Chamber, for instance, are literally hundreds of tons of microscopic quartz particles. The particles are hexagonal, by-pyramidal or rhombohedral in shape. Rhomboid crystals are six-sided prisms with quadrangle sides that present a parallelogram on any of the six facets. This guarantees that embedded within the granite rock is a high percentage of quartz fragments whose surfaces, by the law of natural averages, are parallel on the upper and lower sides. Additionally, any slight plasticity of the granite aggregate would allow a ‘piezotension’ upon these parallel surfaces and cause an electromotive flow. The great mass of stone above the pyramid chambers presses downward by gravitational force upon the granite walls thereby converting them into perpetual electric generators.


BROOK 12-31-2009 05:28 PM

Re: Amen Ra

Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron (Post 213235)
Wow! There is a lot to digest in this thread. I'm just starting to get into Egyptology. Perhaps the Giza Plateau is a good place to look backward to Atlantis...and even to our possible distant past in the stars...AND to look forward through biblical times...to our present time...and beyond...possibly back to the stars! And Gizeh Intelligence always seems (to me) to be lurking in the shadows...and beneath the Giza Plateau.


Yes , Orthodoxymoron...Trying to connect the dots...sometimes can make you go blind...then again...it can put a different perspective on things if you truly open your eyes...and search.

Just keep your eyes and your mind open :thumb_yello:

BROOK 12-31-2009 06:01 PM

Re: Amen Ra
The land of the West....or Atlantis?


Scattered though they may be, an interesting picture emerges from the numerous references to Thoth in the earliest writings of the ancient Egyptians--and that picture fits the theory of an Atlantean origin for this intriguing character. Although late writings depict him as a god, the earliest texts depict him as a king

Thoth was born in a distant country to the west which was across a body of water. Its main city was by the sea (Plato's metropolis). The land possessed volcanos and the city had a low mountain or large hill in the center. This land is sometimes referred to as an Island of Fire.

In the Book of the Dead, Thoth rules the "Western Domain," and by the end of the New Kingdom he is called "Lord of the West" . He is said to be the inventor of writing, astronomy, mathematics and civilization in general . Thoth is often called the Scribe.

A catastrophe occurred which darkened the sun and disturbed the gods, but Thoth led them across the sea to an eastern country (Egypt). Thoth is depicted as the "controller of the Flood," Thus it appears that Thoth was once the ruler of an Island Kingdom in the West before the Egyptian priests turned him into a god. The question therefore is: Was the Egyptian Tehuti-Thoth originally a migrant from Atlantis, and did he once rule as a king there?

Land of the West

Now the "Land of the West" would be a natural Egyptian name for Atlantis. Ancient Egyptian records sometimes refer to the Atlantic as the "Western Ocean".

Two words:
Set: can mean foreign land, mountainous
land, or the underworld (Inscription
of Anebni, 18th Dynasty)

Amentet: can mean either West, or
Land of the West (Funeral Stele of
Panehesi, 19th Dynasty)

That the glyph set also represented the "underworld," does fit, after a fashion, since this is the land where the sun shines after it has set on the land of Egypt. It was believed in popular Egyptian mythology that the sun passed through the underworld on its way back to rise once more in the east.

the "seven Islands" of Anemtet

The Egyptians often appear to distinguish between Amentet (the opposite side of the world where the sun makes its return to the east) and Tuat (the realm of the dead, that of departed spirits), yet Egyptologists sometimes translate either glyph as "underworld". Amentet combines the glyph for "foreign land" (using set as a determinative for "land" or "place") alongside other glyphs meaning "west", meaning "Land of the West".

BROOK 12-31-2009 06:50 PM

Re: Amen Ra
Now orthodoxymoron, If you will recall...several pages earlier in this thread I had mentioned to keep your eye on Thoth? A big player in your line of questioning .

Starting on page 2, I believe

BROOK 12-31-2009 08:25 PM

Re: Amen Ra
One more thought on the Atlantis connection

There is a certain degree of similarity between the Egyptian glyph for "temple" and an actual stone-walled building among the underwater ruins in the Bahamas. Near Andros island (on a shallow underwater shelf) is a rectangular ruin made of stone. Its walls are approximately three feet thick.

Egyptian glyph for "temple"


Andros "Temple" floorplan.http://www.atlantisquest.com/temple2.jpg

Underwater picture....


Finally, various researchers, have also noticed that the Bahama Island "temple" floorplan is basically identical to that of the Mayan "Temple of the Turtles" in Uxmal, Yucatan. So now we have Egypt, the Bahamas, and Mesoamerica. Interesting . . . . .


micjer 01-01-2010 12:06 AM

Re: Amen Ra

Originally Posted by BROOK (Post 210193)
I find this symbol most interesting :naughty:

This is very interesting. This is the part Dan Brown left out of the "Lost Symbol"

New Age Messiah 01-01-2010 01:40 AM

Re: Amen Ra

Originally Posted by micjer (Post 213817)
This is very interesting. This is the part Dan Brown left out of the "Lost Symbol"

Yeah, that is interesting.

WinterWolf 01-01-2010 01:45 AM

Re: Amen Ra

Originally Posted by BROOK (Post 213556)
Yes , Orthodoxymoron...Trying to connect the dots...sometimes can make you go blind...then again...it can put a different perspective on things if you truly open your eyes...and search.

Just keep your eyes and your mind open :thumb_yello:

This is kind of disconcerting that you are indirectly quoting me from the thoughts I out down on my profile message board and this isn't the first time....

Winter Wolf

BROOK 01-01-2010 01:51 AM

Re: Amen Ra
So sorry...but it did make me think..and it is what ODM is saying in another post...


I'm going to try to spend some quality time with Egyptology...which could be the key to a lot of things...including properly understanding the Bible and the history of most religions. We may all have more in common than we realize. Stargate SG1 may help us to connect a lot of dots. Science fiction may contain more truth than we think. I think the PTB (many of them) want us to get informed...without going crazy. Science fiction may be one of the best ways of helping us to 'get it'. We can be dangerously irrational at times...and disclosure may have to occur here and there...with truth and fiction intermingled...over a period of many years. I think we are about half-way through the disclosure process...and I think that the disorientation and disillusionment will be profound. Egypt and North Africa may have a lot to do with disclosure. Take a very close look at Hathor, Amen Ra, and the Giza Plateau. Just a hunch. Watch the videos in the first post...as a group...and then connect the dots. We live in very interesting times.


Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
WinterWolf: We might be shocked if we knew our full reincarnational histories. I won't do regression hypnosis. I worry about regressive interference and deception. I also worry about who I might have been...and how badly I might have $crewed things up. At times...I'm almost frantic when I think about Universal and Earth History. It's so overwhelming if you really face yourself...and think. It only hurts when I think. I indulge in the masturbation of the mind...which is quite painful...and which is causing me to become spiritually blind.


WinterWolf 01-01-2010 01:54 AM

Re: Amen Ra

Originally Posted by BROOK (Post 213889)
So sorry...but it did make me think..and it is what ODM is saying in another post...

It's ok. It was just disconcerting. I had forgotten ODM had mentioned dots and spiritual blindness.

What I was commenting on isn't just going spiritually blind. It is losing focus on what you were set out to do and becoming ensnared in other matters not critical to the matter at hand. I was thinkng more broadscale.

Winter Wolf

BROOK 01-01-2010 02:26 AM

Re: Amen Ra
Well orthodoxymoron...I have left enough of my thoughts, and clues I find interesting, in the direction you are leaning...I hope I have helped in your quest for an answer.

Just remember...like any good movie..there are good guys, and bad guys...I leave you with what I believe is one of the good ones....as I have nothing more to add

orthodoxymoron 01-01-2010 04:04 AM

Re: Amen Ra
Thank-you for the extra effort BROOK! Anna Hayes has some interesting things to say about Thoth...about evolving really well before blowing it!

I think I just need to read a good book on Egyptology...and a great book on the Gods and Goddesses in all cultures and religions. The theory remains on the table...that there may be a single Goddess who rebelled against a Pleaidian God (killing this God, who was possibly Amen Ra)...and who brought a portion of the Human Race to Earth...on Battlestar Moon...and who created most of the Gods, Goddesses, Theologies, and Governments...throughout history (including Atlantean and contemporary history)...and who even may have written the writings attibuted to William Shakespeare (although this last speculation might be the biggest stretch of all!). The Reptilians are the Wild Card! I mean no disrespect in my speculations. If this Goddess exists presently...I would like to meet her...but I won't kneel!

Even if the preceding paragraph is utter rubbish...it may be a good place to begin when considering the broad sweep of history in hot pursuit of a Universal Theory of Universal History.


Magamud 01-01-2010 05:42 AM

Re: Amen Ra
I think a power of consciousness reached a level of mind and cosmos wanting to create a world better then nature itself. It was allowed to flourish creating a holographic universe of its own in accordance to free will. Souls knowing what has been done chose to experience this GODs world and take the challenge. Can a world exist without spirit.
The answer is yes it can but is it sustainable NO....
So we have a matrix of severe gravity, a hologram with infinite knowledge/redirection, art and myth to understand this simple idea. truth mixed with lies the snake interweaving, the helix.

ranma187 01-03-2010 12:13 AM

Re: Amen Ra
Is this the same Ra that David Wilcock Channels? because i met DW in a dream and in the dream he channeled Ra.

I'll post it here:


Dream 2: I'm in David Wilcock's home. It is very large and there are many hallways that lead to conference rooms

I enter a computer room and Notice The Cusp is sitting at the computer. I talk with him for a bit about where we are. He puts on a Tool CD: Lateralus.
I look at the cover and realise not all the tracks are on the CD. It is missing an instrumental song. ( I used to have a burned copy of the cd with one of the tracks missing).

For some reason i leave the room and scope out the place. I had been there many times before. There was one small conference room where David had given us lectures (Dream memories) that I was quite fond of. I went down the hallway to where I thought it was. but it was a different room. I left the hallway and found another hall. No conference room there either. I did this a few times.

I made it back to the living room and started admiring how tidy the place was. It was very well decorated. David came out one of the hallways and said Hi. he asked "Is anyone with you here?" I said "Yeah I seen The Cusp around. But hey, how come i can never seem to make out his face.?

David said "Yeah he likes to hide it for some reason... I'll be in my lounge, i have to get ready and then I'll call you in"

He walked into a room beside the computer room. Just then The Cusp Walked by. he didn't seem aware of me. There was a fog covering his face. I concentrated on him as he walked by. When he turned his head he left a tracer of a clear image of his face. He looked familiar. I was sure i KNEW him, but from where i didn't know.

"you can come in now Robert." David said.

I walked into his lounge. there was a semi circle couch surrounding a coffee table. As I walked in his voice tone shifted. His voice was so startlingly strange i couldn't make out what he was saying. I sat down and looked at David. There was something about his eyes that made no sense.
He had four eyes. Two in a normal face positing and two others near his temples. I knew i had seen faces like that before and wasn't startled. David kept on talking about something, but i was too transfixed on his eyes. he two center eyes were bright red with black pupils. The two outer eyes were bright green with black pupils.

"Oh i know!" I said. "You're channeling Ra!". I shifhted my seating position. He looked at me and said "Fool! in this place I become RA". And he continued to talk. "It's time for you to leave for now!".

He kept talking but i felt myself getting dizzy. Like when they put you under for an operation.

Missing Time

orthodoxymoron 01-03-2010 01:57 AM

Re: Amen Ra
That was creepy...ranma 187.

BROOK provided me with a link http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/ptah.htm where I found this:

"Ptah was a creator god, the third highest god in Egypt. He was the god presiding over the Second Egyptian month, known as Paopi by Greek times. From a local god of craftsmen to the deity who crafted the universe and the other deities, Ptah was only overshadowed by the sun god Ra, and the hidden god Amen. He fashioned the universe through words of power and by thought, as well as creating different parts by hand. He helped the dead on their travels through the afterlife, allowing them to transform into his divine figure, or by building the boats on which they could travel. He was the one who allowed the dead to be like the living after death with the Opening of the Mouth ceremony. The Apis bull was his sacred animal, more of a representation of his soul on earth who gave fertility and rebirth to the people. He was an ancient god who the Egyptians worshiped through their long history."

Was Ra killed? Is Amen the Spirit of Ra? I don't know Jack about Amen or Ra. I thought Amen Ra was one being.

I continue to worry about the fate of the Founders/Ancients. I see evidence of them in the Creation...but not in the day to day administration of this Solar System. I also wonder about how the Reptilians came into existence (assuming that they really exist). Who, if anyone, created them? Who, if anyone, controls them? Could the same being(s) who terminated the Founders/Ancients (assuming that they were terminated)...also be responsible for the creation and control of the Reptilians? Did someone secretly create the Reptilians...and then use them to wage Star Wars...to attempt to become the Master(s) of the Universe? At some point...did this hypothetical Reptilian slave race overthrow their Human Master(s)? Is a hypothetical Divinity Within Humanity all that remains of the Founders/Ancients? Was Ra killed? Is Amen the hidden manifestation of Ra aka the Holy Spirit? Is Lucifer/Hathor a prime suspect in the disappearance of Ra...and in the creation of the Reptilians? Is Ptah really Lucifer/Hathor? I tend to think that all possibilities should be considered in a reasonable, rational, and detached manner. I don't want to believe...and I don't know. I just have a lot of questions...and huge issues. Einstein said that the Universe is stranger than we think...and that the Universe is stranger than we can think. What exactly was he referring to?

I'm wondering if there was a Luciferian rebellion...which contained some legitimate aspects...but which spiraled out of control? Can beings who have done really dark things in universal history...be forgiven and reformed...even if they are completely reprobate and very dangerous presently? I think that the ancient mythologies and biblical stories are a mixture of fact and fiction...and that we really have to read between the lines...and use a multidisciplinary approach...with very open minds...to get at the real truth. We may hate the PTB for lying to us...but we may hate them even more, if and when, they tell us the truth. Often the consequences of telling the truth about a marital affair are much more devastating than continuing to lie. Oh what a tangled web they weave...and we are so easily deceived!


orthodoxymoron 01-05-2010 03:30 AM

Re: Amen Ra
This part of an Alex Collier presentation has me puzzled and troubled. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTPT8...eature=related Please tell me what you think about this video clip. Everything seems so insane to me presently. I have very little peace. I seemed to have a positive connection to the stars as a child...and I seemed to be quite bright. But it's been downhill ever since. Dumber and dumber...more and more miserable...I have no idea where this madness will end. I have no idea whether things are going to work out well for us or not. If we are exterminated/enslaved...I'm probably going to be in more trouble than most. Just a hunch.


RedeZra 01-05-2010 04:00 AM

Re: Amen Ra

Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron (Post 216391)
This part of an Alex Collier presentation has me puzzled and troubled.

see it's not so easy to discern fiction from facts

the mind which is a fiction enjoys fantasy

the more fantastic the merrier

besides eloquent people dont feed us bull do they lol

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