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m1* 10-26-2009 10:21 PM

How Reptillian Eyes Work
I just woke up not too long ago. I've been over some responses to some of my other threads and posts. I will reply to them soon, because I want to get this out of the way before I forget. Last night, I while I was asleep, I learned in great detail how reptilian eyes work and how to find out of someone is reptilian!

Now of course, I use the term "reptilian" very loosely, because I do not know what to personally believe in regard to all this "reptilian" talk. I sincerely don't. I find it hard to believe that there are "humans" walking this planet that have "reptilian" DNA and therefore have slit eyes (which is what so many people believe). If there are such creatures walking the earth, they're not human. That's all I can say.

However, I do wholeheartedly believe that there are in fact entities around, somewhere, either in this dimension or another that have eyes like this. I am not going to exaggerate and try to say that I know all about everything, because I plain out don't.

Having said all of the above, last night I was shown CLEARLY how those eyes work. I also found that if you make one of these entities/reptilians "angry" they're eyes will become as slits. However, the pupils aren't always slit. They are round, and they only become slit afterwards. This was a very interesting dream that I had.

I was in a very large structure. It looked oddly like a castle. However, it was rather modern inside. It wasn't like bluestone and timber with motes and lanterns. It looked as if the place was VERY old but had been looked after and modernized as time went by. It had all mod cons, so to speak. The place was HUGE.

In the dream I was in a hallway. It was very wide, maybe 30 feet. It was probably about 200 feet long. On each side there were murals and carvings and all sorts of things. It was decorated. It was of a light color, not dark and dank or anything.

Then, all of the sudden the floor cracked open down the middle. Then, the rest of the floor shattered -- kind of like if you hit laminated glass with a hammer. It cracked into millions of tiny pieces. Then it became to churn and the floor started to disappear into the ground below. I have no idea why I didn't get churned up because I was standing on the same floor. I suspect that I wasn't really there, but I was just viewing the scene. But anyhow..

Before long, everything stopped rumbling and churning. The floor of that hallway had turned into, I guess, what resembled a trench. The trench didn't have straight walls. It was shaped more like a "V". The sides of the trench were like a fine powder. So if you were IN the trench, you had little chance of getting out easily, because any effort to scale the side would result in the sides of the trench basically swallowing you. It seemed to be designed as some sort of trap, or containment area to keep people away from the murals.

At the bottom of the trench there was a path. It was nice and straight. So you could still get from one end of the hall to the other. Then I heard someone say that it was not an accident that this place was protected, and the murals were protected.

Then, I found myself in a room, close by the hall -- but I was no longer in the hall. I was with a butler. The butler was supposed to look after me and serve me. Or at least, that is what he appeared to be doing. I was in a bed and I said that I was cold, so he gave me a blanket. Then another person came into the room and whispered to the butler. The butler looked at me. Then I realized that they were confining me. It turned out that the butler was not my butler at all, but more like a guard. I perceived that they had taken my things and were selling them -- and were keeping me out of the process.

I became angry and I got out of the bed. I walked to the butler and there was an argument. I told him that it was not up to him to sell any of my things and that they were MINE. The basic gist of my anger was: Who do you think you are?

Then he became angry and as I looked into his pupils, they went from round to slit. Then I realized that he was not even human and a moment later I was flying across the room, as if I was hit by a bus. He told me that he has much more strength than me and that there's nothing I could do about it. I told, him in return, that he does not and that I am going down, out of that room, to prevent the sale of my things. I left and there was nothing he could do to stop me. The only reason he was able to throw me so hard the first time was because it was unexpected and I didn't realize that he had that strength.

Then I found myself down in some sort of foyer, where there was a heap of bargaining going on. All of these people were like the butler. I didn't see slit eyes or anything, but I just knew. So I left the place to find help. As I was leaving, I came across one woman who was not one of them. It was someone I knew - apparently. After a short discussion with her, it was decided that there will have to be a war.

The next thing I knew, I was in the midst of a battle. It was basically me and the woman mentioned previously (both with brown hair) against one other man and woman who had blonde hair - except they also had slit eyes.

The war seemed to go for a long time. I remember parts of the war seemed to look as if they were 60 odd years ago, maybe more. Other parts towards the end seemed to be set in modern times. However,k the war went for a LONG time and seems to have still not ended.


Out of all of this - the thing that I remember most were those slit eyes. The eyes of the butler, how the pupils went from "round" to "slit". I have never really given much thought to slit eyes, or how they work. I am not a person who really gives much "credence" to "reptilians" walking the earth. But this dream was very interesting and very detailed in the way I saw those eyes.

I saw an extreme close up of those eyes, and can remember vividly. So, if there ARE any "reptilians" or some other entity with those eyes, I have learned that to make the pupils go for round to slit - MAKE THEM ANGRY! Once they are angry, their eyes will morph from round to split.

In any case, these entities are obviously evil. Whether they're actually walking the earth, or are demonic - taking on human form, or are only in spirit and only come in dreams, or some other realm that dreams are connected to. I don't know. But I would think a good way to make them angry, would be to tell them that "Jesus is Lord". I'll be certainly trying that one if I ever find myself in a similar situation -- whether it be asleep or awake.

I also found that there's nothing overly special about them. I was thrown across the room like a rag doll by one -- but I was able to do the same thing in return if I wanted to. I just chose not to. I was more concerned about going to find out who was selling my stuff. I had bigger fish to fry. I wasn't hurt by him throwing me like that. It seemed to be more of a symbolic act, more than anything else. A tantrum of sorts.

I was never afraid at any time. I was just angry that they went behind my back, lied, sold my things and then had the audacity to throw ME across the room for becoming disgruntled about the whole situation. However, the end result was generations of war - which I perceive has STILL not ended.

eleni 10-26-2009 10:38 PM

Re: How Reptillian Eyes Work
Wow m1- I wonder if this has anything to do with Nazi's and Nazi bases operating near the poles etc; it somewhat sounds like it.

m1* 10-26-2009 10:42 PM

Re: How Reptillian Eyes Work

Originally Posted by eleni (Post 181674)
Wow m1- I wonder if this has anything to do with Nazi's and Nazi bases operating near the poles etc; it somewhat sounds like it.

In parts of the dream, I saw Nazi camps. I could have explained longer all about the wars, but I didn't think it significant.

Ammit 10-26-2009 10:57 PM

Re: How Reptillian Eyes Work

eleni 10-26-2009 10:57 PM

Re: How Reptillian Eyes Work
To me it's very significant and I imagined what you said as though I was there and that's the feeling I picked up on.

Can you explain more?

Here's a thought........what if (I think some researchers have said this) abductions stem from post Nazi experiments? I mean it is said they were in contact with inner earth etc; and so it would stand to reason they came across the greys (Annunaki workers) and stole a few, engineered it for their own good and are working in black ops with various earth governments....

and some of these abductions take place in their twisted underground castles and such- set up like Nazi camps......or maybe you were shown holographic depictions of war (they do this and did it to Jim Sparks) to see your *connection* to the whole mess......

I looked up Nazi/Abduction connection- many links- started reading this:

Ammit 10-26-2009 11:06 PM

Re: How Reptillian Eyes Work
Um, excuse my ignorance, but after seeing a set of cat like eyes in a field at 2am , i have to ask, if an eye is subjected to daylight and posibly sunshine ( be it rarely here ) they tend to go slit wise, so how come when i chased something through a field at this time of the morning 6 months ago, how come the eyes were slit, it was dark????

eleni 10-26-2009 11:10 PM

Re: How Reptillian Eyes Work
More Nazi connection:

Three Alien Networks at work on Earth:
1. Anti-Grey Nordic (Federation) factions,

2. Anti-Nordic Grey factions, and the

3. Nordic-Grey Collaborators (which involve the intelligence agencies and occult lodges, in essense the NWO.

The Greys want to take over the planet and impose a slave society to ultimately serve their empire,but they need theIlluminati's international economic connections to do so;and the Illuminati wants the same thing but they realize that they need the alien mind-control and abduction technology to accomplish their goals.

It's a love-hate relationship. They collaborate in order to set up a planetary government, however both the humanoids and the reptiloids are constantly plotting for the time when the world government arrives so that once it is established they can move in and take full control and expel the necessary collaboraters--the humans doing away with the Greys or the Greys doing away with the humans.

For instance, while the Illuminati negotiates with the Greys for technology they are at the same time developing such weapons as the SDI to potentially use against them. On the other hand while the Greys are negotiating with the humans they are implanting micro-chips in those whom they negotiate with to ensure that they remain under ALIEN control once earth succumbs to the New World Order.

And yet both of these, the humans and Greys both being controlled by the Luciferian "poltergeists" who are of a quasi-physical etheric or energy beings who have been seen overseeing and directing the actions of the human and alien collaborators.

The backroom agreed upon plan is that the Nazi/Bavarian/Illuminati have agreed to sell out 75% of earth to the aliens in exchange for control of 25% for themselves and mind control abduction technology.

And what does the Nazi/Bavarian/Illuminati rule? America! Hello..the Bush Administration is ILLUMINATI. So is Democrat Candidate John Kerry. Our government is CONTROLLED by the Alien-Human Agenda!

The only way to save our country is to get it out of the hands of the NWO and Secret Societies and back into the hands of a Government that will Protect the Constitution of the United States instead of committing HIGH TREASON against it and us!

Ammit 10-26-2009 11:11 PM

Re: How Reptillian Eyes Work
Let me explain. I have researched black cats in my area for some years, have photos in books of some of the evidence too, i know the colour of a cats eyes but these wernt the yellowy goldy colour just sort of like ( and excuse my poor explanation of colours) **** in the snow colour, like a goldy yellowy brown and the slits went not top to bottom like a cat they were just sort of squidged up, like a squeezed tomato.

Kinsuemei2 10-26-2009 11:21 PM

Re: How Reptillian Eyes Work
Reptilians can focus on near and far by squeezing or stretching their lenses, using the ciliary muscles and annular pads. Pupils dilate and contract in response to light. Some Reptilians have a stenopaic pupil that contracts into a vertical slit composed of a linear array of dots. Some have slit pupils, others are round. Reptilians have a choroid body, called the conus papillaris. Projecting out into the vitrious humor, it nourishes the cornea.

the most common species have retinas that contain multicolored oil droplets in their photo receptors, so they can perceive color. The opsin proteins in the cones in the eye are "calibrated" to detect different wavelengths. In many species, this enables them to see into the higher wavelengths beyond the scope of human vision into the UV range.

I have experienced their pupils dilating when they get tense or frustrated.
they tend to slit up when they start to mentally focus.

Ammit 10-26-2009 11:26 PM

Re: How Reptillian Eyes Work

What do you mea slit up? by squidged i mean like 2 plates stuck together, but the colour was weired.


Originally Posted by Kinsuemei2 (Post 181695)
Reptilians can focus on near and far by squeezing or stretching their lenses, using the ciliary muscles and annular pads. Pupils dilate and contract in response to light. Some Reptilians have a stenopaic pupil that contracts into a vertical slit composed of a linear array of dots. Some have slit pupils, others are round. Reptilians have a choroid body, called the conus papillaris. Projecting out into the vitrious humor, it nourishes the cornea.

the most common species have retinas that contain multicolored oil droplets in their photo receptors, so they can perceive color. The opsin proteins in the cones in the eye are "calibrated" to detect different wavelengths. In many species, this enables them to see into the higher wavelengths beyond the scope of human vision into the UV range.

I have experienced their pupils dilating when they get tense or frustrated.
they tend to slit up when they start to mentally focus.

Kinsuemei2 10-26-2009 11:32 PM

Re: How Reptillian Eyes Work
I want to make a note here that from my experience, not all reptilians are in the agenda and under control.. However this does not make them any less formidable or approachable, we just lost a whistle blower that wanted to talk about pine gap, and had opened a dialogue with a reptilian that wanted to defect, however the incident was handled wrong and the scientist was killed because of this.

Those who do leave that have been so locked into the system that they usually have need of food, they have no direction and tend to have zero tolerance, they snap at the first sign of pressure and are extremely aggressive, this is due the fact that they are on their own they of course they have fear for the first time and many of these beings can not handle it because the sensation is a alien to them as our definition of love.

Incidentally the reptilian has been brought on board and I have been told upon reflection is now doing better, but of course no remorse was shown for the scientist that he killed. were talking baby steps here not leaps and bounds.

Kinsuemei2 10-26-2009 11:35 PM

Re: How Reptillian Eyes Work
some can look like that yes, you have to appreciate the amazing diversity withing this species, you have all eyes of all colors and shapes, most have the usual catlike slit was have come to know, but some eyes are blue some are red and black with extremely round pupils, all depends on the breed.

Ammit 10-26-2009 11:39 PM

Re: How Reptillian Eyes Work
Thanks for that, some have tried to tell me it wasnt a cat of any type but i can imagine if it was reptilion then i would not be here talking about it. The thing that concerned me most was the difference in colour to normal, maybe even explaining in my non normal way of explaining things that this may have been confused for something else.

On a side note, i never even got close to catching it.....

eleni 10-26-2009 11:43 PM

Re: How Reptillian Eyes Work
Kin- who is the whistleblower?

Kinsuemei2 10-26-2009 11:46 PM

Re: How Reptillian Eyes Work
No problem I do believe that if it was a reptilian you would have been aware of it, especially if it was aware of you, it's not the type of thing you mistake because of that deep sinking feeling in the Pitt of your stomach lol

Kinsuemei2 10-26-2009 11:49 PM

Re: How Reptillian Eyes Work
The Whistle Blower was Dr Graham Anderson

Ammit 10-26-2009 11:51 PM

Re: How Reptillian Eyes Work
It was 2 am in the middle of a field, i was ****ting myself ( sorry ) but i just legged after it for some unknown reason. I gave up when i realised i couldnt get over the wall it went over, so i sat down and had a fag while 2 others caught up with me.

Kinsuemei2 10-27-2009 12:03 AM

Re: How Reptillian Eyes Work
LoL I doubt it was a Reptilian they don't usually go over walls, to much like hard work when they can travel through them.
But!! it could have been something else, the reports of Akin in he UK are rampant.

Ammit 10-27-2009 12:19 AM

Re: How Reptillian Eyes Work

Kinsuemei2 10-27-2009 12:29 AM

Re: How Reptillian Eyes Work
Atkin most popularly known as Moth men

eleni 10-27-2009 12:30 AM

Re: How Reptillian Eyes Work
Do you have a link for Anderson?

Ammit 10-27-2009 12:32 AM

Re: How Reptillian Eyes Work
Moth men? no I dont have a link for Anderson, could you kindly supply one please.

Kinsuemei2 10-27-2009 12:42 AM

Re: How Reptillian Eyes Work
your not going to find info on Anderson, his operations were considered black, and I only found out through my contacts, but mine are reliable sources.
I have been in this business for quite a while. I also have a contacts around the globe, I have to thank my grandfather for most them, he did a lot of...stuff lol all i am gonna say about him

Kinsuemei2 10-27-2009 12:51 AM

Re: How Reptillian Eyes Work
I also have the testimony of a Dr in Orlando that works on the new 4th generation of MK Ultra that is in contact with Bill and Kerry now so I am told.
I can give you a snipet of what she gave me in person.

We just call her heather for now

Project Phoenix was designed to integrate human tissue with bio-robotic material on a genetic level not a cyber skeletal construction because those are more recent. but a mesh of Human/Computer engineering, this was one of our goals we failed. the out come caused "Operation Retaliation 2007" to be canceled or at least postponed.

The reason for Omega 3 was to have a Human solider that could calculate faster than a normal person, and also have the benefit of nanometers to repair skin cells very rapidly. they have high platelet blood counts to aid repair and implants on their hearts kidneys and liver.

The failed units most who are 17 18 years of age were all destroyed and I aided in the facilitation of this and it was human genocide on a horrific level, only to start again.

they brought in the new Omega 13 units that you call Generation 4 and these have exoskeletons, they are not bullet proof but their cybernetics are. They sweat a plastic film that protects the living tissue from poison or bio chemical attacks, the have enhanced sight.

A great deal of the upgrades came from DNA switching, they have used and unlocked different codes to improve various aspects of the unit. But they can be stopped, Awlays remember these started off as human beings and the human psychi is still very much alive fighting to get out. How do I know this? I have developed a relationship with 0100101
They are classed in binary code now as their designations are activation codes.

these units are strong. they can pick up large objects but remember that they still are flesh, if they overclock themselves they will suffer tissue damage, also a problem that has never been fixed is internal heat they tend to burn and some who are in the population, we have 29 units in various states today doing their work & you can recognize these units by burn marks on their elbows and knees. Damaged tissue heals very quickly but scar tissue will not.

I have been able to obtain some tissue sample and cybernetic implants, and the last 48 hours have been bad, I have a friend getting me to safety. but I do not know if I shall make it, I also have the deactivation codes for 66 Omega units. understand this they can not simply change the codes without destroying the units.

I have an Orlando contact but I can not give you his name in this email, he is a third generation that has been working with myself and others to stop some of this from happening. but what can one man do in the face of this?

So that you might understand my contact is British he fried his own chip in 1994, and worked on Project Ember the reformed Project Talent. From what I have been told and shown project Ember was a look and study of young teens with Pyro abilities. they tested these in the field. and the spontaneous combustion was blamed all you needed was a mark, then the remote viewing partner would find the target and the PSU Pyrotechnic Special Unit would take out the mark. these guys got so good that they could warm a cup of coffee for you whilst you held it.

incidentally Omega 3 is a by product of COC Cybernetic Organic Culter, that is present in the very poisonous Flak-seed oil, when the cybernetic waste was disposed of it is easier to sell and consume the waste and make money off this. as the Merck company knows they use dead aborted fetal tissue for most of their vaccines, this is simply the same principle.

This information is Black but I can not live with myself or it anymore and to be honest I would rather die than turn these things on my own people.

I have one more bit of information and possibly the most important three of the units 0100110, 0100111 & 0100100 have smart bombs in cased and integrated into their skeletal structure. these can only be activated by the runners, the four man team that oversee the units sorties. I believe that due to the remote possibility of the cybernetic units regaining their emotional compensation that they need to be able to secure the area.

Now the biggest problem I have seen to date is the last project that is all human based and run. Project Damocles this is the scariest thing that I have ever witnessed or shall in my life, the special unit that works on this matter asked for my help regarding cryogenic atomization problems, they were stumped, freezing a human is easy and with the tech we have unfreezing them is also very easy. however Freezing the subject and keeping them in a state of animation awake alert and with all five senses? thats hard but this is Project Trident.

I gate way was brought in and activated it looked like a big hexagon but when it was activated a sound pierced our ears and what stepped through scared me more than anything it was not human it was tall looked different its hard to place into words and nobody would discuss it. No body except 0100101 every unit has all lots of information stored in its brain, they use a human brain because its a supercomputer, the human brain is the greatest computer in the world it just so happens we do not use it very often.

Back to trident these creatures would take a man through the portal and bring him back but when he came back he was radiated and dying, even if he went with a hasmat suit, or the HEM suits we use that are 100% more effective. So they wanted me to help solve their problem, I did what they asked it took me a year but now more of these creatures are at the base and the soldiers can not control them, they are big and they are strong and their is no way they want us using the Omega units.

Look I can not tell you why they are here or what is going on I am completely out of the loop, I feel if I stay i will be put to death soon anyway. 0100101 told me I had to leave and yes I have to refer to his entire designation in order to talk to him, but he said his name his Rodger but he will not answer to Rodger only 0100101. it's hard to explain, his Intel on the creatures tells him that they are not alien but they live in a 6th vibrational frequency and are running out of food, they have used some fringe groups like the Orion groups to gain a natural resource in us. they are not effected by radiation and are very telepathic so I am told I have not communed with one or care to.

The are radioactive and I have recently wondered if this was where the idea for Godzilla came from. I have seen no Greys, or Dow at the base, but 0100101 has confirmed their existence.

understand that it took me a long time and a great deal of tinkering to be able to talk independently with 0100101 as protocols were set up for them not to commune but I always watched his eyes that followed me and I figured out that his soul or brain or what ever was left of his human spirit was reaching out to me so I reached back.

I have tons of documents and information from this woman on disk and she is another that is currently in hiding.

eleni 10-27-2009 02:48 AM

Re: How Reptillian Eyes Work
WOW- do you know what dow means? Never heard of that.

So, you have more info- I do hope you get this out as the cyber soldiers are a very serious issue and it seems no one seems to be paying attention to this aspect.

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