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bashi 01-26-2010 11:06 PM

Swineflu : The next wave
As most people think that the Swine-Flu has come and gone, this post can easily be branded as a panic mongering without cause. Well, let me then say that some people are not well aware of the biological mechanisms at play with this H1N1 pandemic.
History has proven that the Influenza virus infection is occurring in waves. The first wave of the H1N1 Spanish Flue pandemic had been very mild, only to come back 6 months later with devastating consequences.
So the first wave (with many ripples) of our current H1N1 pandemic has come and gone also without causing too much trouble. The second wave is expected to hit in March/April with a new, “improved” version of the virus.
While the virus is regrouping and brewing, let’s get ready for the second wave.
Last year I posted some info about the virus and its deadly effects, the Cytokine Storm, on another forum. There some people had the opinion that a good diet and rest will fight the virus off.
It is very important to understand what really happens during an infection, especially in view of recent developments. These new developments i will explain at the end. But first the old post:

We will have to look honestly at the current situation (Nov 2009) with the H1N1, the symptoms and possible ways how to beat the virus.
The international medical community is very adamant to release details about the flu symptoms, due to reasons which might become obvious. But for an effective fight we have to identify the symptoms of this viral attack and that very early. Any info on early symptoms are valuable, it doesn’t matter how gruesome they might be.
Prepare for the unexpected:
First: Facts
It is now official: The virus has changed and has adopted a genetic sequence (Receptor Binding Domain D225G), that is the same the 1918 flu had:


As the name said, the change will give the virus the ability to bind as easy to a new host as the 1918 flu.
Therefore it can be reasonably assumed that the infection rates will be the same as 1918. Maybe even higher, due to vast increased human mobility.
I learned that in 1918 approx. 30% of the world-population was infected, but the mortality-rate was low (about 2%). Still more than 20 Million people died. In the Ukraine the hospital admissions of people with ARI (acute respiratory infection) have a fatality rate of from 5% to 10%. But that’s for the “harmless” strain.
So how about the mortality-rate of the mutant strain? Here are some preliminary results:


Analysed were 10 samples, of which 4 were fatal cases. In all fatalities mentioned in this article, the virus had the D225G mutation, and only in those ones.
That indicates a much, much higher fatality rate for the new strain. This might be a result of the “improved” receptor binding, which meant higher rate of infection.
It locks like we are in for a VERY rough ride…

Obviously the medical community is unprepared for this onslaught. And they know it:

So we are more or less left to help ourselves. This thread is great in doing that, and let me contribute my 2 cents.
My approach will be the worst case scenario. That’s to wake up even the hopeful believers in “good diet and rest”. We are facing a tiger without the window in-between, and any mistake made will be made only once. Because the nature of this disease is unforgiving and deadly.
It looks like that there is a specific characteristic to the viral attack: The more hyperactive the immune system is, the more dramatic is the outcome - more fatalities. Kids have a very strong immune response…
Although it is always mentioned, that there were “underlying health conditions” in the infected kids in question, this looks like a smoke-screen to me. It is maybe supposed to hide that the more healthy you are, the more likely you are going to die.
.. which would be very bad news, because it would mean that the common avenue to boost the immune system will only result into a higher probability to go down.

So, what to do? Vaccination, some will say. But it looks like as if vaccination does not affect the new strain, the vaccine fails (see link above).
Vaccination would make things even worse, because the vaccine “boosts” also the immune system, through the toxic squalene. Then the hyperactive, “boosted” immune system runs into the virus, while being affected by the squalene poisons – a fatal double whammy. Maybe that’s why they are so interested to get us all vaccinated, even the (humane?) CFR people…

I hope that I am wrong, and if so, then please post and correct me.
But if not, what to do?
It looks like a typical CATCH 22 situation. (I really like the film)

It is very difficult to find data on that in the internet. It looks like there is a general consensus throughout the international medical community NOT to disclose medical details. This looks not like an organized gag-order, but has obviously more to do with a (only human) response to the FRIGHTENING NATURE OF THE DISEASE. But the info that seeps through is just terrifying:

The mutant virus goes deep into the lung and starts there its destructive work. Doctors will often do only a nasal swab for testing. While the patient will test negative for the virus, it is busy down in the lung.

So what is happening in detail: The mutant virus can survive higher temperatures and is therefore going deep into the lungs into the area of the fine Alveoli, where the oxygen-to-blood-transfer is done via a very thin membrane:

Lets look at the hypothetical case of Mr. John Doe:
The “prepared” Mr. Doe is walking the street, thoroughly protected by tight clothing, gloves and a really good filter-mask. A microscopic drop, containing the virus, attaches itself to any fine tissue at the eyes. The virus enters the body of Mr. Doe through this gate.
The mutant virus travels deep into the lung and starts there its destructive work. The infection of Mr. John Doe starts in the beginning like an ordinary flu-infection: Fever, maybe nausea etc..
Mr. John Doe will enter a

Systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS).

(SIRS, I don’t like you !)

Mr. Doe feels that something is not right, and as a precaution gets himself tested for swine flue. The doctor will do only a nasal swab for testing. And while Mr. Doe will test negative for the virus, it is busy down in the lung.

The immune systems white blood cells will react to this infection by releasing Cytokines (a messenger substance), which will attract more white blood-cells to fight the virus. These cytokines-releases are normally well regulated, just enough to call for the help required.

The patient Doe enters the stage of SEPSIS.

Up to now everything is normal, but then….

In this case there is a massive pathogenic attack on the way. So something somehow goes wrong:
- Either the white cells fail to initiate a pathogenic recognition of the virus, which would start the fight against it. Instead the cells will call for more help by releasing more cytokines.
- Or the onslaught is so massive that it somehow triggers an unproportional (extreme and massive) cytokine response from the white cells. For that the virus has to have an extremely high rate of reproduction, which might be the case here.
Anyway, the result is: An ongoing massive overproduction of cytokines, with no check and balance in place. The mechanism that triggers this response is not clear. It is called a CYTOKINE STORM (CS).

What is a cytokine storm and how severe are the symptoms?
In 2006 a new substance called TGN1412 was tested, which caused a CS in the test persons. Here is what happened:


By now the patient Doe will have entered the next phase: Septic Shock

As the cytokine-production goes over the roof, even a layman can now recognize that something goes very wrong. The cytokines opens the blood vessels, so that plasma and blood can enter into the body-texture and –organs. The thin membrane of the Alveoli becomes porous along with other membranes. The blood pressure will sink rapidly, because of the capillary leakages.
Sometimes an “acute alteration in mental status” of the patient is observed. In other words, the patient faints and/or gurgles nonsense.
Now the able doctors will recognize that the patient Doe has entered the phase of a


with a

Systemic Capillary Leak Syndrome (SCLS)

Patient Doe will be admitted to ICU.
But now the lungs have started filling up with fluids:

Please notice the dark areas at the periphery. Thats were the Alveoli are.
And within only 6 hours it will look pretty bad:
The dark areas are liquids in the lungs.
The blood pressure collapses because of the drain of fluids.
To stabilize the blood pressure, the patient Doe will receive (a lot of) fluid by intravenous means. But that fluid will immediately leak out into the body-organs and -tissue. As the patient will receive up to 40 liters of fluid (or more), the body will swell and become unrecognizably bloated. At that stage some Does will go into cardiatic arrest, but not our Doe. He is already unconscious, but his body still fights.
Depending on the scope of the capillary leakage the lungs will be filled with either blood-plasma or blood-cells plus plasma.
This pumping-up of the whole body inhibits the flow of oxygen and nutrition to the vital organs (Ischemia). Patient Doe will of course get help through a respirator. And while others will die of intrapulmonary haemorrhage necrotizing pneumonia, our Doe is still on it. As the lungs are no more functional and the CS is still running, the patient Doe will now enter into the stage of

Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome (MODS)

The kidneys, lungs, heart, liver etc. are starting to fail. That’s where the story of our patient Doe ends fatally.
But wait, I forgot: As the CS is an immunological reaction to an infection which can not be overcome by conventional means, the doctors will give the patient immunosuppressors in order to overcome at least the unregulated cytokine production. The result is a very weak, bloated patient with a suppressed immune system and a multiple punctured body. It’s where secondary infections like Staphylococcus Aureus et al are entering the playground to finish up the undone.
It’s a horrible death.
So this is a CYTOKINE STORM. So, to be clear: Whatever is done, either the CS hits Doe or the secondary infections. A real CATCH.

Oh sorry, I forgot to nail the coffin. As posted earlier:


Quote: “Because cytokine inhibition does not protect against death, therapies that target the virus rather than the cytokines may be preferable.”
It means that even if patient Doe survives the CS, he still has to get rid of the fast multiplying virus.
It’s a real CATCH 22.

It’s a horrible death.

Here a pic of a fatal case of SCLS/MODS. WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGE!!


The light bluish skin is a result of anaemic blood, blood without oxygen. It’s the Cyanosis Blue of 1918.
You can see the blood in the lungs protruding from the mouth.

That’s the answer to why we have a mum throughout the medical community. The truth is so devastating, that nobody wants to admit it in public.
Yes folks, as cruel as it seems: That’s what some of us are in for…
Still thinking about sauerkraut and a good digestive rest?

bashi 01-26-2010 11:46 PM

Re: Swineflu : The next wave
A general question is: What is better, total PREVENTION or CURE while suppressing the Cytokine Storm ?

Lets discuss CURE first, because there are people out there, which think that they can beat or cure the Cytokine Storm (CS) triggered by mutated H1N1. To beat the CS, you will have to know first what really a CS is and how it manifests in the body. Also you will have to know the timeframe of its dynamics, because there might be a situation where you will ask yourself: WHAT TO DO NEXT? Just one wrong or delayed decision will cost your life.
A typical schematic is :

So it is clear that it’s just a matter of hours to do the right thing. But what exactly?
I have mentioned the trial of the drug TGN1412, which caused a Cytokine Storm in the tested persons. It’s good to make mistakes, because it accelerates the learning process. The concentration of certain cytokines vs time was measured during the trial:
This test person was monitored by medical professionals 24 hours in a hospital with all facilities at hand. Without that its absolutely sure that the person would have died. The triggering substance was administered only once at the beginning.
I do not now the level by which cytokines are causing irreversible havoc in the body, it might be individually different, but I do know that only 20 minutes after injection of TGN1412 an indescribable agony started for the test persons (see previous posted link). I you look at the graph, it gives the start of the agony at a level below 100 units for all measured cytokines, except the “Blue “ one which is below maybe 500 units after 20 minutes.
It means that if you want to avoid a CS you will have to suppress 95-99% of the production of cytokines. That’s for a one time dose of a triggering substance during a medical test trial in a hospital. But you will be at home with a fast growing number of viruses in your lung !
That’s a dim outlook.
Several commonly available substances have proven to be effective as suppressing the immunological response: Garlic, Ginko, Green Tea, Cod Oil, Turmeric, Milk Thistle, Ginseng, St. John Wort , etc.
But how much will they suppress the CS? Here some data:

The level of Curcumin in the blood peaks 2 hours after Turmeric intake and lasts for 12 hours. The bioavailability of Curcumin is increased up to 2000% (times 20 !!) if taken combined with Piperine (Pepper).

I do not know whether the different substances will work additive in the CS suppression or just overlapping. I guess that, if a combination of above mentioned substances are taken in simultaneously, then there shall be an advantage against the intake of just the best suppressing substance.
The main point is: NONE of these substances is coming only near the required 95-99% suppression !!! They are definitely helpful during a “normal” pussy-cat flu, but not in fighting this Tiger.

The question is also what is happening in the lungs while you are fighting the CS. Because ANY damage done there is more or less irreparable. Maybe you can survive the CS, but may end up livelong on a 100% oxygen respirator.
Here some pictures:

This is how healthy alveoli look like :

There about 400 Million alveoli in each lung. It’s obviously a very fragile structure.
The CS in the lungs is just like an elephant in a china shop.
Here some post-mortem pics:
Original text:
1. “The specimen shows necrosis of bronchiolar walls (top arrow),
2. a neutrophilic infiltrate (middle arrow), and diffuse
3. alveolar damage with prominent hyaline membranes (bottom arrow). “


1. Dead alveolar walls (top arrow),
2. Too many White blood cells (middle arrow),
3. Blocking of the alveolar membranes by a fibrinogen process, the same as an open wound would built a crust. On top of that an additional airtight seal (bottom arrow)

A more clear picture of the hyaline seals is :
Original Text:
“Early hyaline membrane disease. Note the fibrin condensed in the alveolar space (hematoxylin-eosin, original × 10). Thin arrow = hyaline membrane lining the alveolar space; thick arrow = fibrinoid necrosis”


Original Text:
“Loss of capillary structural integrity, with alveolar and interstitial hemorrhage (hematoxylin-eosin, original × 20). Star = pulmonary edema; thin arrow = hemosiderin-laden macrophages; thick arrows = early alveolar hemorrhage.”

The hyaline membranes are made out of proteins and saccharides from the blood-plasma which has leaked into the alveoli. They are additioally blocking the oyxgen transfer very effectively .
It looks as if the damaging effect of the white and red blood cells are different:
The White Cells are flooding and clotting the lungs during the infection. They can do that even without a CS. Because they have the ability to penetrate normal fuctioning membranes. The clotting is maybe due to the massive viral load.
The red cells can only penetrate into the alveoli after the CS has opened the membranes. After direct contact with oxygen, the alveoli membrane is blocked by building a crust.
In any case, it becomes clear that the Tiger is causing irreparable havoc in various ways simultaniously.
Therefore the better approach is to concentrate on PREVENTION than on CURE. You have to stop the Tiger right at the window glass.

Here are two very important pictures:

It is very clear that more of the younger ones are dying in 2009. But most importantly, it clearly shows that in 2009 the old ones are getting sick, but are NOT dying as much.
That´s a clear indication that the cause of death in 2009 is the CYTOKINE STORM AND NOT THE VIRUS !!!

Here is something i stumbled upon. It’s a professional pandemic model study from 2006, in which they are using different hypotetical parameters. These models are used for insuring risk. The worst case scenario is:
A “reassorted” virus with a mortality rate of the H5N1 (here assumed to be 33%) and the infection rate of H1N1. It is assumed that new virus kills by a cytokine storm (how good they are at predicting…). They call the virus “The Nigerian Virus” :

Model Apo (sorry no files...)

So now finally, here comes the positive section. If you dare to prepare, then you will not fear the Tiger.
A temporary collapse of the infrastructure is more than likely In case of a global very severe pandemic. It means that, while Garlic and fresh things might be good for prevention, there might be a disruption in the supply of fresh things. So to prevent/cure practically, something is needed that is very effective and has a long shelf-live. Something is needed which can be stocked now and will remain effective even after years…

If the mutated H1N1 attacks, then you will face this situation:

I just like the picture, even if it is not a leopard. As long as the Tiger remains behind the glass, you will be OK. Prevention is like you will push the glass back in order to avoid it breaking. But once it is broken, the whole game will change completly. A deadly combat struggle will ensue, where you will need to take drastic action in order to survive.
It means as long as you can prevent the virus from penetration or settlement into your system, you will stay out of trouble. But once it’s in and the Cytokine Storm starts, the chances are high that you might go down, if you are unprepared.
If you are “lucky” you will be admitted into ICU and the following might happen:

or end up like this...

So, I prefer to remain “unlucky” and do my own stuff. I have roamed in different continents for centuries and got nearly every nasty sickness you can imagine, except Yellow Fever, AIDS and Lyme. But Typhus, Hepatitis, Malaria, Dengue etc., they were all my good pussy cat friends…

Regarding prevention, let me mention first what I would NOT do:
1. Vaccination.
The H1N1 virus mutates very quickly. During the time needed to develop a vaccine, it has already mutated into immunity against that vaccine. The (mutant) H1N1 is a very fast replicating organism. The influenza virus has no proof-reading mechanism to detect and correct small errors that occur when the virus copies itself. This allows for constant stepwise changes in their genetic makeup termed antigenic drift. Although small, these slight variations keep people susceptible to infection even if vaccinated (with an already outdated vaccine). Not to mention the side effects…

2. I would NOT take honey, Kimchi, chocolate, elderberry, Echinacea and Spirulina (has been posted before), Aspirin and Hydrogen peroxide.

About Aspirin: Some people in the net are suggesting Aspirin as prevention and cure. In my opinion you will just kill yourself if you use Aspirin during a CS. First, it will suppress the initial symptoms, if the flu starts. So you might not notice them until it’s too late. Second, it will dilute your blood, which is not very helpful during a CS, because it will increase the seeping of plasma and blood into the lungs. Third, it will not effect the virus itself.
Although Aspirin is a COX-2 inhibitor (COX-2 is a precursor for cytokine-production), its damage during a Cytokine Storm (CS) by far outweighs its benefits. In WW1, during the Spanish Flu, very often Aspirin was given as medication. In 1918 "The Journal of the American Medical Association” suggested a dose of 1,000 milligrams every three hours.
Here are some cut-outs from that time, reporting the results :

I think that says all about Aspirin during a CS.
By the way, Dr Dudley was using homeopathic medicine…

About using Hydrogen peroxide (HP):
HP is a very strong oxidant. The second strong one after Ozone:

HP is known to kill healthy living cells in vitro and in vivo. If you do not apply the right concentration, then you might end up like this:

HP actually plays a VERY important role in the way how macrophages are eating bacteria and viruses. After getting into the physical vicinity of the virus, the macrophage (another name is phagocyte) will attach itself to the virus or envelop it:

In the picture is actually shown how a macrophage eats two bacteria. Viruses are much much smaller and would not show up at this magnification.

Then the macrophage (or phagocyte) produces the HP locally at the macrophage-virus-joint. That HP is used to destroy the shell or other parts of the virus by oxidation, a so called “oxidative burst”. That burst destroys the virus (Lysis) :


The pic shows a virus being destroyed by Lysis.

After the macrophage has digested the bacterium or virus, it will die and dissolve itself. That’s what actually creates the white pus.

“Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.” Marc Twain

bashi 01-27-2010 12:12 AM

Re: Swineflu : The next wave
The prevention during a real emergency:
I will not mention all the normal survival-stuff. But get a good mask.
Not the N95-type, that’s total nonsense. These masks are meant for medical staff, so that they do not infect the patients in the theatre. They are not airtight and therefore very ineffective. I have this type of mask:

They are light, airtight and have a valve for free exhalation. I think a good compromise. Got it from e-bay (last year).
The virus can enter through the eyes, so wear swimming-goggles outside when the viral heat is on.
If you wear specs, get one of the big protective goggles so that you can wear your goggles under it. Close the vents in these goggles with light tissue. Ignorant people will start looking at you – never mind.
Get insect nets for windows. A small infectious fly can be the beginning of the end.
Get disposable rubber gloves, disinfectants and duck tape. Duck tape is just great for anything. Replace any hanky by simple disposable tissue. Make a broth of Garlic, Ginger, Turmeric, Pepper, sea salt etc.. Just use whatever you know is good for you. Freeze the broth and use it with ease when you are sick and weak.
Think first and then change behaviour: In the open, without being in a liquid , the virus can remain viral even after hours. So avoid going out during rain. When re-entering, carefully change shoes and clothing in a designated room. Whatever you have brought from outside, make sure it has dried up for at least 6-8 hours in the designated room, before moving it to the destination.
A worst case scenario would be for example: You buy fresh veggies in an open, crowded market during a light rain and carry them home in a cotton bag. At home, you immediately carry the wet bag into the kitchen without changing shoes and dump the bag on the table. You clean the veggies briefly with water in the sink, and place them in the fridge.
In this way you have potentially contaminated your kitchen floor, table, sink and fridge. ( Hell, I like these paranoid scenarios !)
But even when the viral heat is on, you will still be able to enjoy a fresh salad. Just soak the veggies for 1 hour in water mixed with bleach. That’s just one way and there are many; just use common sense.

Now we enter this section:

”Warning: Statements expressed within this site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Any and all information and/or statements found within this site are for educational purposes only and are NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent disease or replace the advice of a licensed healthcare practitioner.”

My personal prevention, apart from fresh garlic and Turmeric with Pepper, is

Vitamin D3

A dose of 2,000-5,000 IU daily. Why? Because of this:

With 5,000 IU per day you will NEVER get a flu. You can’t overdose, because anything below 30,000 IU per day is harmless:

The second thing is

Vitamin C

My dose is roughly 1-2 (1 to 2) grams per day. I take pure Vitamin C powder with a small spoon. You can´t overdose it either.

For prevention, that’s all. For me it keeps all Influenza viruses at arms-length. After all the dramatic noise, that’s quite unspectacular, isn’t it? But for me it works perfectly.
Keep it simple, folks !

What I will do, if the Tiger breaks the glass and comes for me?
That’s Plan B and a whole different game.
This is combat with a Tiger and it needs some detailing. If you are entering a situation like that, then you have to do it right. There is no time for trying or testing. A mistake is done only once. If you find out that you have fooled yourself or have been sloppy, then most likely you will go down before being able to rectify the mistake.

If I would get any fever now, then I would immediately change the substances to fight the Tiger. If Vitamin C+D could not fight the infection off, then chances are low that they can do it after the fever has started. Of course you can increase the dose, but there are limitations. You can not increase the oral intake of Vitamin C too much, otherwise you will get diarrhoea. Later more to that.

Basically during Plan B I will

inhale colloidal silver-water and take MMS solution

Its MMS after Jim Humble. I have used MMS by oral intake and it proofed to really work. I think it’s the “radical” treatment necessary for the Tiger. The silver will attack it from the open alveoli side, while the MMS does the inside job through the blood supply. Now we will chew some numbers.

Colloidal silver inactivates viruses:


Somebody posted somewhere that Collodial Silver can cause a CS. That’s complete BS! Use your brain and do not go for that.
But there are also quality issues with Colloidal Silver.
First, it has to be real colloidal silver, neutrally charged. Not the ionic type or Protein Silver. Otherwise you can get Avatar-Blue:


Second, the particle size is important: The smaller, the better.
In the above linked article is stated

“Size also played a role since NONE of the attached nanoparticles were greater than 10 nanometer.”

It has to do with the surface-structure of the virus:

“Scientists think the nanoparticles bonded through the gp120 glycoprotein knobs on HIV-1, using the sulfur residues on the knobs. The spacing between the knobs of ~22nm matched the center-to-center nanoparticle spacing.”

Here the model:

So you have to know what the particle sizes are within the colloidal silver you are using for inhalation. Because you want to jam these knobs.
If you go for silver inhalation, then that can be lifesaving info. You don’t want to be fooled with a product like this:


This product has a silver distribution maximum at more than 100 nanometer, that’s 10-100 times bigger than the required size. Its like you try to hit a fly with a heavy pole…

Luckily some brands have been tested:


You will find that some of the more interesting ones are:

There are (of course) commercial links in-between the testing institute and one of the producers. But they still did a great job.

I don’t want to downgrade the biological effectivity of any other product, if taken orally. But for inhaling I would not joke and go for one of the best. Forget about using self-made Colloidal Silver for inhalation, it’s normally just to coarse. (Maybe more about it later)

If you are not familiar with MMS, google MMS + Humble.

Jim Humble has done a great job for humanity, kudos to him!

His protocols are here:


You can get MMS now in many places, but do not try to mix it by yourself.
Warning: Chlorite is not Chloride or Chlorine !

”Warning: Statements expressed within this site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Any and all information and/or statements found within this site are for educational purposes only and are NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent disease or replace the advice of a licensed healthcare practitioner.”

So back to the scenario and again, the worst case: You are getting sick with this flu, despite of all prevention. If you live alone, you have to have everything ready and at hand, or you will die. You will start vomiting and diarrhoea. Basically your entire digestive system will shut down. You can just forget about green tea parties, turmeric barbeque and all the nice remedies you have ever imagined. Because whatever you take in, will come out again without entering into the blood stream.
The only way how to get something in the body is through:

I. Inhaling
II. The skin
III. Injection/Intravenous

I.: Inhalation: I will use an Asthma inhalator to get colloidal silver-water into the lungs. The virus will sit deep in the lungs, where the fine alveoli are. For a droplet of water to reach the smaller alveoli, a drop-size of less than 6 micrometer is required:

Most cheap inhalators will create much bigger droplets. Then the colloidal silver will never reach the alveoli and the virus - with known consequences. There are definitely other very good inhalators in the market, but here is what I know:
A reasonable inhalator which can produce the required drop size is the OMRON C28 or C29.
The average mean diameter of drops produced by the C28 or C29 is 3 micrometer:

They are nearly identical.

Deep inhale through the mouthpiece (not the mask) and exhale through the nose.

That will do.

II.: Through the skin: MMS through the skin can be taken with DMSO. The catch is: The activation of the MMS will create free radicals, while the DMSO is well known for deactivating free radicals. It’s been reported that it will still work, but with less efficiency for the MMS. Try DMSO out before any emergency. If you have a weak liver, then forget about it.

Another option to get MMS into the body through the skin is by mixing it with MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane). MSM is not deactivating the MMS, but its absorption through the skin is much slower. It can be taken in faster by placing it under the tongue/in the mouth. That’s I think the best way during a CS, but I have not tested it (yet).
DMSO and MSM are widely used by vets or you can get it in feed-shops.

III. MMS through intravenous infusion: Get infusion-sets (e-bay) and isotonic NaCl. Use 250 or 500 ml only. Learn how to set the needle (Red cross, friends etc).
Here is how it is done by good old Jimmy:


Do not take any Vitamin C, if you start the intake of MMS. These two substances will only neutralise themselves. There should be a gap of minimum 3-4 hours between last Vitamin C intake and the start of MMS.

The effective substance in MMS is Chloride-Dioxide, ClO2. It’s a radical oxidizer like Hydrogen Peroxide, but with much less or no reactivity towards healthy tissue. ClO2 attacks only unhealthy tissue and particles which are foreign to the body. The mode of attack is the same as the macrophages are doing: By oxidative burst. But because it does not attack healthy tissue, no safeguarding by Catalase is required.
One symptom of lung-damage during the Cytokine Storm is the clotting of the alveoli by dead macrophages, because it’s natural for them to dissolve after digesting the virus. But that results in depositing a lot of waste in the alveoli. That’s actually the same process which creates the white pus in an open wound. But that mucus in the lungs is not very helpful, because it will clot the alveoli.
By using ClO2 to combat the virus in the lungs, it is likely that less mucus will be created there, which increases the chance of a recovery with healthy lungs.
We are talking here only about MMS, which is acting out from the blood-stream.

WARNING: Do NOT try to inhale the MMS. It will only cause damage.

“Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.” Marc Twain

”Warning: Statements expressed within this site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Any and all information and/or statements found within this site are for educational purposes only and are NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent disease or replace the advice of a licensed healthcare practitioner.”

About the dosage of MMS: In a normal situation you start the therapy with 1 drop and increase it by one drop at a time every 12 hours. The protocols are in the above mentioned links.
You will increase the dosage until you get the detox reaction (Herxheimer reaction). Then you decrease a little bit until the symptoms subside. From there you slowly move ahead in time.
But an impending CS is not a normal situation and time is too short to test something…
Jim says that a 6-8 drop dose is to start with during an acute malaria episode. If you are not used to it, then you will have a very heavy detox reaction. It manifests in vomiting and diarrhoea. In a normal situation that is quite stressful.

But if you are fighting the Tiger in combat, then these symptoms have already started, so less to worry about it.. :wink2:

What I mean is, it would be best if you prepare yourself and find out your detox-level and push it up BEFORE you have to fight the Tiger. Some people have pushed their level from 4 drops at the beginning to 15 drops every 12 hours, or more. They cleared the system of all “garbage”, so that they do not feel any detox stress any more at that level. But if a rookie starts with 15 drops, he WILL have a VERY difficult time with the Herxheimer Reaction for 24 hours. (Believe me, I know…) There are several threads discussing the effect and dosage of MMS.

You can save a lot of stress by getting used to MMS. Imagine a situation where you and your partner are unprepared and will get a little fever. You might think: “That’s it !! Quick some strong MMS !!” As a result you will get a strong detox reaction which is unknown to you, and you are misjudging it to be the flu. You might think “Oh god, the Cytokine Storm will hit any moment, fast more MMS to block it.” That will increase only the detox-effect. You have created a self-enhancing dilemma...
You will be in extreme emotional stress while vomiting and having continuous diarrhoea. Lying near the toilet with DSMO puddles on the floor and a needle in your arm, you will be unable to speak, because MSM is under the tongue and you will expect that the CS will bloat you any minute. Your partner might just eat an orange and be ok after that. But by watching you, he/she might think that this damned internet should be banned.
Because instead of being a (CS) Storm-trooper who kicks the flu, or a Light-warrior who dissolves the flue through spiritual energy, you have just turned into a Hypochondriac who does Rodeo on the Swine.
So better to get acquainted to MMS.

bashi 01-27-2010 12:19 AM

Re: Swineflu : The next wave
During the real flu with an impending CS, you should really not add the stress of a Herxheimer reaction to it. If you have cleansed the body, so that 15 drops does not do anything to you, then you can quite comfortably face the Tiger.
Jim Humble used MMS 2009 in New Mexico, when he got the flu. Even he, as a professional, took too much in the beginning, with a Herx reaction. Here is his recommendation:





Complete story at


You might wonder why a guy like Humble, who supposedly is very much used to MMS, will start with a mere ONE drop. The flu had already massivly multiplied in the body when he took the MMS. I guess he was using a dose which he is normally used to and which has proven to work well in other infections. But in this case it was too much, because the virus has already spread massively. By taking a dose which has proven safe with other sicknesses, he made a mistake. He was just killing too much of the virus too fast and the body became flooded with the toxins from the virus-lysis. That’s why to start slowly. I think, that he is more concerned about the Herx, because this volatile reaction might impede the intake of MMS. Important is also the continuous intake every hour, so that the virus is not getting a brake and start multiplying again.
The fact that even an experienced man like Humble has completely underestimated the virus, sheds light on the unusual massive onslaught this virus is up to.
Obviously the MMS alone can beat the Tiger. The silver inhalation is just a support. It might be not necessary at all, but I do not want to take chances.
If you are prepared, then most of the MMS will go only for the virus. Only then you will have an extremely good chance to beat the Tiger. It’s not anymore a hand to toe combat in a dark and dense jungle, but more like a cake-walk. It’s like sitting comfortably behind a Gatling Gun in an opened up field, waiting for the Tiger to approach from a distance. It can’t hide or cover anymore and unless you make a mistake, the outcome of this (now very unfair) fight is merciless clear:


If you got sick after seeing the video, just take MMS :wink2:

But that’s what it is about: Confront a brutal onslaught with a radical reaction.
Only then the Tiger will become smooth as silk, and you can ride it out:

There are many other ways to beat the tiger:
A German hospital uses high doses of Vitamin C through infusion to beat cancer. Their intravenous dosage creates Vitamin C levels in the blood which are 500-2000 times higher than the max. tolerable dose for orally taken Vitamin C (approx 2-5 grams). They found out that the Vitamin C creates a high level of H2O2 around cancerous cells in the body of patients. It’s the same principle as with MMS. The oxidative burst!
That’s their dosage:
Vitamin C in Liquid
10 - 15g 250 ml
30 g 500 ml
50 g 750 ml
75 g and more 1000 ml

They use Ringer-Lactate or Aqua-Dest. as carrier-liquid. They give max 1000 ml per day and always remove a similar amount of liquid from the patient before that. They use max 2 infusions per week.


“A report to the American Insitute of Homeopathy in 1921 documented the dramatic success of homeopathy in the worst flu pandemic in history. Of 24,000 flu cases treated with conventional medical care, the death rate was 28.2%; of 26,000 cases treated with homeopathy, the death rate was a nearly miraculous 1,05%.”

Today they still use a medicine derived from the 1918 flu. I think they call it “Influenzium c200"

There is some more info from the Cytokine Storm (CS).

A statistical approach to 32 flu fatalities is here:


Picture F is interesting: It shows clearly how the alveoli were completely filled with mucus/pus.

Interesting is the correlation between obesity and death:
Nearly 72 % of all fatalities were having a body-mass index (BMI) of over 30 !!
The BMI is calculated by
Height/length in meters, weight/mass in kg.

Why are obese people dying? Obesity is not necessarily correlated with a weakness of the immune system. You can be fat with a healthy and strong immune system. But obesity is related to general (un)fitness. If you are fat, then your body is already under permanent stress, because of the obesity. Add the stress from the CS, and you will die.
In Europe - with a BMI over 25 - you are considered obese.

During a CS with an obese person, the IV liquid bloats the body and might cause the skin to rupture. Then you can see the whitish fat being squeezed out through the rupture. I will not upload a picture, but believe me, it’s quite ugly to face the Tiger unprepared.
Sports and diet are definitely part of the preparation.

I wish you good health and a smooth ride through this (Cytokine) Storm.


That was the post 2 months ago.
So lets see what we have learned so far:

MSM (Mainstream Media) has continued trying to fool us. A typical example is this statement on 21st January:


What they are saying is: One in three children has been infected, which is 10 times higher than their own surveillance estimate. That’s already a devastating reality check.
What they are NOT (explicit) saying is: That this 33% infection rate has been computed by taking only infections into consideration which have occurred in August + September 2009 and that any infection after September will have to be added to the 33% infection rate. My personal guess is a rate beyond 50%.
These infection rates are far beyond the historic infection rates during the Spanish Flue.

The virus has mutated into immunity. Thats called “low reactor status”:


The mutation on the D225G or D225N position of the H1N1 has proven to be critical in terms of the severity of the pandemic. The very high fatality rates of D225D/N mutations are now beginning to dominate the overall death rates:


In 21 out of 28 Ukrainian recent autopsy samples the D225G/N mutation has been found. It shows that at present already 75% of all deaths occurring in the Ukraine are due to the D225 mutation.
IF this mutation proves to be a significant selective advantage, then the D225D/N mutant might become the dominant form during the second wave. IF this would happen, then a very sharp rise in the death-rates are expected to show up during the next months. In fact, if the trend continues, combined with known and proven infection patterns and outcomes, then we are in for a very, very rough ride. It would be a serious challenge to civilisation as we know it, and thats an understatement.

Here comes finally the good news. As mentioned in previous posts, high doses of Vitamin C can cure many diseases.
In our “traditional” high tec medicine, the damage done to the lungs during the cytokine storm, is in most cases “irreversible”. In the normal hospital you will meet the known, common situation which can be deadly.

Here now a hopeless case of “irreversible” lung damage caused by the H1N1, where the family members refused to become victimised by just being inactive:


It is a clear proof of what this thread is about:

Destiny meets the prepared and fate takes the rest !

You continue...


Myplanet2 01-27-2010 12:31 AM

Re: Swineflu : The next wave
I think if you just eat right, take your vitamins, keep good company, and stay happy, you'll be fine.

bashi 01-27-2010 12:35 AM

Re: Swineflu : The next wave
Vitamins yes. The rest is wishful thinking.

Bilko 01-27-2010 12:40 AM

Re: Swineflu : The next wave

Bilko 01-27-2010 12:49 AM

Re: Swineflu : The next wave

joe2288 01-27-2010 12:50 AM

Re: Swineflu : The next wave
The swine flu? are we really still discussing this :lmao:. I will tell you what, when

the virus gets as bad as the seasonal flu, then I will worry until then, honestly

I don't think anybody is gonna tell me otherwise, because I spent a whole year

being told this was some big thing we need to worry about just to find out

later nothing happened.

pineal-pilot-in merkabah 01-27-2010 01:04 AM

Re: Swineflu : The next wave

Originally Posted by joe2288 (Post 229224)
The swine flu? are we really still discussing this :lmao:. I will tell you what, when

the virus gets as bad as the seasonal flu, then I will worry until then, honestly

I don't think anybody is gonna tell me otherwise, because I spent a whole year

being told this was some big thing we need to worry about just to find out

later nothing happened.

i feel exactly the same way., i have 15 litres of silver , mms, 1kg sodium ascorbate powder, masks, gloves, hand cleanser and specs jsut in case it does mutate. im not expecting it to.

i do however think that the ptb will throw whatever they have left at us in a desperate bid to try and depopulate tho. so im not saying we are out of tbhe woods by any means. :cup:

Myplanet2 01-27-2010 01:18 AM

Re: Swineflu : The next wave
No. not out of the woods, but anyone aware enough can see we've been transmuting these things at a collective consciousness level, and things are smoothing out for us forward lookers quite nicely. I'm liking the wishful thinking. More should try it.

Tango 01-27-2010 02:22 AM

Re: Swineflu : The next wave
These, are out of the original Royal Rife manual:

The frequencies to KILL the Swine flu:

413 hz; 432 hz; 663 hz; 830 hz; 20 hz; 995 hz...



FIIISH 01-27-2010 05:49 AM

Re: Swineflu : The next wave

Thank you for your extremely comprehensive post.

This will be invaluable for those in need of this information.

bashi 01-27-2010 12:52 PM

Re: Swineflu : The next wave
Pineal: I am happy to hear that you have prepared yourself, and even more happy that up to now you were not required to use it.

Tango: Please post a picture of your frequency generator or of the electrical circuit board. How do you apply it?

Thank you, Fiiish. It is always better to read the actual post first before replying. If only one person READS and DIGEST the info and then ACT upon it, the purpose of this threat is fulfilled.

Everybody knows by now that at present the dominant form of the virus is statistically much less harmful than any vaccine. I actually recommend to get out among people, in order to get infected. I have stopped to take Vitamin supplements, so that I can still get my natural jab.
That would be the most healthiest natural way to build up immunity now.
But I would not recommend this when the D225 mutant is around…

Tango 01-27-2010 04:16 PM

Re: Swineflu : The next wave
No. I will Not post a picture... It is available on Google... A GB-4000

I will give the Phone number 1-800-550-5119 Contact person: Ellen

Questions go to Jeff Garf.




Originally Posted by bashi (Post 229459)
Pineal: I am happy to hear that you have prepared yourself, and even more happy that up to now you were not required to use it.

Tango: Please post a picture of your frequency generator or of the electrical circuit board. How do you apply it?

Thank you, Fiiish. It is always better to read the actual post first before replying. If only one person READS and DIGEST the info and then ACT upon it, the purpose of this threat is fulfilled.

Everybody knows by now that at present the dominant form of the virus is statistically much less harmful than any vaccine. I actually recommend to get out among people, in order to get infected. I have stopped to take Vitamin supplements, so that I can still get my natural jab.
That would be the most healthiest natural way to build up immunity now.
But I would not recommend this when the D225 mutant is around…

mu2143 01-27-2010 04:31 PM

Re: Swineflu : The next wave
I know that the PTB use pshyco warfare on people to make them go in to a state of " O it is another nothing" they do it a lot till you get hit with the real thing. Then it is like .....


I have be told by my spirit guide in the astral world to start taking my fish oil(COD).

burgundia 01-27-2010 04:45 PM

Re: Swineflu : The next wave
I am not going to worry about the next strain of whatever virus...what good is it going to do?

mu2143 01-27-2010 08:14 PM

Re: Swineflu : The next wave

I am not going to worry about the next strain of whatever virus...what good is it going to do?
The question about it is what are you going to do about it for your self and others. So that you can prepare ?

Becarefull by playing the victim, because it is not about fear but about responsibility. If you do not know whats coming then how do you going to protect your self.

Responsibility=the Ability to respond.

burgundia 01-27-2010 08:53 PM

Re: Swineflu : The next wave

Originally Posted by mu2143 (Post 229672)
The question about it is what are you going to do about it for your self and others. So that you can prepare ?

Becarefull by playing the victim, because it is not about fear but about responsibility. If you do not know whats coming then how do you going to protect your self.

Responsibility=the Ability to respond.

and how are you going to protect yourself apart from buying a mask and taking vitamin in order to boost your immune system?

mu2143 01-27-2010 10:10 PM

Re: Swineflu : The next wave

and how are you going to protect yourself apart from buying a mask and taking vitamin in order to boost your immune system?
Simple by using natural herbs and nutrition since my hobby was always find a way to improve my health. I've been researching health and nutrition for about 10 years.

I purchased most of my herbs in bulk and still have a large supply of them
And got a natural source of vitamin D from COD liver oil.

Green thee (kombucha) Coconut oil , cats claw, Island moss,kelp,Irish moss Catuaba bark,Bellaco-caspi,MMS,DMSO to name a view.

And I using Zeolite and Schindele's clay for detoxing from heavy metals.

And most and not least you protection from the virus by my spirit guides, but they do expect that you take the responsibility for protecting your self. they said to me that I should start to take my vis oil which was the COD liver oil I recently purchased.

You do not want to get sick and suffer all the way true if you have a way of procting your self.

There is plenty of knowledge out there to know what is good for you. I don't see why people go like o it is nothing additude and wait till they get hit .

Then how do you going to get something to cure your self if you have nothing at hand????? then your a victim and need to wait for somebody to save you, do you???when you have the option to prepare in case if you get hit or prevent from getting sick?

She-Ra 01-28-2010 08:39 PM

Re: Swineflu : The next wave
Thanks mu2143, I'll remember about the spirulina and h2o2 not being a good idea with flu (also bananas which stimulate mucus, something you try to get rid of when flu/cold is present).

Just a quick note - anyone taking tumeric (haldi/huldi) in powder form, remember it's used as a natural dye for food, skin and fabrics so don't get it on your clothes or nails!

WiNaDeYo 01-28-2010 11:42 PM

Re: Swineflu : The next wave

Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you SOOOOOOOOOO much for posting this information!

It's nice to find all the snips and pinches of info sprinkled everywhere finally all in one place!


mu2143 01-29-2010 12:06 AM

Re: Swineflu : The next wave

Thanks mu2143, I'll remember about the spirulina and h2o2 not being a good idea with flu (also bananas which stimulate mucus, something you try to get rid of when flu/cold is present)

Like bananas and other so called natural foods out there are old GMO's from 3e World (Sumerian). Like pineapple it brakes down meat. This can mean only one thing it is made in a lab.

gscraig 01-29-2010 06:41 AM

Re: Swineflu : The next wave
Yes, the Colloidal Silver data has been exactly what I sought, but didn't quite get all of this. Great Info!

I'm glad you posted the mask and goggles info too. I brainstormed this a few months ago, and realized that the n-95 and no goggles will prevent little infection. In addition to that, keep in mind your inner ears may create potential infection risks as well.
I found scattered throughout the internet that if you spray colloidal silver on your mask, face/around eyes, etc it provides you some resistance for a couple of hours. Found nothing that suggest otherwise.

I don't think the virus will be back considering the exposure and suspicion the WHO, BigPharm and CDC has fallen under, but being prepared is always safer than sorry.

Good stuff guys/gals.

mu2143 01-29-2010 05:52 PM

Re: Swineflu : The next wave
Bitter melon is also a good one to use, I just bumb in to it in a oriental shop in beverwijk.

Bitter lemon is a good anti-viral It as available dried or fresh in that shop

Here is more info on bitter melon

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