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Suriel 09-11-2008 03:30 PM

Astral Plane - A Reflection of Parallel Universes and Experiences
We are all connected. And those experiences we share and our creative thoughts manifest into another reality called the astral realm.

I have had many obes. I have seen our Human race in massive ships in other galaxies. The void is filled with screams of lost souls. The higher density realms are full of planets full of life. I even had an experience of being on a planet where high technological Humans live with the Dinosaurs. And the Chinese develop interstellar space travel.

Many blueprints of realities cross this reality. It is a really cool universe full of life and pain. But then there is the fact that we are all one soul living different experiences into separate camera angles.

Where am I going with this? Good question. I often wonder why I have been so involved in this feeling of being anxious about something. Maybe it is a feeling that something wonderful is going to happen. Maybe it is a mixture of fear and curiousity?

I believe that we are entering a new age of spiritual enlightenment and spiritual truth. This may cause Chaos on our planet. You would think that we have enough problems already. But in the end, things will get good for all of us.

Many of our possible futures and answers are already available to us in the Astral Realms. And the ones that are connecting are having more vivid astral experiences with cosmic information. This information is becoming a reality on Earth. The blueprint of astral information is creating the high technology and wisdom that is developing today.

I always try to look at the positive aspect on things. However, there is a struggle within ourselves between good and evil. It is a pendulum of choices. I only hope we make the good choices. For we are now reaching a critiical moment in our human evolution to have a spiritual revolution.

Shakesbeer 09-11-2008 04:56 PM

Re: Astral Plane - A Reflection of Parallel Universes and Experiences
The AP is very much a place of possibility, we got to remember that. I'm a relative new comer to this side of society but lucid dreaming is an ability I was given & have used it in all kinds of ways. Yes you can see the outcome to pretty much any and all things there, but that doesn't mean that is what the global consciousness will see and manifest as this shared reality. The more of us that start to us the AP to manifest positive change the better. The AP has been too dark for too long, let's brighten the place up a bit, what does everyone think? ;)

Suriel 09-11-2008 05:05 PM

Re: Astral Plane - A Reflection of Parallel Universes and Experiences
The astral realm has been something of an exploration of mine. I have heard some people say that they have had bad experiences and others have good. It could depend on how much a person has evolved spiritually or what their mindset is at the time. Certain energies drawing in others could affect each experience.

I do admit that there is much negativity in the lower dimensions. Many lost souls dwell there in the absence of the light.

The astral realm can have an influence on the third dimensional physical reality. But the manifestations of thoughts and feelings have an expression on the astral side. That is my experience anyway.

It is an interesting subject. I would love to hear if anyone else has had any astral experiences. Please share your stories. Thanks.

Shakesbeer 09-11-2008 05:50 PM

Re: Astral Plane - A Reflection of Parallel Universes and Experiences
I honestly could talk for days about all the things I've seen and done, a lot of which some wouldn't believe. I'm not trying to be an egotist or anything. At one point I realized "dude, you're one of those 'freaks' you had been hearing about and totally didn't even know.....what a jackass!" :shocked: ;) I seriously thought all of it was just in my head and it all was just information for the past day and what you thought was going to happen the next day (which it is in a sense but every time is "now" there). The rest of the "anomalies" as I would even call them I explained away via subconscious recall or some BS like that, no matter how "fantastic" things got. Until I stopped being an egotistical dick and started reading into stuff I thought was "crazy" to try to figure out what was going on with so many things that had persisted for me all my life. I posted a video journal of the time I put all the wittings to the test to prove it to myself which re-awakened my soul so to speak. HERE

That was 7-04-07 and within the past year I've had some incredible stuff happen, but all my life I had been having these amazing AP experiences that I thought where just my escape into "happy land"... :shocked::biggrin2: After I learned of the external implications, things have gotten much more interesting and so have the synchroncities.

The astral plane is a sweet subject though, is there somewhere in particular we should start? The AP is an infinite place afterall, so many choices ;)

Suriel 09-11-2008 09:21 PM

Re: Astral Plane - A Reflection of Parallel Universes and Experiences
I had something happen to me in one of my obe experiences. I guess now would be a good time to share it with the readers. It could lead into what will happen in the future.

If you are familiar with the screeching sound we all love to hear. After you break that barrier and fly through the wormhole, sometimes you don't know where you end up. But I had this one experience that I will never forget:

I ended up in the future. I mean way way way in the future. I was in another galaxy somewhere near Ursa Minor Constellation. I flew into or at a huge mothership with a symbol that looks like the seed of life inside of a circle. That was the blue logo on the ship. They were humans. And I had seem to catch them by surprise. They were not expecting me to find them. After I flew in the general area of their craft. They kept me in a suspended state of communication through telepathy. I tried to wake up and they would not let me go.

They told me to bring a message back to Earth. This huge holographic blue map of star systems hovered above my bed. I was awake in my bed and in the astral realm at the same time. There was a crew of Humans in the deck of their ship sending and downloading this infiormation into my brain.

All I can tell you now is I feel that it was very important. Unfortunately when I woke up, I forgot everything. So somewhere in my subconscious mind I have a map pointing to their location.

Keep in mind, readers, that we are talking about the astral plane. So, anything can happen there. But here are a few points I want to make about that experience. It was a confirmation to me that we are not alone in the Universe.

I don't know what is special about Ursa Minor. I'm not an astrologist or an astronomer. But the words, "Underground Society" did come up. I have no clue what that means either.

I searched for years for that logo on the internet and couldn't find it. Until recently when the crop circles started appearing. You can find it on cropcircleconnector.com.

That sacred geometric object was on the ship.

Anyway, that is only one of many experiences that I find to be a hidden clue to our future.


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