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MANCHILD 03-21-2010 07:33 PM

Seeing The Future

I thought I would share this future dream I had a while back.

I found myself living in a time of Chaos,Where I seen long lines
of people looking for food and living conditions.

As this was happening We were under attach from the North by
Russia,As people were running to the south they became under
attack by china.With nowhere to run,We became surrounded
And a Ufo came into the picture and took a hand full of us off
the Earth.As we were being transported We looked at the Sun
And seen a Large X flare shooting at the Earth,It looked like the
Sun grew Arms.

Than we found ourselfs on a strange planet That was highly advanced
The spirituallity was awesome as if everyone had the gift to change
into any thing they wanted to.It seemed like we were living in paradise

Here is a good video I found .I hope you enjoy it..

Hugs and Love to All.

MANCHILD 03-21-2010 09:44 PM

Re: Seeing The Future

Based on this dream .I came up with a theory.

If the sun is 98% of Mass the the Sun will have a 98% of say!!!

If it takes 26000 years to get us to 2012 dec 21

Than 26000 years ago this happened to the humans back than.

If a solar flare hit earth back than,It is possible that the radiation
Changed their DNA to a reptilian being that went under the earth

This is why we have stories of reptilians through out the ages

6000 years ago God put man and women back on Earth.
The Angels were used to seeing the reps and when they saw
women they were beautiful,Compared to the reptilians

The reptilians know what will happen in 2012 so they made a deal
with our Goverments and went underground to work with them to
get us ready.

The reps said you need to put reflective substance in the atmosphere
So the closer we get to 2012 the more Chemtrails we will see.
to block out the harmful dna changing rays.

The reps once looked just like us before they were hit by the solar flare
And have been working with us .So they can get there shape and form

I believe God gave me this dream for a reason.And if true
All the light workers who came to this planet to help,Will be
picked up and taken back to paradise.Where all things are possible

Thanks Much ! Love and Hugs to All

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