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peaceandlove 02-16-2010 08:43 PM

Gerald Celente on the US Annual economic report, US Jobs Bill
Gerald Celente on the US Annual economic report

February 12, 2010 - US Jobs Bill - Russia Today Interview

VIDEO (4:30): http://www.youtube.com/user/GeraldCe.../0/vOsfotsEIrY

From: G. Edward Griffin

US: Jobs bill carries provision to extend term of the Patriot Act. Instead of promoting it openly, politicians are burying the unpopular legislation inside another bill. Because of this, it is expected to pass. CQ Politics 2010 Feb 11 (Cached)

Feb. 11, 2010

New Extension Likely for Key Patriot Act Provisions

The Senate may vote on a second temporary extension of several controversial counterterrorism authorities as part of the jobs bill unveiled Thursday.

The draft bill carries language that would extend until Dec. 31 three expiring provisions of the antiterrorism law known as the Patriot Act.

The three provisions were set to expire at the end of 2009. But ...

Continues: http://www.cqpolitics.com/wmspage.cf...y-000003293125

SOURCE: http://www.realityzone.com/currentperiod.html G. Edward Griffins' site

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