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Tango 02-26-2010 12:28 PM

Reality Report with Special Agent Joe Banister
* * * SEE THE VIDEO * * *

Riveting Interview... Gary Franchi does a Great Job...

Reality Report former IRS Special Agent Joseph Banister joins Gary to weigh in on Joseph Stack's attack on the IRS building in Austin. Franchi also presents stories on Citigroup's recent bank run prevention plan and Ron Paul's recent straw poll victory at CPAC. We also unspin ABC's attempts at demonizing patriots, expose CNN's simulation, present Utah's recent legislative action against the Federal Government and spot light on Glenn Beck's ratings drop. Gary brands a new "Enemy of the State" and reads from the mailbag.




Tango 02-26-2010 12:32 PM

Re: Reality Report with Special Agent Joe Banister
Gary, you hit the nail on the head in RR 32 when you said that Glenn Beck is just another mainstream media talking head. He's proven it time and time again by getting himself in the middle of some noteworthy cause as if he's going to lend some credibility to it, then piddling in the punchbowl so that everybody associated with the cause loses credibility. But that's a typical tactic in getting people to ignore those who are trying to get the truth out: infiltrate, build trust, then do something totally inane (or insane, if you like) to destroy the credibility of the group. Beck resorts to ad hominem on a frequesnt basis, so you know his arguments can't stand the scrutiny of dealing with real evidence. Puzzles me why so many people still listen to this guy. I guess they haven't figured out that mainstream media are anything but "fair and balanced". Keep up the good work, Gary.




Fredkc 02-26-2010 01:08 PM

Re: Reality Report with Special Agent Joe Banister
"fair and balanced"...


So hard to explain to folk, so they'll remember it but:

TV News either sells soap, panty liners, and soda, or it's gone.
Just like everything else on TV.

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