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ijiaii 10-08-2008 11:46 AM

After Scrolling down topics, I thought umm... so much here??...

But for me LOVE has always been the greatest healer!

And It's in all of US, its in our DNA, it cannot be denied., It was the part put in from one who loved you. because you were you. that was enough,.. that's all, You Being You.

If we choose to awaken it...

It is from a Cause where this frequency and all that goes with it is an effect!!

LOVE is the Greatest Healer.

IT can Heal All Of U.S.

Stories of Love exist in every age, but it is the stories of Love that you live now, that will determine the end result of this age...

I am a traveler, when I hear stories about love, I think about love, I feel love.., I Imagine Love.

I may have a story of my own bout' love,.. but hearing your stories about Love opens me to see the Love in You.


Racsouran 10-08-2008 11:57 AM

Re: Love

whitecrow 10-09-2008 01:45 PM

Re: Love

Originally Posted by ijiaii (Post 43720)
...for me LOVE has always been the greatest healer!

And It's in all of US, its in our DNA, it cannot be denied.

Deep truth here.

Health is spiritual as well as physical.

We should give some thought to how we define love. We have but the one word in English to refer to a whole range of emotions and attitudes. This is unfortunate, and I believe it has corroded our understanding.

Love in this instance is not warm and fuzzy. It's the driving force of the Universe, and it's implacable. It is the devourer as well as the nurturer. And yet we can easily learn to tap into its creative power.

When love appears as the enemy, it is we who are out of synch with the universe. It is we who require the adjustment, not our environment.

Yes, it is in our DNA. We require it as surely as we require sunlight. Yet we also pervert it. Love can heal every ailment, psychic, physical, spiritual, social.

First we have to learn what it is.

One 66 10-09-2008 06:50 PM

Re: Love
No one can LEARN what Love is... but Feel what Love is... from that point on, KNOW what Love is... how one is used by it then is up to them...

Love & Light,

One 66

conjuredUp 10-09-2008 07:10 PM

Re: Love
I have a habit...

I stand in checkout lines behind rushed and harried people and I soften them.
I focus inwardly on my heart chakra and get it all spun up.
I hold all that love/power in until I feel I might burst then I say to myself,
"Go forward and out and land upon who wants and needs you. Make them feel the love. For the greater good of all."

Cause I figure? If I am standing there loving everyone in the supermarket check out line and even ONE person there feels what I am sending them?
Then the love exuding out into the universe is TRIPLED just then.

Today? I was in line at Kmart (ewww) and man, were those people NOT in a good mood. So I centered myself. Got my love mojo going and radiated it out.... not only did I make my experience better, but the kid in front of me? He leaned over and kissed his mom.

The cashier that was allowing herself to get frustrated at the long lines? She relaxed and started smiling then wishing other's well.

And that was just in Kmart!

I've got love stories too. Deep ones and fuzzy ones. I don't think there's a difference at all. Because if someone is focused on loving at that moment in time? Then only love can find them.

GREAT post!


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