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THE eXchanger 03-18-2010 05:07 AM

Re: What is your sign?
is there an astrology expert in the house ???

i know if you take my chart, and, relocate it

it cuts ireland in half, goes thru the heart of glastonbury,
and, lands in the middle of merlin's cave

(and, likely if i could find that photo that ANT did ,
of the top of The Thor, might even travel thru
my old favourite haunt of Cadbury Hill)

annemirri 03-18-2010 08:05 AM


Originally Posted by hollylindin (Post 258786)

My God, WHAT is this "7" business all about?! :lmfao: You have so many sevens around you, it blows my mind, Annemirri. Do you create anything (paintings, poems, inventions, etc.) that you could incorporate this "7" effect into?

I have to be careful here, people do not like people who like to be more...
too special :original:.

My brother is 7 as well, born 25th of July, and he shared some of my alien/future contacts.

You are quite amazing person yourself HOLLY, no wonder that your name is

The number seven is the number that connects me to ANGELS,
there is something in me that makes certain things happen,
there were times when even strangers walked over to my tables in cafes to touch me, as they had seen an angel standing behind me...

I closed all that down, over seven years ago
as people do not like people who are too much.

And I may be one of the few people on this forum who can prove their alien contacts.

Maybe it is time to come back, rise the vibration back where it was.

and yes I used to paint...911 event before it happened, potraits like Leonardo Da Vinci, a long story here..
I destroyed all my paintings.

But, I started to paint again after those seven poor years, a year ago..
new style, blues, abstract.

and I used to write poems...but no more.


Originally Posted by hollylindin (Post 258786)

I've seen that myself with "18" (my favourite number.) and "818" (the time of day I was born). They tend to pop up EVERYWHERE

You are very special person, spiritual but grounded ,

you have a MISSION in life.:original:


annemirri 03-18-2010 08:27 AM


Originally Posted by redtailhawk (Post 258799)

.. He turned out to be a sorcerer and practiced black magic...he was really creepy. I remember feeling set up by some "trickster" force...what a lesson in discernment and the paranormal.

Most Interesting story, Thank You redtailhawk sharing! :original:

I had something similar, but I can only tell how it began...

Years ago I sat alone in a restaurant, when a handsome man came talk to me,
asking if I were a firehorse (born 1966) and a scorpio, and if I do have the lines in my palms making the figure M.

I said "yes" to all those questions.

I later learned that his ex girlfriend was a day younger than me, (a scorpio, a firehorse with those Ms) ,
but looking like my total opposite (I am blonde, slim, she had dark long hair and very full figures, a real beauty!),

and that the man's childhood friend was my first great love, back fourteen years, (and pastlives in ancient Egypt ),
the only one who was aware that our real home was beyond the stars...

and the man's new girlfriend was the young woman who had come to talk to me a month ago as I looked so familiar...

so we all were connected one way or another,
although we lived and live in different parts of the world!


CÚline 03-18-2010 08:37 AM

Re: What is your sign?
Numbers and signs...companions in my life.

333 is the number that repeats in my life...

i am a virgo, though anyone who knows me could gues sthat easily.

annemirri 03-18-2010 08:45 AM

Re: What is your sign?

Originally Posted by CÚline (Post 258999)

333 is the number that repeats in my life...

333 is a higher octave of 9,

closure in 3 D, closure in three dimensional experience . :lol3:

Virgoes are practical and clean...good bankers.


aloha 03-18-2010 08:54 AM

Re: What is your sign?

Photo moderated.

Sorry aloha, but beastiality doesn't make up part of this forum, even if the animal is an arthropod.

However, I do agree that we Scorpions are pretty intense!


they are pretty intense - I love'm

annemirri 03-18-2010 09:32 AM

Re: What is your sign?

Originally Posted by aloha (Post 259002)
they are pretty intense -

It is so sad that many still see scorpions only as
passionate sex objects ! :nono:

There is the EAGLE scorpion in me who has left all that behind long time ago....:original:


raulduke 03-18-2010 09:40 AM

Re: What is your sign?
This thread is a cool read. I don't know **** about astrology, I'm basically neutral on it. I like the fact that my sign is a lion, cause i love lions and i've always had quite a mane of hair, back in the day, kids would call me mufasa. :lol3:.

I do know that this body art is awesome though, thx illuminate.:original:



Originally Posted by illuminate (Post 258592)

I guess i am kinda skeptical of astrology though. On the surface (which, admitedly, is as far as I've looked) it seems a pretty arbitrary way of ascribing traits and tendancies.

I guess the deepest I've looked into astrology is a pretty negatively biased side, Penn and Teller's Bullsh!t show. You guys are all so nice here, I almost hate to ask you to watch this but I would like to get some of your opinions on this show, because I'm thinking that this is a really biased view point likely, but I really have no frame of referance.

A warning though, it's from showtime, so there's plenty of swears from Penn and he's pretty loud too, but I do think they make some interseting points, mostly about those who would charge for readings. The last half of the third part is the most concerning, when people come to astrologers for life decisions.

(also, nother WARNING, don't wanna get in trouble here, it's showtime and its Penn and Teller, so there's some brief boobies at the end of the third part.:naughty:)

Kulapops 03-18-2010 09:53 AM

Re: What is your sign?

Originally Posted by Harper (Post 258754)

Its such a mixed massage that life gives us though,

I know... don't cha just love mixed massages ???


aloha 03-18-2010 10:20 AM

Re: What is your sign?

yes Anne, SCORPIO has another side too . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I've always loved the mountains

taomation 03-18-2010 10:45 AM

Re: What is your sign?
That is quite a contradiction. Comes across much different than he is. The most agressive sign rising and the most passive sign sun. Very interested in truth and seeing beyond the surface. Peaceful warrior?

ellie 03-18-2010 11:06 AM

Re: What is your sign?
25th of March, year of the horse but I aint telling which one. he,he.

I am a master no 11 so that will give you a clue.

burgundia 03-18-2010 11:15 AM

Re: What is your sign?
Aquarius...February 11...

pedro m.b. 03-18-2010 11:53 AM

Re: What is your sign?
27 july 1973

i┤m leo


and oxen


Cymatic Veilbegone 03-18-2010 01:05 PM

Re: What is your sign?

JuLiSsa 03-18-2010 01:12 PM

Re: What is your sign?
I am * Cancer *

born few minutes after midnight

on July 2 :blush-anim-cl:

Antonia 03-18-2010 01:14 PM

Re: What is your sign?
Scorpio. novemebr 1st... Capricorn rissing....moon in Taurus....

I read some where that Atlantis sank on November 1st.... and thought typical...story of my life eh?... Mind you it must have taken more then a day to get through all those earth changes...maybe it all started on November 1st?.... I have past life memory of being a bad person in Atlantis... a dark preist/ess of the dark kabal.... have come a long way since then...am a much nicer person today and live for and with the light.... peace to you all...

5thElement 03-18-2010 05:43 PM

Re: What is your sign?
Sun, Moon and Ascedant all:harp: ...in Scorpio

Angel in Disguise 03-18-2010 05:51 PM

Re: What is your sign?
So many Scorpios here... Somehow I'm not surprised :wink2:

Harper 03-18-2010 06:04 PM

Re: What is your sign?

Did I write mixed massages, dont know what I musta been thinking of...

So angel, no not very surprising is it? All those detectives....

Twas a pleasure having all these lovely conversations with you all.

'Keep a cool head and give the odd look around', a friend of my father's used to say and I think its very apt at the moment.

For those going to the new site, be well and happy and to the rest of us I hope sunny days are ahead:original:

MANCHILD 03-19-2010 07:10 PM

Re: What is your sign?

This is the secret sign The 13th Ophiuchus,

Oprah ,Winston Chuchhill,

11 = master Number

30 = the end 3+0= 3 trinity

19= 10 perfect

58 = 13 5 and 8 and 13 fibernacci code

The manchild is born opens seals in heaven

Bible code who are we ?????

Thanks Much !!! Hugs and Love to All

Check it out...........http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTW8o5XSOpk

Gringo 03-19-2010 07:34 PM

Re: What is your sign?
hello I don't know much about this subject but im scorpio' born oct. 25, 1968, 7:00 am, and i have the m markings in my palms...don't know if im a firehorse or not thuogh, can someone enlighten me on the "m" on the palms and any thing else?

aloha 03-19-2010 07:41 PM

Re: What is your sign?

"The sky doesn't need to read self-help books to make itself blue."

TRANCOSO 03-19-2010 07:42 PM

Re: What is your sign?
Sun in Virgo
Ascendant Leo

Earth & Fire

MANCHILD 03-19-2010 08:12 PM

Re: What is your sign?
I was thinking that not only do we have a birth dates
We also have birth Marks,

The most birth marks talked about are the number 666

And the other is the spare of destiny that went through Jesus

If you have a birth mark like these 2 you are very important

to the PTB ,It is said who ever has the spare of destiny can rule

the World,But the person with the birth mark of Jesus Christ

spare wound in his side that had him say father it is finished

So the birth date plus the birth sign is what the story is all about.

Thank Much !!!!! Hugs and Love to All....

Is the one with the true power

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