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Relayer 04-13-2009 01:52 AM

911Oz: Please join and support them...
To ALL Project Avalon Members

On Saturday the 11th of April, at the David Icke Convention, I had the pleasure to meet up with a couple from Sydney that have formed an organization called 911oz.
They are heavily involved in exposing the truth about the tragic 911 disaster.
I have to say that eight years on, many of us have forgotten what the American government did to their own people just so they could fulfill their own agenda/s.
911oz is dedicated in exposing this criminal act and are trying to make ALL Australians aware of the evil we face within governments.
911oz are a voluntary and non-profit organization. They freely give out DVD's, flyers and many other items paid by contributions and out of their own pockets.
You can find them on the following web site:
Please support these dedicated and passionate people by subscribing to their newsletter and Forum. You will find them with a wealth of information and knowledge. And if you can donate any money to help them in their fight that would be fantastic.
I thank you sincerely for any support you can give to these wonderful people.
Please take care and peace to you all.
Love, :wub2:


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