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GregorArturo 03-10-2010 07:44 PM

The Wanderer
Nietzsche once talked in depth about the wanderer, most specifically in his book: We're All Too Human. He goes in depth to discuss and contemplate what a free spirit is. I hope to share some of my perspective with you with a first hand account of a wanderer.

I got a couple YouTube vids up with more to come. I hitchhiked from Scottsdale to Sedona a couple days ago, and currently hanging out a coffee shop with Claudia, soon to depart to go meditate at one of its inspiring vortexes.

My vids can be found on my YouTube channel along with my Prometheus Initiative work. Also, if anyone wants to add it on the concept of the wanderer feel free. It's a great conversation.


We am the Moment (An introduction about me)

Storm in Sedona

joe2288 03-10-2010 07:50 PM

Re: The Wanderer
I thought about doing something crazy like that, but my mom would flip

good luck on your trip bro.


hippihillbobbi 03-12-2010 08:59 AM

Re: The Wanderer

You are such a good hippie, Tango's friend!! hope you find OODLES of "synchronicities" as you journey in the NOW, you son-of-the-sixties (a man "after-my-own-heart! LOL ) :naughty:

OOPS! almost forgot to sign-off appropriately.


Boober 03-12-2010 09:09 AM

Re: The Wanderer
I scribed to your shiznit. cool stuff

FIIISH 03-12-2010 04:46 PM

Re: The Wanderer

Looks like you guys are having 'fun'.

Hope you enjoy Sedona.

Take care.... :thumb_yello:

GregorArturo 03-13-2010 07:47 PM

Re: The Wanderer
Hey all, thanks for the positive warming support. We just got back after camping two nights out near Boynton Canyon. We've managed to run into some crazy characters thanks to our good ole friend the universe, and its love for synchronistic patterns.

And the pictures I got wow wow and more wow! I got one of the best shots of my career a few days ago with it snowing on the mountains and low level clouds moving in and out of the ravines. I'll try to get the pics up along with some other interesting vids. I should be back at Tango's soon to do some more Prometheus Initiative work with an idea that will blow you away. Thanks all!

THE eXchanger 03-13-2010 07:52 PM

Re: The Wanderer
you are a bright light,
in this world, shine your light, as, best as you possibility can


GregorArturo 03-17-2010 05:35 PM

Re: The Wanderer
A compiled video of several smaller vids of our travels to Sedona:

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