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mr.komie 10-23-2008 07:47 PM

does anyone in the UK wanna live?
hi guys and gals, south london here. ive been reading and posting in the various threads that are close to me, s.east, london and surrounding counties and im getting extremely concerned that people are worrying/shutting down when we should be talking and meeting to get things rolling. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE and from what im seeing, nothing is happening. theres nothing wrong in getting prepared, even if its only a few things bought every month like water filtration bottles, gold, fire starting equipment, tools, maps and plans that have been laminated to protect them, warm clothing or anything else!

does anyone in the UK wanna ease themselves into this crisis or are u going to wait until ur money is worthless and ur children or urselves being rounded up and chemicaled up so ur brain doesnt work properly? are u worried about the price of ur mortgage or the car payments? i personally think the system needs to fall and should be encouraged to as its NOT our system, its theirs!

i never want to be the doom and gloom man but i want to live and i also want to meet people that want to live to in order to make it a much more viable solution to live and prosper without these scumbags in so-called control. i would love to see what 2012 brings for humans but there doesnt seem to be that willingness to stop watching boringnation street and munching on the aspartame/msg low fat snack bars....

...please feel free to pull me up on my attitude or to add something ive missed... any response is better than none!

anyways, peace and love KE

Nethros 10-24-2008 09:20 AM

Re: does anyone in the UK wanna "leave"?
I share your passion. I think anyone serious about this needs to learn basic survival skills, and other basic skills to firstly become more independant so firstly they are ready should we become part of any manifesting crisis.

Personally I consider this only the first step, yes there is talk of whether this will all result in a positive progression in human history where we realise that we need to change for the good, or whether the PTB are engineering the NWO and we are seeing this manifesting itself right now. The next big step for anyone willing is to re-locate and start a new society or societies. Much like the ones talked about by Michael St Clair. To do that requires sacrificing everything and I know not alot of people would be willing. But I see this as a truly positive and creative move and one which seems appropriate for the times we are heading. Why put up with all this engineered mayhem and all this suffering and enslavement when we can truly be free! The Earth provides everything we need to live, so why are we wasting our time plodding along like good slaves. The system needs us, we don't need it!

Is anyone out there willing to start a new society far away from all this systematic destruction and enslavement? What will it take to wake people up? We all know something is wrong but half of us won't act on it. We'll keep waking up each morning hoping everything is going to be ok, but it's not.

This is just the begining!

mr.komie 10-24-2008 12:07 PM

Re: does anyone in the UK wanna live?
hello neth... nice to here from u. im willing to drop everything. i have no mortgage, kids, debts and am willing to disappear from these god forsaken cities of rubbish and selfishness. i have bought seeds of many types for storage and have been buying personal portable water filtration bottles, small solar chargers, wind up lw/sw radios, windup torches/chargers, knives/machettes for all sorts of uses and water purification tablets by the 1000's and ive changed what money i have to gold.

ill pm u today on a meeting im trying to get going...

...stay safe, KE

clydebuilt 10-25-2008 03:55 PM

Re: does anyone in the UK wanna live?
Hi Berkshire on the map here, watching all that is going and have been getting things together for sometime now, got rid of the TV 4 years ago so my mind is free also been meditating to see what that brings, not many people around that see or believe what is going on, they think we ar crazy so be it....

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