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carriblu 03-26-2010 12:24 AM

Marcel Messing
hey everyone, i would have posted this at the new forum if i had an account as there's a whole discussion going on over there about Marcel but since i don't i figured i would start it here and see if anyone was up for a task. if not, then this thread can just become a general discussion about marcel...

I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in translating Marcel's website from dutch into english. i tried an online translator but they're never really too good. The interview with Bill, as great as it was, was pretty broad and from what i could read from the online translations, he goes into specifics on the website. if anyone is interested in him and happens to speak dutch and is willing, i would really appreciate it. I know there are employed camelot translators and if one of them happens to read this thread and has some spare time or is interested in marcel, please consider. If you didn't want to do the whole thing that would be fine, as there's a lot of info there, but if you could look through his stuff and post anything important in this thread i'm sure many would appreciate it. thanks!

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