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cpl1516 09-08-2008 06:07 AM

Cafayate community/phyle in Argentina .
A community in Cafayate, Argentina is currently being built and established. You too can purchase land and property here if you wish. You could start by checking out www.laestanciadecafayate.com.

Cafayate was founded by Doug Casey (see his website at www.caseyresearch.com). Many people subscribing to any of Casey Research's publications are setting up "Phyles" around the world. A phyle is a group of people who share common interests and get together to share information, details, insights. They could be called small communities.

cpl1516 09-08-2008 04:36 PM

Re: Cafayate community/phyle in Argentina .
1 Attachment(s)
Attached is a brief introduction to the Cafayate project by Doug Casey.

cpl1516 09-08-2008 05:37 PM

Re: Cafayate community/phyle in Argentina .
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Attached is the Project Avalon map of South America showing the planned-to-be virtually self sufficient Cafayate community (see previous attachment of Doug Casey's article) and its close proximity to Henry Deacon's purported "safe area".

Further details to follow.

Henry Deacon 09-11-2008 07:48 PM

Re: Cafayate community/phyle in Argentina .
i just took a quick peek at your map of Cafayate.

i have not scouted out that terrain enough.
Check the altitude; surrounding mountains? ; water; ariable land; population density. Compare those demographics and more with the area circle on the map posted on Project Camelot.

It may be better than most areas. Do not have enough time to look further at the moment.

One might think that the S. Hemisphere would be a better choice but that was based upon old planning - some related to nuclear fallout patterns, etc. That planning and projection(s) no longer applies.

Best Wishes

Chris1617 09-12-2008 04:20 AM

Re: Cafayate community/phyle in Argentina .
Hi Henry,

Most of the information you are asking about is in the 2nd post here (my 8th, recently changed my user name). The rest and very much more is available at the website.

How wmuch safer the southern hemisphere would be is not something that "no longer applies." What actually did apply before, obviously still applies. Some may have overstated the safety of the southern hemisphere, but it would certainly be a safer bet than the northern hemisphere, with the caveat that no place could be guaranteed safe in a global holocaust.

Take your time and check it all out. It looks a really beautiful place just to live in. There is a lot there at the website, where I believe you can ask for more details. I hope myself to put more details up in the future too, when time permits.

Nice meeting you.


Jonathon 09-12-2008 05:26 AM

Re: Cafayate community/phyle in Argentina .
Hey Chris - that really is a beautiful place.

As for location, it could be that the odds for nuclear holocaust have diminished and the primary concern is shifting to landlocked elevation (perhaps a flood scenario). I'm no authority here by any means... I'm still trying to figure out if the mountainous area of Ecuador is too close to the coast. But I would like to share some interesting information that came my way yesterday.

I was speaking with a friend whose son was a nuclear engineer employed by a DoD contractor in the 70s and 80s. Although he was generally pretty tight lipped about his work (obviously classified), she mentioned some of the peculiar stories he would tell his father during vacations at home. One of which was about a pill he carried with him at all times that he was instructed to take in a situation where he might be compromised (apparently to wipe his memory). Even more intriguing was little tale about thousands (she believes he said 100,000 but didn't remember for sure) of nuclear weapons that suddenly failed - as in went completely inert. He was pressed to figure out why... which he was completely unable to do. The situation apparently defied all explanation.

I immediately thought of something David Wilcock said in an interview... about ETs disabling nuclear weapons and the analogy of the sandbox - whereby certain protective forces will interfere as needed to prevent nuclear catastrophe due to the nature of interdimensional damage that would occur. I wouldn't exactly call this a guarantee, but it could have some bearing on this discussion of safe areas.

Chris1617 09-12-2008 03:00 PM

Re: Cafayate community/phyle in Argentina .
Hi Jonathon,

I was interested in Ecuador when much younger. My reason for buying in Cafayate is not primarily for a safety zone, though it may certainly have such excellent potential. For me it's part investment, part vacation home for when I want to visit S. America and to use as a base to see S. America at my leisure. It is healing to have a wonderful place to visit and recharge oneself at any time, whether that time be joyful or troublesome.

Personally I do not think any ETs will prevent us from nuking ourselves to death if we are foolish enough to attempt that. Any, anywhere in the universe, who feel they need to do that and set it in motion need also to suffer the consequences in order to learn, just as with any lesson. The "dimensional damage" hypothesis is a red herring and also an unknowable IMO. Spirits will not be adversely affected by a nuclear holocaust, because they cannot be adversely affected by anything. Spirit is absolutely incorruptible.

For what it is worth, IMO the danger of nuclear holocaust is farther out in the future than most care to think. It needn't happen, of course, but if it does IMO many from the US and other places like Europe will ride it out in other lands like S. America because there will have been a gradual relocation over a period of perhaps decades. They will, as one prophetic source puts it "Come out of her so as not to partake of her sins [read apparent unnatural level of suffering caused by nuclear holocaust]." I am not especially interested in this source, and I'm aware of the countless others that insist if it's to be it is nearly imminent, but my own detailed research over the decades and my own inspirations have shown me differently. I am writing a book on this which I plan to finish and publish in a few years, when the timing is right.

It is good to be a participant in developing places like this Cafayate project. If I do not keep the place myself it will serve someone else well in the future, for whatever purpose.

Nice talking with you Jonathon.

Chris1617 09-19-2008 06:37 PM

Re: Cafayate community/phyle in Argentina .

Originally Posted by Henry Deacon (Post 7439)
i just took a quick peek at your map of Cafayate.

i have not scouted out that terrain enough.
Check the altitude; surrounding mountains? ; water; ariable land; population density. Compare those demographics and more with the area circle on the map posted on Project Camelot.

It may be better than most areas. Do not have enough time to look further at the moment.

One might think that the S. Hemisphere would be a better choice but that was based upon old planning - some related to nuclear fallout patterns, etc. That planning and projection(s) no longer applies.

Best Wishes

Hello Henry,

It has only just dawned on me who you are. Your avatar details just went right over my head. Didn't register. I've very much appreciated the information you have brought forward to the public and would like to thank you for having the courage to do so.

You probably know by now, but as you are probably even busier than me here are answers to your points on Cafayate: altitude is 1660m; surrounding mountains are some kilometers away but in view from every home site in the community; natural spring water runs through the properties, supplies all grape vines, and waters the Bob Cupp designed golf course; two natural lakes, I believe fed from the spring water, with fish for fishing being designed; arable land plots range from around 1/2 acre up to 4.4 acres and all are encouraged to grow organic produce of nuts, olives, veges, grapes etc; gardeners and maids available from nearby Cafayate; population about 12,000 in nearby Cafayate; community will have up to 300 homesteads, currently 90-100; 300 days of sunshine a year; temps ranging from 6 degrees to 28 degrees throughout year; no more than couple of days of frost per year, I believe. Outside Cafayate seems sparsely populated.

I'd be very interested to hear why you say "That planning and projection(s) no longer applies" with respect to safety of S. America. Is this because the dangers seen as most likely, or at least most imminent, now are Earth, climate and geological changes rather than nuclear war. Cafayate is certainly far enough inland and high enough in altitude to be safe from the La Palma mega tsunami.

Kind regards,


Chris1617 09-28-2008 03:13 AM

Newsletter with community site map May 2008.
2 Attachment(s)
Here's a copy of the May 2008 newsletter "El Estanciero" for the Cafayate community. The site map is a bit small but will give you some idea. Click on the thumbnail images to enlarge.



Chris1617 09-28-2008 01:45 PM

Re: Cafayate community newsletter site plan.
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This repro of p1 and the site plan was entered at higher definition but it may have come out the same end quality.


Chris1617 09-28-2008 02:21 PM

Re: La Estancia de Cafayate community August newsletter.
4 Attachment(s)
Here's a copy of the La Estancia de Cafayate August newsletter "El Estanciero" showing new vine planting being prepared, and with comments from Bob Cupp.


Chris1617 10-01-2008 05:08 AM

Re: Cafayate community: Homes.

Individual homesites have been located to provide privacy between neighboring properties, to help assure quality views, and to respect the productive areas of vineyards and agriculture.

Each homesite has a unique relationship with the surrounding landscape. In some instances the landscape will relate to the natural setting while in other cases the homesite may relate closely to vineyards, agricultural fields, and grazing pastures.

The homes and homesites of La Estancia de Cafayate total approximately 350 and are being offered in small phases.

Examples of the beautiful Spanish style Calchaqui homes for La Estancia de Cafayate together with house plans can be seen here:

Chris1617 10-01-2008 05:16 AM

Re: Cafayate community 350 homesites.
To date, I believe, around 100 homesites have been taken which leaves around 250 more up for the taking.

“La Estancia de Cafayate includes approximately 1500 Acres of land with spectacular mountain views. The land brings together a balance between architecture, recreation and agriculture with magnificent beauty.

Architect Jack Zehren has carefully woven the homesites of La Estancia into the existing landforms, creating a community that is integrally linked to its place. Each of the 350 homesites will border open space, whether vineyard, golf course, field, or woodland.”


Chris1617 10-09-2008 04:11 PM

Re: Cafayate community in Argentina .
"Argentina is the place to be," and the Salta region embracing Cafayate is a rich cultural jewel of Argentina.

In a column in the Rude Awakening last autumn, Doug Casey wrote about Argentina. Casey has been in the money game for several decades. He owns property all over the world. And he speaks glowingly of Argentina: "Argentina is the place to be," he writes:

"It's the cheapest country in the world. It has low population [density, is]
incredibly beautiful, the climate is great. One hundred years ago, it was in
competition with the U.S. for being the best place in the world, and the richest place. But it went downhill radically. But let me tell you something. It's turning around, I think. And what's going to happen is driven by the fact that everything in Argentina costs between 10-30% of what it costs in North America."

Chris1617 10-09-2008 04:50 PM

La Estancia de Cafayate in the "New York Times" & list of planned amenities.
Napa. Tuscany. Bordeaux. Cafayate.

Four of the world’s finest wine regions, four of the world’s most gorgeous landscapes. Only one of them is still a secret.

Tucked into the mountains of northwestern Argentina is a perfect microclimate: a temperate valley drenched with sunshine and groundwater. People have been growing grapes, riding horses, and savoring life here for centuries.

A few dream of joining them, in a community centered on wine, horses, and the good things in life. This is our vision. This is La Estancia de Cafayate. And you are invited to become a Charter Member.

“…for those looking for a ride back in time, the smart money is on Cafayate in the Salta province of Argentina. A casual mix of Napa and Sedona; with more arts and crafts than a Martha Stewart house as well as a thriving wine industry.”
New York Times, Travel Section

Legendary investor Doug Casey knows a good thing when he sees one. In his opinion, Cafayate is one of the best.

"I have dedicated my adult life to making the most of my personal freedom and financial opportunity around the world. I've been coming to Argentina since 1980, and for the foreseeable future, Argentina is my top choice of the over 175 countries where I've spent time. It is that perfect combination of breathtaking landscape, excellent climate, sophisticated culture, social stability, and tremendous value. And Cafayate defines that opportunity. It is unspoiled and undiscovered." Doug Casey, August 2007

Doug's right. Cafayate offers discerning individuals the perfect combination of a world-class, frontier wine region in a fantastic climate, yet still accessible at an outstanding value. Working with local Argentine partners Doug found the perfect location: a 1200-acre paradise of sun, sky, wine, and water between two spectacular mountain ranges. Vineyards and acequias (open water channels used for irrigation) fade into dunes and arroyos, and the land opens up to the sky. Though just a mile from the quaint town, La Estancia feels like a haven, miles from anywhere.

Because it is intended for La Estancia de Cafayate to become a true community of families and friends from around the world a number of world-class amenities have been planned:

• 60-100 hectares of shared-ownership vineyards -- With your property you also pick up bragging rights as owning a vineyard in Argentina!! (And the wines from this area are excellent);

• Vintner's Heath Golf Course -- An 18-hole Bob Cupp-designed golf course with a clubhouse, driving range and short game practice facility. This will be one of the finest golf courses in all of Argentina, and even South America;

• Authentic Argentine equestrian experience -- With stabling and pasturing facilities for private and community horses;

• Riding trails, also used for nature walks and mountain biking -- A network will weave throughout the property, but don't stop there; this is horse country, so you can even ride into town!;

• Polo field and associated facilities;

• Tennis, bocce & parcours facilities;

• Social clubhouse with concierge services and all the amenities for civilized living -- Including restaurant, bar and lounge, wine cellars, locker rooms, game room, cigar lounge, business center and meeting rooms and small movie theater;

• Full-service Spa -- With multiple swimming pools, locker rooms, fitness center and treatment rooms;

• Kids clubhouse -- With game room, food services and separate pool;

• Pueblito -- A small village center with asado (barbeque) cabin, small shops with crafts and conveniences, gathering and game spaces;
Cafayate Concierge -- A dedicated staff that will be available around the clock to assist in making your time in the country a rich, no-hassle experience, and look after things on a turn-key basis when you are away.

Chris1617 10-13-2008 04:09 PM

Re: Cafayate community in Argentina.
3 Attachment(s)
Some other maps of the Cafayate and Salta area.

Chris1617 10-14-2008 04:22 PM

Re: Cafayate community in Argentina.
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A typical Cafayate plot.

Chris1617 10-19-2008 04:07 AM

Re: Cafayate community in Argentina.
The following is from the October issue of "El Estanciero" newsletter for the Cafayate community. Here again is the URL if you wish to initiate contact: www.laestanciadecafayate.com:

News on Vintage 2009 Release

For those of you looking to introduce friends or relatives to the good life in Cafayate, or even to purchase an additional homesite, you’ll be happy to learn that the team is hard at work preparing to open the next phase which, in keeping with the wine culture that imbues our little valley, will be called the Vintage 2009 Release.

While we wish we could provide more details at this time, there is no hurrying quality and so we must ask your patience a little longer. Lead architect and California-based land planner Jack Zehren is hard at work with the local design team planning the next phase to the high standards we insist upon.

We can tell you, however, that the Vintage 2009 Release of new homesites is now scheduled for March of 2009....

That’s it from here for this month. We hope that you are faring well in the challenging financial circumstances now occurring. If it is any comfort, and it should be, your new home in this quiet and peaceful corner of the world is quickly taking shape.

We look forward to your next visit.

Warm Regards,

Diane Romero & Florencia Chapar,
your team of El Estanciero.

Pacal 11-21-2008 08:00 PM

Re: Cafayate community/phyle in Argentina .
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Imprimanlo y tengalo a mano que algun dia les hara falta.


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Chris1617 11-22-2008 03:23 PM

Re: Cafayate community in Argentina .
You seem to have miss posted this Pacal.

This thread is solely about the community in Cafayate Argentina. Your post being on gnosis will better serve the community and be more widely read under a spiritual thread.



cpl1516 03-19-2010 03:59 PM

Re: Cafayate beautiful color brochure
Here's a color brochure revealing some of the extensive beauty at La Estancia De Cafayate property and project.


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