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Humble Janitor 03-10-2010 03:47 PM

Odd dream (please comment)
Just had this very strange, fascinating dream. I'm standing around at my parents house and looking at the sky. Looking more closely, I see an entity, an angel-like entity in the sky. I fumble for my cell phone camera and manage to take a picture, which angers the entity. Telepathically, it basically warns me against posting the picture so others may see what I saw. Keep in mind, I didn't even get a chance to do so before the entity started harassing me by hijacking my computer, messing with my reality and so forth. I didn't even share the picture and the entity still made my life hell!

It was quite possibly the freakiest dream I've had and probably a sign of things to come.

hippihillbobbi 03-10-2010 10:02 PM

Re: Odd dream (please comment)
Humble Janitor--

SUCH an interesting dream! you know, of course, that only the dreamer his/her-self can decide what is the most accurate interpretation. and also, the dream can be "correct" on various different levels. so there's definitely not just ONE appropriate interpretation ...... whatever seems to you to fit best, and to hold some insights for your life as you're experiencing it now (internally, in particular).

but having said that ..... i'll say that i have dreams of houses that i've lived in at different times in my life, and they each seem to be a specific symbol to me. so, figure out what your parents' house might mean to you (e.g., dependence? comfort? security? childhood? unconditional love? Then you're "looking up" which to me implies searching ..... and searching in "heavenlly" places. so you see an angel (divine emissary) who excites you enough that you take a photo (trying to capture the divine's image, maybe so you could prove something to others? maybe this angel is sorta like Jacob's angel in Genesis....the one he fought with all night? [and that story has lots of possible interpretations!]; again, these are just a few suggestions to get you started, HJ.) and then the angel gets angry (have you ever thought of angry angels before, or do you usually think of them more as lovely and peaceful? iow, was this a sort-of a surprising twist on the Angel Archetype for you? if so ..... pay attention to that.)

then they're all these phrases at the end of your description (emotions are KEY to our dreams) which are extremely emotionally evocative: harassing...hijacking...messing with my reality...still makes my life hell. Such strong emotional tags here -- can you identify the situations in your life (inner or outer) that these "tags" could be pointing to?

i think that something stressful/distressing about your spiritual life (understanding of God/the divine and her-his messengers/angels) is managing to distract you from your desire to "look toward the heavens" and "appreciate the beauty of the divine" and the signs or emissaries of Her-His presence in the NOW. you became distracted, fearful, combative (the angel starts it, of course), and you have a keen sense of the injustice of the situation, since you didn't even try to share the photograph (didn't even do anything wrong yourself ..... but your angry angel thought you might!) this whole SHOCKING, distressing, frustrating incident (which began with such HOPE & PROMISE) leaves you feeling "freaked out" and aware that this is probably just a foretaste of the troubles-to-come.

Does this sound at all familiar to you, HJ??? (it sure sounds familiar to me LOL so i think maybe i'll claim it for myself as well!!!) :lol3:

Humble Janitor, please let me know how this "resonates" with you (as we all say here from time-to-time). Thanks for sharing and for the opportunity to pick your brain. If my interpretation sounds way-far-off, DISCARD it, and keep thinking and discerning ...... with some input from other people too, hopefully.

your sister,

Majorion 03-10-2010 10:18 PM

Re: Odd dream (please comment)

Originally Posted by Humble Janitor (Post 253443)
Telepathically, it basically warns me against posting the picture so others may see what I saw.

HJ, this sounds very close to real life, this is almost the excuse I'm anticipating next from the those who film lousy footage or shoot blurry pictures.

I thought it was most interesting when you mentioned the entity was manipulating your reality, all for trying to take a picture huh? well maybe this is an expression of your subconscious desire to see 'truth' unveiled on a much wider scale in 'actual reality'. I know that's one of my desires and I'm sure many others here too.

You may never interpret the dream in a way that will fully satisfy you, or for answers, but the truth is within you and only you can figure out your dream, you're the only one that has the complete 'data' on your own life history and experiences, personal traits, and deepest desires. Dreams are meant to give you more than one answer, something to think about, so reflect on it for a while and you may just be surprised yet.

Oh and if I were you, I'd keep my eye on the sky and have the camera ready, maybe its a vision ;)


annemirri 03-10-2010 10:31 PM

Re: Odd dream (please comment)

Originally Posted by Humble Janitor (Post 253443)

I'm standing around at my parents house and looking at the sky.
.., I see an entity, an angel-like entity in the sky.
manage to take a picture, which angers the entity.

(Ok, I am back.:original: I just LOVE dreams...very quick interpretation.)

Back at your parent's home, back to your innocent childhood,
back what you are in your purest form (as a child ).

The entity is an angel-like entity,
your own "angel self ", YOU, the one that you will be,
and you are, and have been, your timeless self,

so there is no time, no past and future

Who wants to post or take pictures of their own naked self ?:wink2:


annemirri 03-10-2010 11:56 PM

There is no odd dream, only messages.
(I went to bed, but had to open the laptop again, as I felt that I did all too quick interpretation...sorry about that. Hope this is for any help.)


Originally Posted by Humble Janitor (Post 253443)
....messing with my reality and so forth. I didn't even share the picture and the entity still made my life hell!

probably a sign of things to come.

You have to learn to TRUST your own inner guidance,
as you INSTINCTIVELY knew yourself what the dream was about,

"a sign of things to come".

We are all returning HOME sooner or later.

Something is appearing on the sky, whether it is an angelic entity or
a spacecraft, it does not really matter.

It will mess with you reality, cause havoc..
karmic clearning, everyday issues, relationships, sometimes even more than we may want to handle, but we will all be returning home....:original:

whatever the home might be....


TraineeHuman 03-11-2010 12:19 AM

Re: Odd dream (please comment)
Aren't all dreams odd -- until one appreciates that a dream always shows one what it is that one most strongly resists facing at the time?

Was the angel being angry? Or was the more important truth rather that you will have to break out of some sort of cocoon you are in and that you are attached to and habituated to, if you want to make a great leap upward?

I suppose the angel was indeed angry that you were confusing the finger that points at the moon with the actual moon -- as a number of people have already noted.

orthodoxymoron 03-11-2010 12:35 AM

Re: Odd dream (please comment)
Just blame abraxasinas and the Thubans. :sneaky2::shocked:

Humble Janitor 03-11-2010 07:17 AM

Re: Odd dream (please comment)
Perhaps angry isn't the right word. Not angry, but perhaps disturbed that I would take a picture. It was more of a "child plays with matches, child gets burned" type of thing. Angel or entity, it was SOMETHING up there. At first, I saw it and turned away in disbelief and when I looked again, I got a better view of it and took the picture.

Personally, I want to see the truth so bad and maybe there was enough negative energy present to interfere with this.

Regardless, I feel fine now. For me, it's not only the dream but odd noises and sometimes, lots of deja vu.

I know my reality is changing and perhaps this experience is just one of the many experiences that await me.

Thank you for attempting to analyze this. I don't usually have time to look at the sky but I'll keep my eyes out when I can.

hippihillbobbi 03-14-2010 01:43 PM

Re: Odd dream (please comment)
Thanks again, Humble Janitor, for sharing this dream. I am truly AMAZED at how many insights and possible interpretations our fellow-Avalonians have come up with ..... and they all seem so plausible! but, i think many of us here already have indicated we believe dreams often have more than one valid interpretation. HOW FUN our dream-language is! and there's no doubt that you're "revealing yourself to yourself" through this rich imagery. you're a very creative dreamer imo, HJ ..... thanks for giving us such fertile fodder for our hyperactive brains to dissect! :naughty:

your sister,

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