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Aztar 03-10-2010 07:15 PM

Re: Gregg Braden Debunked

Originally Posted by Stardustaquarion (Post 253638)
Hi Truthseekerdan, I don't know if I am mistaken but I think the Nag Hammadi scrolls and the Dead Sea scrolls maybe the same?


Here ya go :)

During the middle years of the twentieth century two important but very different collections of ancient religious texts were unearthed in Palestine and Egypt: the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Library. Visitors to the Gnostic Society Library often do not understand the distinction between these two discoveries. Since our Library collection contains a vast amount of material related specifically to the Nag Hammadi texts (including complete translations), a brief description of the two discoveries might be useful.

What are popularly called The Dead Sea Scrolls End view of one of the larger scroll fragments from the Dead Sea collectionconsist of a very large number of scrolls – most poorly preserved and many surviving only as tiny scraps – discovered in a series of eleven caves near Qumran and the Dead Sea beginning around 1947. Over 800 separate texts of several divergent types are now recognized among this find. The scrolls date from the "intertestamental period" – a period ranging from about 250 BCE to 100 CE, the epoch after textual formation of the "Old Testament" but still before the formation of Christianity and rabbinical Judaism.

In contrast, The Nag Hammadi Library was discovered in upper Egypt in 1945 and is comprised of 13 ancient leather- bound books (or codices) containing in total 55 texts. The leather-bound codices found at Nag HammadiThe codices were all hidden together, probably around 390 CE, within a large, sealed jar. After 1,500 years buried in the Egyptian desert, they were unearthed in remarkably good condition. The texts in the Nag Hammadi Library date from the first two or three centuries of the Christian era and primarily represent previously lost or unknown Christian sacred writings – writings often described as "Gnostic" in character. Notably included among the texts was an edition of the Gospel of Thomas, a text perhaps older than the four known canonical gospels. While the Dead Sea Scrolls received wide publicity in the first decades after their discovery, the Nag Hammadi Library has only more recently attracted public notice.

Stardustaquarion 03-10-2010 07:16 PM

Re: Gregg Braden Debunked
Thank you Aztar for the clarification, I was not sure. Your post is very informative


Shadowstalker 03-10-2010 07:26 PM

Re: Gregg Braden Debunked
Given enough time and proper wording , anything and anyone can be debunked, The fact that an Alien from alpha signias 20 can tell his fellow scientists that the earth does not exist simply by the fact that he can not find it on his iddie biddie telescope.. :mfr_omg:

Seashore 03-10-2010 07:38 PM

Re: Gregg Braden Debunked
Ever since I saw this post on the "Bye Bye Whistleblowers." thread, I've been curious to know more about the motivation and backers of Gregg Braden (and Drunvalo Melchizedek):


Originally Posted by Karen (Post 163730)

I used to think I should try to save people from certain "negative" experiences.

Then I realized some of my most valuable lessons were in spending years studying something only to find out I'd been scammed. Nobody can tell you the lessons that you came here to experience. Who am I to deprive someone of following the path they came here to follow and learn from?

I spent many years reading and believing sweet lies prepared for us by TPTB. I'm tending to believe now what Don Croft and Don Bradley have revealed about the "New Age Stable" people listed below (plus many more not listed there). There is also the Tavistock Institute of social engineering that John Coleman has written about.


"Six or seven years before we met he had come to understand that the Great White Brotherhood is a satanic organization and that, essentially, everything and everyone he believed passionately in was false. An Illuminati oracle has to be kept from this truth so that his master can send him out into the ethers like a kite to retrieve information that the spiritually degraded master can't access. The Great White Brotherhood uses this retrieved information and it's subsidiaries, including the CIA and British MI6, to create disinformation and thus infiltrate and then corrupt the legitimately progressive movements and otherwise-discerning, inquisitive individuals in the world.

"He began opposing them instead of supporting them and for years his former masters gave him a lot of slack, even allowing him to go on the lecture circuits with conspiracy authors and militia leaders and tell the public what he knew.

"Torkum Sassarian had died right before DB woke up, by the way. He showed me a photo of a gathering of New Age gurus, with Sassarian in their midst, taken in 1987 on the grounds of the Masonic Temple in Sedona, Arizona. During that conference they were designing the mind control agenda that would be called, 'the Harmonic Convergence.' Present were DB, Sassarian, Gregg Braden, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Jean Houston, Shirley MacLaine, James Twyman and a dozen other people whose names I didn't recognize, including Goru Adachi, from Japan, whom DB mistakenly assumed was Ken Adachi, who is an Italian guy from Brooklyn."

Knowwheretorun 03-10-2010 08:19 PM

Re: Gregg Braden Debunked

Originally Posted by truthseekerdan (Post 253571)
Let's not forget also the Dead Sea Scrolls :original:

Ok well lets take a look at both the gnostic gospels found at Nag Hammadi and the dead sea scrolls.

These are two things that I used to have a vague notion somehow disproved the bible although I want quite sure how. After all you could watch everything that Braden, or a similar "teacher", has ever put out on the DSS and still be left with only vague impressions of what was found, and there is a good reason not to tell the whole story from his perspective...

The story of the dead sea scrolls is to this day something that I want to do an extensive project on at some point, I have already done one research project on it here for audio but the story is so juicy and there is such a lack of understanding, that I feel I should dig further, but perhaps if I present a basic outline here it will encourage one of you to pic up where I left off.

Basically when the scrolls were found, the main ones like the Isaiah Scroll were sold to Jewish people though antique dealers, this is significant because this was all played out over the backdrop of the 1948 and 1967 wars in Israel.

After word got out of their discovery John D Rockefeller Jr, who I like to call "Mr. New World Order", (just have a look of what he did with his life to see why I say that ) swooped in and bought every available scroll, they wouldnt sell him the early ones, although he tried very hard to get them, and he funded any additional expeditions to retrieve more scrolls from the caves (thereby owning any further finds). The next fifty years were very very interesting.

Basically all the scrolls that Rockefeller didnt own, were immediately published and it proved that the old testament had been copied without errors for the 600 year gap from the masoretic texts to the scrolls, it was also significant because they clearly dated before the time of Christ therefore containing hard evidence that the prophecies of Jesus were in fact written well before his time.

remember there was a war going on, and Rockefeller was on the arab side of this conflict, and the Rockefeller museum where the scrolls he found and or bought were kept (called the scrollery) was in Jordan, as a result Rockefeller had no Jewish people to translate these scrolls so he hired mostly catholics and a few odd choices, like John Allegro.

The main thing to understand here is that there was no publication of the scrolls that Rockefeller owned for 50 YEARS! but what there WAS was a campaign to put Allegro, on the pay of JD Rock, on BBC radio saying things like: the scrolls (which no one would ever be allowed to see until he was long dead) said things like that there was a guy called the teacher of righteousness in the scrolls who Jesus was just a copy off, now all of Allegros team members wrote a letter to the times saying that he was lying, but it appeared (because they were Catholics) that they were only saying this to save face. At the end of the day, no one could know who was telling the truth and who was lying because Rockefeller wouldn't let scholars look at the scrolls he owned.

Until..the 90s when a woman who was commissioned to take detailed photos of the Rockefeller scrolls way back then died and she left the roll of film to a university, which published them, and for the first time gave the public a chance to check allegros work, they found that he was wrong, which means that Rockefeller paid Allegro to spread this anti Jesus lie that despite the fact its been recently disproved is still obviously alive and well. They also found that they had created a concordance within the first year or so meaning that they could have published the material the whole time!

To sum up the Dead sea scrolls are one of the greatest finds in the world and they display that the texts hasnt been changed over the years, they also give us a intimate look into the lives of kind of whaky, but veracious reading sect of Jewish people that beforehand were only referenced.

here is a link to a timeline that should get someone started on this search

In regard to the Gnostic Gospels, it is probably due to the way info is presented to us by these "teachers" that we believe what we do about them, I would encourage anyone to get involved with the debates about the dating of the texts found in Egypt (Nag Hammadi) you will find that "Thomas" is the best candidate for an early date, and that not even the propents claim that the people they were named after wrote them, and all the actual scholars that I am aware of (on either side) suggest that it is from the beginning of the second century at the earliest as far as archeology goes. You will find people that date it earlier than that, but take notice of how they accomplish this, it is usually done by saying that because it is a.) less well written, and therefore the predecessor to the gospels, or b.) that its writing style is in a one liner or proverb format which they say must mean it is first. But those explanations dont work with even basic logic, never mind archeology, for instance, in literary terms it is usually a masterpeice that is created theby creating a genre, and it is later copied with less degrees of success, and as far as the proverb format, it was a style that was used for many centuries before and after.

All that to say that if you have been dan browned into thinking that the gnostic Gospels are older that that the real ones, you are believing something that requires more faith that you might think.

This was covered in my video Council of Nicaea myth debunked

Also available in spanish El mito del Conciio de Nicea refutado Thanks to a new spanish friend of mine.

Knowwheretorun 03-10-2010 08:38 PM

Re: Gregg Braden Debunked

Originally Posted by truth and integrity (Post 253233)
Chris White,
What a pleasure to meet you here. Several days ago, I made a decision to never come back but my soul did not want me to do it. Yesterday and today I have received the answer why I could not do it. Any way, one year ago, I have listened to your videos. However, I did not agree with you. It took me another year of hard research where I literally put my life on hold to seek the truth. One month ago, I saw you videos again, I have realized that I am on the same page with you. I was also guided to other people who shared the same view. I was so excited to notice that if we dig deep enough and ask hard questions we arrive at the same place. Chris thank you for your work, commitment, and passion for truth. What a life. My whole day I felt a deep pain and now I am singing with joy.:original:

Love to you all,

Wow thats so great, if you have any questions about anything email me any time. nowheretorun1984@gmail.com

Rocky_Shorz 03-11-2010 01:46 AM

Re: Gregg Braden Debunked

Originally Posted by Anchor (Post 253199)
Even the "everything has been infiltrated by the illuminati" movement has been infiltrated by the illuminati!

When will it end!


and what will be even more strange is in the end they'll turn out being the good that led us forward through confusion by by forcing us to understand beyond the deceptions they created for our lessons...

truth and integrity 03-11-2010 11:19 AM

Re: Gregg Braden Debunked
Thank you Chris. I will and I do have questions. But now I need to take some time off before I get back on track again. I am glad that I did not scare you with Polish expression of passion for truth.:wink2: Well, I was so thrilled to see you here.
Talk to you soon.


mntruthseeker 03-11-2010 06:47 PM

Re: Gregg Braden Debunked

Originally Posted by Seashore (Post 253669)
Ever since I saw this post on the "Bye Bye Whistleblowers." thread, I've been curious to know more about the motivation and backers of Gregg Braden (and Drunvalo Melchizedek):

I want to thank you for sharing Karens message. Its as it should be, with no one telling us which lessons we need to learn.

A brilliant important message one that all need to heed by

I listened to the videos and I happen to appreciate all that Gregg Braden has brought to me. He is very inspirational and that feeling didnt change today.

I believe the bible has many misquotes indeed ! Like Gregg says certain sentences altered with much left out. Of course its been rewrittened hundreds of times with a sole purpose

Sometimes I wonder what the motive behind "debunkers" as Im sure some are very worried about what we know

As far as it goes, I have to go along with the fact that anyone can say its a lie but if it feels right to you, then move one and no one should try to persuade you to not. Forcefull pushing of others is not acceptable anywhere. I think we all had enought with that all of our lives.

shiva777 03-12-2010 02:28 AM

Re: Gregg Braden Debunked
people get pretty upset when their sugar-coated new-agey preachers get challenged and especially when those challenges are exposing blatant deception.....so expect a LOT of people to get really upset about religion and new age ,especially after 2012,and see it from an observer stance as a NECESSARY part of awakening...good for you for speaking your truth about GB and the rest

Jonathon 03-12-2010 03:33 AM

Re: Gregg Braden Debunked

Originally Posted by Anchor (Post 253199)
Even the "everything has been infiltrated by the illuminati" movement has been infiltrated by the illuminati!

When will it end!


OMG HAHAHA ROFL :lmao::mfr_lol::roll1::roll1::roll1:

Barron 03-12-2010 06:33 AM

Re: Gregg Braden Debunked
GregBraden is one of the most aware and highly intelligent authors/educators and scientists out there. Anyone who has listed to him or read his books will know this. I wonder why one new poster decides to pick on him, means that my friend Greg must be really onto something eh?! :original:

gibonos 03-12-2010 09:31 AM

Re: Gregg Braden Debunked

I wonder why one new poster decides to pick on him, means that my friend Greg must be really onto something eh?!
He is not picking on anyone, just showing different side of the story.
i really like GB's message, he speaks about change and all, but he lacks sufficient
explanation how to prepare for an awarge guy. The impresion he leaves is: great we gonna change, lets just meditate and will be fine, I'm afraid we need more than that.
Just speculating on my part that this might be the deception to make people beleive
in false way to get ready. Should a calamity happen, the more people survive the harder for tptw to establish new world order.


Seashore 03-12-2010 09:39 AM

Re: Gregg Braden Debunked
I was impressed with your videos.

Great job!

Roman195 03-14-2010 09:20 PM

Re: Gregg Braden Debunked
Nice propaganda pieces, Joseph Goebbels would hire you in an instant. I have to admit I only viewed one of your videos (The Council of Nicaea), and I was at awe with myself. I couldn’t believe I watched the whole thing! I like your use of bible quotes in this video. I wish you would leave them up longer so normal humans could read and discern. Goebbels was good at mixing Truth with his hearsay or down-right lies. Have you even read any of Gregg’s books or even contacted him with your concerns? It would have been nice for you to include references with your statement so they could be verified and discerned further. There are Humans out here that listen, and all I heard was ego and hatred. Lighten up and take time to smell the Roses. You might be glad you did.
In Peace and Unity

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