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Zelphael 10-02-2008 10:03 PM

DETAILS for the first London meetup this Sat 4th Oct in central london
Hello everyone,

I've PMed as many people as I can find but if you didn't get a pm, here's the details.


Hello fellow London Crew, hope this message finds you well.

We are meeting this saturday the 4th of October at 3:00PM outside EMBANKMENT tube station which is on these lines: Northern line, Bakerloo line and Circle and District lines. We will wait a few minutes for possible latecomers and then decide as a group where to head to from there.

I will be holding a cardboard sign with AVALON written on it and you won't be able to miss me, honest: I'm a 6 foot 5 tall male (speculations on my possible ET genetics appreciated).

If anyone arrives significantly late or people who cannot be there at 3PM, we will be somewhere as a group. My number is [PM FOR MY NUMBER] and my name is Zac. I will be the point of reference for you to contact if you need to and I will direct you to where the group is.

No ending time is planned; stay as long as you like/are able to stay. I'm sure some of us will hang around for a while.

Looking forward to meeting you all. We will have a wonderful afternoon/evening I am sure.

Take care and please let any other interested parties know. Use discretion, however and I respectfully request to please do not give out my number to anyone else.

Love and light x

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