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Jnana 02-17-2009 07:38 PM

Greer calls on people to contact Obama, reps

The program will announce a new fax system on the Orion Project website for writing to your Congressmen, Senators and the President re the exciting ideas proposed by The Orion Project. These ideas ARE the solution, far beyond wind and solar.

President Obama says he is interested in hearing from the public. This is your chance to make your views known.

Also available on the Orion Project website will be an Energy Briefing in pdf format that can be given to Congressman, Senators, the President and any other influential people who might be able to affect policy and funding.
On the World Puja Network (free, but signup required):

Dr. Steven Greer and Dr. Ted Loder, Feb 13 2009

Beside describing the fax system and urging people to use it, latest developments in the Orion Project are discussed.

The recently produced Energy Briefing pdf can be found here.

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