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mudra 01-07-2010 11:04 PM

Health secrets of the Hunzas


Health Secrets Of The Hunzas

It is believed that among these people centenarians are a common occurrence, and that it is not unusual for elderly persons to reach the venerable age of 130. It has even been reported that a significant number have survived to the incredible age of 145!

You can get the complete "Hunza Health Secrets" ebook free with Peter Kelders "The Eye of Revelation."

These people are not the product of legend, nor is the country they inhabit a mythical utopia. They call themselves the Hunzas (pronounced Hoonzas) and live in what has come to be known as the roof of the world - the mountain peaks of the Himalayas. To be more precise, the Hunza country, with a population of only 30,000, is situated at the extreme northern point of India, where the borders of Kashmir, China, India and Afghanistan converge.

It is said that this tiny group of people, residing in an inaccessible valley about 3000 meters (9000 feet) above sea level, are more or less completely cut off from the outside world. It is also said that they are the happiest people on earth.

Another important point to understand is that the health of the Hunzas is not characterized by the simple absence of disease, although that in itself is quite an accomplishment. More than just not being affected by diseases that strike down so many of our peers in the prime of life, the Hunzas seem to possess boundless energy and enthusiasm, and at the same time are surprisingly serene. Compared to the average Hunza, a westerner of the same age - even one who is considered extremely fit - would seem sickly. And not only seem sickly, but actually be sick!

Exceptional Longevity

The life expectancy of the average Westerner is about 70 years. The life expectancy of the average Hunza falls onto a different scale altogether - these people reach both physical and intellectual maturity at the venerable age of one hundred! This fact emphasizes the relative nature of what we refer to as normal.

As we’ll see a little later on, the way we are conditioned to perceive aging has a determining effect on the way we develop.

At one hundred years old, a Hunza is considered neither old nor even elderly. Even more extraordinary is the fact that Hunzas remain surprisingly youthful in all ways, no matter what their chronological age is.

According to a number of sources, it is not uncommon for 90 year old Hunza men to father children. Hunza women of 80 or more look no older than a western woman of 40 - and not only any woman, but one who is in excellent shape.

They also force us to ask the following question: is there some secret technique that allows these people to live so long, and stay so healthy? The answer is yes – the Hunzas do know something we don’t. But there isn’t just one secret, there are many.

The first, and certainly the most important of these secrets concerns nutrition. Interestingly enough, the Hunza approach resembles that outlined by Hippocrates, father of modern medicine, who lived over 2000 years ago in ancient Greece. The basic precept of their common notion of what constitutes a proper diet is simple: the food you eat is your best medicine.

There’s a modern saying, coined in the sixties: ‘You are what you eat.’

So what do the Hunzas eat?

read it all here :):

Love Always

zaina 01-08-2010 01:07 AM

Re: Health secrets of the Hunzas
nice post again ,thank you ,
I am english but married to an indian ,we often go to india and meet with the yogi which is my doctor ,he has talked about these people
he has taught me many things in which I practice in my daily life ,I will list a few ,but he treats cancer on a daily basis and eliminates in just over a week ,
and charges very little ,
He goes to this place to get fresh supplys of medicines from the earth ,
if it benifits any one this is what he has told me to do in my life in the west ,
drink one gallon of fresh clean water for one stone of weight per day
eat only with your hands and use the palms which have the essential oils for digestion
never drink while eating ,the impact is to hard for digestion
have haldi on a daily bases ie turmeric ,half spoon in a cup of water
eat lentils at least 8' times a week with over cooked rice and soak the rice after washing and drink the juice to keep kidneys clean ,
drink water 15 TO 30mins after eating not before ,no coffee no tea no sugar if having meat but not reccomended in the west ,only ONCE a month ,add a little rock salt to water ,onion juice for pain, radish juice for stones, oh and garlic daily at the least one clove ,build up slowly ,sucked metals out of the liver ,natural yogurt for intestinal flora ,tamerine very good for health

hope this was not to off topic ,forgive me if so ,

mudra 01-08-2010 01:52 AM

Re: Health secrets of the Hunzas
Welcome on this thread Zaina .
I am gratefull for your so interesting and valuable info .
Not off topic at all :)

Love from me

zaina 01-08-2010 02:30 AM

Re: Health secrets of the Hunzas

Originally Posted by mudra (Post 218432)
Welcome on this thread Zaina .
I am gratefull for your so interesting and valuable info .
Not off topic at all :)

Love from me

Thank you mudra , I hesitated posting ,but little things like this can make big difference in a life sometimes ,
and peace of mind in desperate situations of a diagnosis of a kind ,thank you

mudra 01-08-2010 10:50 AM

Re: Health secrets of the Hunzas

Love Always

mudra 01-08-2010 10:52 AM

Re: Health secrets of the Hunzas

mudra 01-08-2010 10:59 AM

Re: Health secrets of the Hunzas

Love Always

eleni 01-08-2010 07:20 PM

Re: Health secrets of the Hunzas
Thanks for posting those youtubes Mudra:original:

mudra 01-27-2010 07:57 PM

Re: Health secrets of the Hunzas
Amongst several wise things they naturally do there is one well worth mentioning here and taking example from :

The Hunzas do not seem to worry about the future, nor are they burdened with concerns about the past. They live in the present moment. And it is only in the present that eternity exists.

Self doubt and the fear of failure, which tend to undermine the well-being of so many people, are unknown to the Hunzas.

The Hunzas seem to be completely immune to these kinds of stress-related health problems. They are perfectly adapted to their environment, and to their way of life. In some respects they are like children - happy in the present moment, not worried about the future. But at the same time they possess the wisdom of the sages. We are the mirror of our thoughts. The serenity and vitality of the Hunzas proves that they have attained perfect mastery over their thoughts, and possess what is so sorely lacking among people here in the west: peace of mind.

Love from me

mudra 01-27-2010 08:12 PM

Re: Health secrets of the Hunzas

There are five places on Earth where the people routinely live to over 120 years of age in good health with virtually no cancer or dental caries (decay of a bone or tooth), where they remain robust and strong and are also able to bear children even in old age, and the most famous of these, Hunza in the Himalayas, has people who live to 120-140 years old. There are also villages in France where the people are extremely healthy and other villages where the people are run-down. Much research has proven conclusively that the major common denominator of the healthy long-living people is their local water.
Dr. Henri Coanda, the Romanian father of fluid dynamics and a Nobel Prize winner at 78 yrs old, spent six decades studying the Hunza water trying to determine what it was in this water that caused such beneficial effects for the body. He discovered that there were indeed anomalous properties to the Hunza water. It had a different freezing and boiling point than ordinary water, a different viscosity and a different surface tension. When he became too old to continue his research he entrusted it to the then young Dr. Patrick Flanagan.

Dr. Flanagan worked for a further 30 years on the Hunza water sample trying to isolate and synthesize its properties. The reason that he had to work on the original 40 year old Hunza sample was that Hunza is no longer the pristine wilderness that it used to be, as now there are highways going there and man has brought in insecticides and other killers and the local water is not as pure as it was.

Dr. Flanagan was eventually able to create the same anomalies in water but it wasn't stable. As soon as the water was shaken or stirred, it lost the properties - unlike the original Hinza water sample which still retained its qualities even when shaken.
In researching the stability problem, Dr. Flanagan finally discovered tiny minerals shaped like smooth spheres that were only 5 nanometers in diameter and were 2,000 times smaller than a red blood cell and that had a very high electrical potential, called zeta potential.

These minerals - called nano-colloids - disperse throughout the Hunza water with this electrical potential and in interacting at the electrical level with the hydrogen and oxygen molecules that comprise water, they create tiny crystalline structures.
What's significant about these crystalline structures is that the fluid that surrounds our cells and the protein in our cells has a very similar highly crystalline structure and when we drink ordinary water, our bodies have to try and convert it into "living water" that has this crystalline structure. Hunza water already has this and is biological in nature and already has the characteristics that the body needs.

Read further here:

Love Always

illuminate 01-27-2010 08:16 PM

Re: Health secrets of the Hunzas
what a perfect example, THX Mudra for a beautiful thread

~ one love ~

DiVineEnvy 01-28-2010 03:50 AM

Re: Health secrets of the Hunzas
Thanks Mudra...this is very enlightening!

mudra 02-02-2010 06:35 PM

Re: Health secrets of the Hunzas
Thanks Illuminate and DivineEnvy ...you are most welcome :wub2:
Glad you found this interesting.

Love from me

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