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5thElement 03-04-2010 01:27 AM

Re: Earth Updates-2010
I haven't looked into this yet - just saw it on the 'breaking news" 6.4 Tawain


Majorion 03-04-2010 01:51 AM

Re: Earth Updates-2010

Originally Posted by Church (Post 248072)
Funny you mention that, actually, since I just spotted my first hummingbird of the year a couple of days ago

Chilling at my friends place today, just enjoying the night on the balcony sipping drinks and puffing smoke, then suddenly for the first time in my life I saw a bat that came flying right past us so close almost knitting our faces. If that doesn't say Earth Changes, I don't know what does. :original:

JuLiSsa 03-04-2010 02:41 AM

Re: Earth Updates-2010

Originally Posted by dddanieljjjamesss (Post 239065)
I don't know if anyone lives on the northeast coast of the US, but I grew up in NJ and am now living in MA, and my mom called me the other day and told me they had an earthquake. Sure enough there was a 2.2 last week near ramapo county NJ. Never experienced any form of earthquake in my 22 years and we are definitely not in an area that has them very frequently.

Movement like this is pretty common but you don't really feel it when it is so low in the ritcher scale


Swanny 03-04-2010 10:24 AM

Re: Earth Updates-2010

Originally Posted by 5thElement (Post 248212)
I haven't looked into this yet - just saw it on the 'breaking news" 6.4 Tawain


HoneyBee lives there. Hope she is ok

5thElement 03-04-2010 05:17 PM

Re: Earth Updates-2010
These photos were taken Sunday 2/28/10. The first photo was at approx. 1:50pm looking south towards Seattle, WA. The second photo was taken about 3:30pm - 23 miles West of the first one - looking North.

From what I could gather - these clouds are called fallstreak, holepunch and/or punchhole clouds. Not much info on them other than they are considered rare. I have lived here over 20 years and my husband has lived here since 1976. Neither of us has ever seen anything like this before.


PS - weather was mid 50's (f), party sunny, slight breeze - nothing unusual.

Church 03-04-2010 05:57 PM

Re: Earth Updates-2010
Just, when you're looking at the photo in your album, on your profile page, highlight the bb code underneath the photo and paste that right in to your post. It starts with [IMG]. You can't miss it. It's right underneath your picture, when viewing it in the profile.

5thElement 03-04-2010 06:10 PM

Re: Earth Updates-2010

Originally Posted by Church (Post 248615)
Just, when you're looking at the photo in your album, on your profile page, highlight the bb code underneath the photo and paste that right in to your post. It starts with [IMG]. You can't miss it. It's right underneath your picture, when viewing it in the profile.

My hero:winner_third_h4h:
Thanks Church!


gscraig 03-04-2010 09:36 PM

Re: Earth Updates-2010
50 Ships stuck in ice off Sweden due to unusually cold winter and winds.

burgundia 03-04-2010 09:50 PM

Re: Earth Updates-2010
There will be an investigation of the incident in The mediterranean sea...regarding the giant rogue waves..

Christo888 03-04-2010 10:23 PM

Re: Earth Updates-2010

Originally Posted by Church (Post 248084)
OH YEAH!! I forgot to mention this in my post on page 1...

Beginning around 2 years ago it suddenly began "raining" honey all throughout the neighborhood that I live in, which is in the remnants of an old growth oak forest. Most of the trees around here are several hundred years old, go up and over the streets, cover people's entire properties, that sort of thing.

Well, I'd say about 2 years ago was when it began... I started seeing sticky spots of something on my car, and on the windshield. I thought it was sap at first, because I always parked in the same spot under the same tree, and I just figured that it was a dying tree, no big deal. But then, it just kept on coming. After a week or so of noticing the sticky drops, I then noticed an active bee colony up in the tree. I put two and two together, decided to wipe my finger in a freshly fallen droplet of the stuff off the hood of my car, and lo and behold, it was the sweetest most delicious honey I've ever tasted!

Well, I thought it was just that tree. I quickly discovered that at least 6 of my neighbors, from further down the street, were getting honey on their cars and property too. Keep in mind that was 2 years ago. I now live in another house in the same neighborhood (about 2 miles away) and there are trees dripping honey on us here too.

My thoughts are: Either all the old growth trees are dying around here, which makes an inviting home for colonies of bees... or, on the flip side of things, it has nothing to do with the health of the trees, and the bees are just doing extremely well, proliferating all over the place, far outside of the microcosm of my neighborhood. All I know is, as long as there are bees and honey, nature isn't ready to implode just yet.

Your Honey story is intriguing!

I have noticed recently several articles of phenomenon of 'things' falling from the sky. Maybe Honey is being made in the atmosphere much the same way bees 'buzz' in the hive while making there pollinated syrup; honey.

Afterall Honey is converted pollen, a little bee spit and the right buzz 'tone.':lol3:

So, maybe the difference in energy fields is creating anew and maybe the Honey could be dropping like raindrops. Lots of pollen floating in the air then mixes with dew, salt mist, or raindrops and then a 'tone' (magic wand) to convert (cymatics) and wahlah Air Honey!!!!!! :lmfao:


Looks like even bees are using Magic Wands.:lol3:

Clarityofawareness 03-04-2010 10:36 PM

Re: Earth Updates-2010
To some "doom and gloom" seekers this could be very extremely terrifying. Especially concerning reptile animal lovers and those of reptilian understanding ; )



5thElement 03-05-2010 02:40 AM

Re: Earth Updates-2010
6.3 Chile - not considered an aftershock but separate quake.


xbusymom 03-05-2010 05:57 AM

Re: Earth Updates-2010

Originally Posted by Christo888 (Post 248841)
... I have noticed recently several articles of phenomenon of 'things' falling from the sky. Maybe Honey is being made in the atmosphere much the same way bees 'buzz' in the hive while making there pollinated syrup; honey.

or maybe the bees just moved into the trees when they were scared away from their normal bee hives when they started chemtrailing several years ago...

gscraig 03-05-2010 12:45 PM

Re: Earth Updates-2010
A quick comment on the bees. There are two revelations related to them....

1) Albert Einstein once warned humankind of two approaching apocalypses: one was nuclear annihilation and the other involved bees. He said:"If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left
*The bees started dissappearing back in 2007

Found this article regarding Revelations 6:6

2) Revelation 6:6- Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, "A quart of wheat for a day's wages, and three quarts of barley for a day's wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!"
Although the Bible plainly speaks of great famine in the last days, the prophetic words of Revelation 6:6 states that the olive and grape harvest will not be damaged.

In general, breeders have assumed that grapes were either completely self- fertilizing or were cross-pollinated by wind, so that in either case insects were considered of no value. The grape harvest will not be affected by the missing bee population. Bees and other insects play a minor role in olive pollination; wind moves most of the pollen from tree to tree. Most olive varieties are self-fertile, but increased production often results from cross pollination. And neither will the olive harvest be affected by CCD.

Grape and olive oil production will only be minimally impacted by Colony Collapse Disorder while much of the fruit, vegetable and nut production will be severely reduced resulting in famine

viking 03-05-2010 12:58 PM

Re: Earth Updates-2010
05-MAR-2010 11:47:10 -36.51 -73.12 6.6 35.0 NEAR COAST OF CENTRAL CHILE
05-MAR-2010 11:24:12 -36.75 -73.31 4.9 35.0 NEAR COAST OF CENTRAL CHILE
05-MAR-2010 10:31:24 -37.48 -73.70 5.1 35.0 NEAR COAST OF CENTRAL CHILE
05-MAR-2010 09:19:36 -36.71 -73.44 6.0 35.0 NEAR COAST OF CENTRAL CHILE



viking 03-05-2010 01:01 PM

Re: Earth Updates-2010
04/03/2010- 11h33

The 6.4 magnitude earthquake that hit Taiwan late on Wednesday (morning of Thursday local time) left at least 64 injured, caused shortages of electricity, briefly
affected the stock market and caused fires in south of the island. Authorities said the victims had minor injuries after the quake, which struck the country at 8:18 am (21:18 GMT on). Some were hit by trees, pieces of walls and objects that fell with the tremor.


burgundia 03-05-2010 01:23 PM

Re: Earth Updates-2010
Romanian scientists warn that in the near future there may be a strong earthquake in the Carpathina mountains in the central Europe. They say that the seismic activity in that region is comparable to that in Chile. They also say that the quake will be deep, so it means trouble....

viking 03-05-2010 02:43 PM

Re: Earth Updates-2010
Last hour...

Big aftershocks!!

2010-03-05 11:47:10.4 36.5 S 73.3 W 33 Mw 7.0 A: OFFSHORE BIO-BIO, CHILE BGSG
2010-03-05 11:47:10.3 37.8 S 71.7 W mb 6.1 M BIO-BIO, CHILE MAD
2010-03-05 11:47:10.1 36.5 S 73.1 W 35 G Mw 6.6 M OFFSHORE BIO-BIO, CHILE NEIR
2010-03-05 11:47:10.1 Moment tensors M# OFFSHORE BIO-BIO, CHILE MT
2010-03-05 11:47:09.2 36.5 S 73.2 W 33 MS 6.9 M OFFSHORE BIO-BIO, CHILE GSRC
2010-03-05 11:47:08.9 36.5 S 73.3 W 24 Mw 6.6 M+ OFFSHORE BIO-BIO, CHILE INFO

2010-03-05 11:47:10.4 36.5 S 73.3 W 33 Mw 7.0 A: OFFSHORE BIO-BIO, CHILE BGSG


Stardustaquarion 03-05-2010 03:15 PM

Re: Earth Updates-2010
Found this


on the check the evidence web


There is a big jump in the tectonic activity in the last decade


viking 03-05-2010 03:21 PM

Re: Earth Updates-2010
Found this on my travels...

Seems to mirror what other sources are saying!!!

After the shock that the general opinion have suffered this weekend with the so powerful earthquake, and subsequent tsunami, with 8.8 intensity in the Richter scale occured in North Chile, it is clear that we are no longer living in normal times, and that my claim that we are in a specially critical seismic period was correct.

Even the most scepticals, that use to be also the ones that reject strongly the idea of periods of general collapse, perhaps because they relate them with the concept of Final Judgement, millenarism or Appocaliptic prophecies, are now reflecting that these two first months of 2010 are completly atypical in terms of a huge abnormal global seismic activity.


We are living in the era of the Megaquakes, that is, earthquakes which intensity is overcoming the range of 7.5 richter and with trend to increase every time a new event happens, Now the question that is arriving to my inbox is when and how this is going to reach climax?

Now if you check that the world is having since the millenium started so strong earthquakes like the Sumatra Dec 2004, although not necessarily in increasing progression with respect to their intensity, as many are now claiming.

On 2007, time in which no body was paying attention seriously to this situation as Now it happens almost everywere, I predicted successfully like the one of Guatemala, border between Equator and Peru, Indonesia, Tonga, & Martinica. That same year I released on March my very first prediction of the big Earthquake of California comming soon.

We watched through the media the terrible effect of the two of China en 2008, Haiti 2010, Kashmir (Pakistan) 2005, Nothern Sumatra 2005, Kythera - Greece 2006, Taiwan 2006, Peru coast 2007( that I predicted), Solomon Islands 2007( also predicted by me) , Moluca sea 2007, 2 in the Sea of Okhotsk 2008, Tonga, Papua, Japan, New Zealand and Kuril Islands in 2009, as well as the two of Eureka California on January 2010, the terrible of Haiti and now this even more intense of Chile.

It is clear that in general we are in a major peak of seismic activity that curiously have not affected yet the principal geologic fault in the world that is located in California. Pay attention to the fact that many of these events have occured in the Pacific basin, so it looks that almost the only place around that ocean in which there is still pending to occur something like that is precisely in North American Pacific coast.

So if you dont believe to much in predictions of psychics I think you possibly need to pay attention to those statistics to evaluate the potential risk that we are talking about.

In my personal opinion this represents at least a 50% chance to have a devastating earthquake there in the near future, and that is extremly high. Take in account that in Business there is well known Law of investment that says that no body for instance do a business that has 0.5 probability of to go to bankrupcy.

Let me conclude, for the ones of you that actually believe in predictions, that my own perception is that we are going to experience at least two major earthquakes in the Pacific coast before this 2010 ends, and I would not be surprised if at least one of these two arrives when we still be on the Piscis sign or at least on this same semester.

The two events I am refering to are the Cascades one, affecting either the American and the Canadian side of the border, leaving Vancouver and Seattle not only harrased but also isolated of the rest of the world, and the big one of California ( that I see especially devasting for the coast between L.A and Sn Francisco). In Between 10 hours to 14 hours later Far East countries will feel literaly that the world is falling over them, thousands of tons of water will shock with tremendous impact the North-east coast of China, Taiwan, Japan, Phillipines, kuril islands and even Sakhalin.

I expect both seismic motions will overcome the 9 richter intensity, and will drive the world to general Communications Collapse that will frost any electronic trade, of course through the web, for at least two weeks in each case. This means that if you are tempted to reply this thread do it now, since laterly perhaps you must wait to much to go ahead.

Thanks for your attention,

"For those who want "just the facts, ma'am," the specific prediction is for a massive quake on the West Coast, centered in Northern Calif. / Southern Oregon within one to two months (which would be no later than April 13, 2010). Based on this prediction, I am updating my own prediction made earlier today (http://poleshift.ning.com/profiles/b...eline-for-marc...), so that I now believe the event that will "kill" the US on March 20, 2010 will be this quake and not a New Madrid quake."

The Shadow


Stardustaquarion 03-05-2010 03:23 PM

Re: Earth Updates-2010
This is a new site for earthquake listings, if you look at how many big quakes there have been its shocking



viking 03-05-2010 04:04 PM

Re: Earth Updates-2010
oops wrong thread...:insane:

gscraig 03-05-2010 05:00 PM

Re: Earth Updates-2010
Thanks for sharing Stardust

This is a new site for earthquake listings, if you look at how many big quakes there have been its shocking

I noticed a lot of activity in Arkansas/Oklahoma on this link. This is no doubt the New Madrid Fault giving way. Many are bracing for a West Coast event, but the New Madrid is believed to rumble before San Andreas and it's surrounding states. This may explain why there was a blitz of New Madrid Coverage on the news roughly a month ago. Looking at the future Maps, almost all of them show a large river forming through the middle of the US from the Great Lakes to the Mississippi. Informative videos below



silverfish 03-05-2010 05:41 PM

Re: Earth Updates-2010
earthquakes now in indonesia 6.5 today then 6.8
think this has not long happened


JoshERTW 03-05-2010 05:54 PM

Re: Earth Updates-2010
Read an article by a NASA JPL scientist who calculated that the Chile Quake actually shifted the earths axis by something like 8 cm.

The effect is a shorter earth day, shorter by only 1.24 microseconds, but still... It apparently had a stronger effect on the earths axis than the China quake from 2008 because of its relative position. Not exactly a rapid pole shift, but certainly noteworthy. Can't find the link, but google it and should be able to find it. Will post link when I get home tonight if I can.

That being said, some people don't put much stock in NASA/JPL work (i.e. Richard Hoagland).

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